The competition of seasonal shopping

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I have been having a fun time buying Christmas items lately. As soon as they were displayed at the store where I work, I began buying them. recently, I got a bucket of fake snow that has toys hidden inside , a very cute bird decoration, two plush toys , a squishy toy, and an advent calendar. I also got a bag of frosted animal crackers, another light bulb lollipop ,stickers and gel window decorations. The Christmas themed items that I bought this week have not been the only Christmas themed items that I have been buying. There are two main reasons why I have been buying so many Christmas items. The first reason is that I love Christmastime! I love all the fun items that are available around Christmastime. The second reason is that as soon as we get further into Christmastime, those items will more than likely sell out very quickly. Years ago, I waited too long to buy a gingerbread house, and when I went to buy one, I could not get one. I went to many different stores, and I could not get one. I remember how disappointed I was, so now I try to buy things I want early. When it comes to buying seasonal items, there does seem to be a bit of a competition. Since these items are only around for a certain amount of time. Especially when it gets closer to the holiday. Soon, everyone will want to buy these items, and it turns into a contest of who can buy them first. My strategy for this competition is easy buy want you want early. As soon as you see it, get it! I plan on getting most, if not all, of my Christmas themed items this month. Have you started buying Christmas items yet?

Thanks for reading about my Christmas shopping fun! – Christina Epperly


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      1. They’re cute but I’ve been looking for a large Romano the Hippocampus, they have jumbo one’s on the other dise of the country but sadly not in my state.

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