Challenge check in part 2

Hello bucket list friends! Time has flown by so fast since I first made my challenge. I can’t believe that it is almost December! In my last blog post I said I was confident that I was going to complete my challenge but now I’m not so sure , time is going by so fast I just don’t know if I can finish my challenge by then . I’m starting to think that maybe twenty items by the end of the year was too big of a goal but I will try my best to complete the challenge. With all that being said I have crossed some more things off my list since my last post and I can’t wait to tell you all about them! Let’s get going!

#38 make a fruit bouquet crossed off November 2015
I love art and I love food so I thought that this would be a perfect thing to put on my list. I enjoyed crossing this one off It took a good amount of work but it was worth it. First I had to go get all the necessary supplies I already had the wooden skewers at home but there were a lot of things l needed to buy before I made my fruit bouquet. I went to two different kitchen supply stores, at the first store I got a melon baller and at the second store I got some cute cookie cutters. Then I headed to the grocery store the get the most important thing the fruit! I decided to get a honeydew melon, a cantaloupe and some strawberries I now had everything I needed to make a fruit bouquet. I saw lots of pictures online and I thought it was going to be easier than it was to make a fruit bouquet but it was still fun to make. I really struggled with getting the fruit cut the right way so that I could use the cookies cutters. Even though I did struggle with this one I was overall happy with the results in the end I really liked the way my bouquet looked. I would like to try this one again sometime because now I have a better idea about how to make a really nice fruit bouquet.

#111 drink from a coconut Crossed off November 2015
I crossed this one off the same day I made the fruit bouquet. When I was at the store buying fruit for my bouquet, I bought a coconut as well. I had never opened a coconut before so I watched a YouTube video that showed how to open a coconut using a hammer and a screwdriver. My dad watched the video with me and he opened the coconut for me. First I drank the coconut milk then I poured soda in to the coconut and I drank from it. This item was simple and fun to cross off I’m glad I crossed it off!

#70 plant a tree crossed off November 2015
I was originally planning on crossing off another list item that but it fell through so I decided to do this one instead and I’m so glad I did! I went to home depot and I chose an orange tree I decided to plant it in a pot because the soil at my house is very rocky and the tree might not do that well in that kind of soil . When I got home it was too dark to plant the tree so I had to wait until the next day. The next day the first thing I had to do was drill a hole in the bottom of the pot so the water could drain out . It took a while but I finally was able to make a hole when that was done I started to fill up the pot with dirt and potting soil. I was very happy when it was time to put the tree in the pot. It felt amazing to finally put the tree in the pot and to add more soil to finish planting the tree . I love my orange tree and I can’t wait to start getting oranges from it!

My challenge score is now 8/20 ! I cant wait to cross more things off my list ! Rock on – Christina Epperly

Challenge check in!

Hello there to all my bucket list friends! I just wanted to let all of you know that the bucket list challenge is going great ! I’ve crossed 5 items off my list so far and I feel confident that I’m going to succeed in this challenge! I can’t wait to make a big dent in my list and buy myself that Alice Cooper box set!

#81 eat cake without using my hands. OCT. 2015
Once I had made my challenge official I knew that I needed to start crossing things off soon. This was the first list item that came to mind when I started thinking about my challenge. This item was very easy to cross off, I went to Whole foods after I got off work and bought a piece of cake, When I got home I crossed this easy but fun item off my list believe it or not this was a very fun list item to cross off . It made me feel very carefree and happy! This was a good way to start off my challenge! 228 230 234

#152 walk across the Golden Gate bridge
I love going to San Francisco and I have been there a good amount of times but I had never walked across the Golden Gate before and it’s something that I really wanted to do ! I went up the San Francisco with my mom we ended up parking far away and walking a really long time to get to the bridge but when we finally made it there it was amazing! It was so breathtaking looking at the water below and the fog above! It was a nice long walk and I would love to walk it again someday! I’m really glad I decided to do the bucket list challenge because it gave me the motivation I needed to cross this awesome item off my list !

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437#98 bake cake pops ! Crossed off OCT. 2015
I have seen many pictures of some really cool cake pops on pinterest. Even though I don’t have much experience with baking and I knew that my cakes pops would not be as nice as the ones that I saw pictures of . I still wanted to try and make some. I bought a Mickey Mouse cake pop maker and a decorating kit. I made my dough from scratch using a recipe I found on the internet . I had a whole lot of fun making a decorating my cake pops ! I made a huge mess and my cake pops were not near a nice looking as the fancy ones that I have seen on pinterest but they tasted pretty good and I had a fun time using my cake pop maker .

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#145 sleep in a bathtub crossed off Oct. 2015
This one turned out to be a lot of fun to cross off , I crossed it off on a Friday night I got home pretty late that night and I wanted to go to my bed but I had already decided to cross this one off that night so I cleaned out the stuff that was being stored in the tub and I filled it with think fluffy blankets I brought two pillows with me and I settled into the tub it was pretty comfortable and I did not have a hard time going to sleep .my cat decided to help out by sleeping on top of me and both of us slept really well . When I woke up I felt awesome because I had just crossed an item off in my sleep.

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#136 give someone a makeover crossed off Oct. 2015
For This list item my awesome friend helped out by letting me give her a makeover .It was pretty simple I dyed her hair red and put makeup on her. I think I did a pretty good job overall. Big thank you to my friend for helping me cross off another list item.

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I can’t wait to cross more things off my list ! – Rock on Christina Epperly

Challenge score – 5/20