The more the merrier !

Hey everyone! I just added some more things to my bucket list! I love how my list keeps growing! Here are the new things that I have added to my list!
#201 Jump off a water fall. I’ve seen this done on TV and it looks like a lot of fun! Waterfalls are also so gorgeous It would be awesome to get up close to one.
#202 Go Zorbing. Zorbing looks like so much fun! I really want to try it! I can’t wait to tell you all about it once I cross it off the list!
# 203 swim with a mermaid tail on. I really enjoy going swimming I took swimming lessons when I was a kid and love swimming when ever I get the chance but I’ve never swam with a mermaid tail on and it looks like and lot of fun! I can’t wait to try it.
# 204 Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming. Swimming is so fun on its own but I think this would make it even more fun! I would love to do this in the summertime with friends!
#205 Go to Alice Cooper’s town. As you probably know I’m a huge Alice Cooper fan! So of course I have to put going to his restaurant on my bucket list! I should have already had this one on my list!

_ Christina Epperly

Summer check in !

Hi everyone ! I can’t believe that it is already the middle of July !  In June I started an amazing job at a preschool . I love being a teacher but work keeps me really busy during the week so I have not crossed anything new of my bucket list since I got my  Polaroid camera . However I have been having a good summer I’ve been going to movies , shopping , hanging out with friends and more ! There is still a good amount of time left in the summer so I plan to cross more things off before the summer comes to and end . I can’t wait to make more progress on my bucket list ! – Christina Epperly

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Say cheese !

If you know me you know how much I love taking pictures. It will probably be no surprise that I have some camera related items on my bucket list. In this blog post I will review camera bucket list items that I have crossed off but I will also be talking about the latest item that I crossed off my bucket list so let’s get going !

#10 get a new camera and own a Nikon both crossed off 9/16/ 12
If you’re going to take good pictures you’re going to need a good camera. When I was first making this list I was in need of a new camera I had also never had a Nikon before and I wanted one. It was easy to combine these list items. I got an awesome red point and shot Nikon. I really enjoyed this camera it was a good size and easy to use. it also had a really cool look .  Overall I made a good camera choice. The camera no longer works today but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

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#193 own a Polaroid camera. Crossed off June 2015
When I was a kid I remember seeing people use Polaroid cameras, I’ve always thought that they were cool so I decided to put owning one on my bucket list. I ordered the camera and film from amazon and I was very happy when it came! I had fun using it and I took some pretty cool pictures and I can’t wait to take more! 916