My Poems

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I like writing pomes just as much as I like writing blog posts ! Here are some poems that I have written .


Summer is the best
Summer is the best season the others can’t compare at all
Summer is a time for joy and fun it is a time to play in the sun
Of course, every season has its place, but summer always wins the race

Like bugs to the light they are drawn
They don’t stop to think about what they might want
They just go to the light
They don’t stop to think what’s right
They just fly to the blaze their heads in a haze
They need to be careful in all of their ways or they will lose themselves
To the blaze on conformity

Beach vacation
I’m splashing in the water I’m smiling at the sun today is a good to have some fun
Enjoy the day for all it has, time to enjoy the last day of the vacation that was planed
Enjoy today don’t think about tomorrow , have fun in the water have fun with it all
Just love the summer and don’t think about the fall
Trust his plan
I love to be me I love who I am!
I am just who I need to be and that is grand
I know that God has a plan all I have to do is take is take his hand

Happy vacation
I’m in the place where I want to be and I’m as happy as can be
I’m enjoying this wonderful beautiful day
I love this place it is like a dream
Look at my face I’m as happy as can be
I smile at all the beautiful things I see
I’m so happy to be in this place
I am smiling and I feel great

The best surprise
I’m surprised in the best way ever! I only dreamed that this could happen to me
My whole year just got better and I feel so happy and free
I’m so blessed and so loved on earth from up above
The sunshine
The sunshine’s calling me away to place where I want to play, I want to go there today come on let’s go to the place where it is bright every day. Let’s go to the sunshine and let the bright light fill us up with happiness and joy.


Cuteness makes my heart smile and I dance around in it for a while
fuzzy faces and happy places help me to see the best in the world
it helps me to be a happy girl


Snow Globe
Just a little something to make me smile
just a little something to distract me for a while
shake it up and put it down watch the snow fly all around
a snow globe is a fun thing to have around


Day for play
Today is the day for play forget your problems just for the day
smile big and laugh away it is important to take time to play
so dance around and make today the day you laugh and play



Dreams are important

Dreams are valuable

Dreams are amazing

Dreams are not made to be ignored