Breaking routine (September 2017 comfort zone buster)

Hello, my bucket list friends. I wanted to give a quick wrap up on my comfort zone buster for September 2017. This month’s comfort zone buster was to break routine in order to get out of the boring routine of life . I have been very busy this month because I graduate massage school soon so I have not had the time to make any big changes to my routine. However, I was able to mix things up a little bit. I tried a restaurant that I had never been to before, I got lunch from a place that I had not been to in years, spent more time outside in the fresh air (that one was my favorite) and I got my hair cut. I really enjoyed breaking routine even with it was as simple as getting a different kind of bread than usual on my sandwich. Breaking routine gives you a sense of freedom and control. It feels very freeing to do something different even if it’s something simple.  I think this is a comfort zone buster that would be good for anyone to try .  Rock On – Christina Epperly

September 2017 comfort zone buster

Hello, my bucket list friends! I hope you enjoyed the personal blog posts and vlogs that I have put up in the past few months. I will be moving on to a new comfort zone buster this month but I will still be writing personal blog posts every now and then.  I’m very excited to tell you about this month’s comfort zone buster so here we go!

So, this month’s comfort zone buster is to break routine. It seems like most people live on a treadmill going through the everyday motions. As I analyze what I do every day I see a lot of predictable patterns such as going to the same places for lunch, doing the same things on class breaks, watching the same shows on TV and the list goes on. This month I going to break up the same old routine. This month I will make it a goal to mix things up. It can be hard to shake things up when you are so used to doing the same thing all the time but I really want to live each day to the fullest and break the cycle of routine. I look forward to sharing all my exciting adventures with you guys! stay tuned for all my routine breaking fun !

Rock on – Christina Epperly