Fun at the Oakland Zoo

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I got to do something really fun this weekend . I  went to the Oakland Zoo for the first time .  My mom and I had a great time exploring the zoo . Let’s getting going so I can tell you all about it .



Oakland zoo adventure April 2018

I have been to a  good amount zoo’s before including the San Diego and San Francisco zoo (both of those were bucket list items) but I had not gotten the chance to visit the Oakland zoo until last Saturday .  The zoo is about an hour away the traffic on the drive there  was not too bad but the zoo it’s self was very packed . I knew it would be that way though it was a very sunny Saturday and in the bay area lots of places where going to be packed but the crowds did not stop my mom and I from having a great time . The Oakland zoo is a pretty good-sized zoo and there are many animals to see . My favorite were the fruit bats ! They were so big ! They sleep upside down with their wings wrapped around them . It was amazing to watch them unwrap their huge wings ! I even got to see one eat a banana . I also enjoyed seeing the elephants , zebras and petting goats at the petting zoo .  We also stopped by the gift shop where I got a key chain a pencil , a reusable bag with a turtle on it and my favorite thing that I got was a new snow globe to add to my collection ! My mom and I had lunch at the zoo the veggie burgers were wonderful . We ended our trip to the zoo with are ride on the gondola the wait was long but the views where beautiful . If your ever in the area I recommend going to visit this fun zoo . I hope I get to go again sometime .

Rock on- Christina Epperly

Spring break Idaho 2018


Hello, my bucket list friends . In my last post I wrote about how I had just gotten back from Idaho but I didn’t really talk about my trip well I’m going to talk about it now .Here we go !


Spring break Idaho 2018

This was my 3rd time going to Idaho , I went there for the first time last October and then the 2nd time was during Thanksgiving . For my 3rd trip  we went during spring break. We got there Saturday evening  On the way to get our bags I bought a new snowglobe for my collection ! I know this was my 3rd trip but I still didn’t have a Idaho snowglobe but at the airport I was able to buy a very cute one that has a black bear in it .My grandparents picked my mom and I up at the airport . My grandparents didn’t see us a first  when we walked out of the airport ,so I walk up to the window of the car where my grandma was sitting and I put my face right up next to the window when she turned and saw me she jumped it was so funny we were all laughing . After that we went to dinner before going back to my grandparents house . It was great to see jewels ( my grandparents dog ) again she was very happy to see us . The next day we walked jewels then went to visit my Uncle . We all went lunch and to Walmart where I got some new pony toys . We also found a dog  running around close to my Uncle’s house When we took the dog back to its home there were three other dogs that lived there . The dogs were all very friendly and I loved meeting them . The next day I went with my mom and grandma to go get coffee and go shopping at the Goodwill we also went to this popcorn store that has all different flavors of popcorn. I got some awesome things at the Goodwill including some My Little Pony stuff and Some Disney shirts . Other adventures from my Idaho trip include another trip to Walmart where I got more pony stuff ,a beautiful bonfire , a Walk down to the river with Mocha ( my uncle’s dog ) and a birthday party for my mom and my aunt . One other highlight from this trip was watching the movie God’s not dead 2 with a bunch of family on the last night of the trip. Overall it was a pretty good trip To be completely honest my mental health was acting up during this trip but I was still able to have a good time .

Rock on – Christina Epperly

#82 finish an entire coloring book

Hello , My buck list friends ! I’m very excited to tell you about the 2nd item that I’ve crossed off this year ! I just got back from a little spring break trip to Idaho to visit family (I’ll talk more about that in my next blog post )but while I was there I crossed an item off my list that I have been working on for a long time . Here we go !


#82 finish an entire coloring book

I started working on this item the same year I started my bucket list that’s right I started working on this coloring book in 2012 . I bought it the dollar tree and I had no idea that it would take me this long to finish it but life got busy and I would set it aside for a while . Now here it is 2018 and I finally finished it ! It is fun looking through the book seeing all the pages I colored.  some I colored with markers some with glitter crayons and I didn’t always stick to the colors of the characters . Sometimes I would pretty much use whatever color I grabbed . I’m very proud of myself for finishing the coloring book and It’s kind of cool that it took me that long I mean I look at a page and I wonder what year I colored it or where I was when I colored it . I’m happy with the way it turned out and I’m excited to see what list item I cross off next !

Rock on – Christina Epperly



The debt I don’t regret

Hello, my bucket list friends ! As some of you know I’ve been om quite a few adventures during the past few years and I’ve crossed off a bunch of list items . It is no secret that traveling , amusement park tickets and attending events such as WrestleMania does not come cheap . Like many I turned to credit cards to help me cover the cost of having fun and day-to-day life as well . Here I am and 27 years old with a lot of debt including student loans . Some people would think that I regret  all that spending and travel but the truth is I really don’t  and I’m about to tell you why .



Why I don’t regret my debt

Before I get into why I don’t regret getting in to all the debt I’m in ,let me say this . I’m not encouraging anyone to spend the way I did . I’m also not saying that getting multiple credit card and spending money you don’t have is the best idea in the world but I’m saying that for me it was well worth it.

The main reason of why all my debt is worth it to me is because I have gotten to travel and do many fun and exciting things in the past five years or so then I  have ever done before . That is including but not limited to going to Disney World,  going to Disneyland at Christmas time , Going to Arizona for a weekend going to New York , going to San Diego ,going to WrestleMania and there is no way I can for get all the amazing concerts I’ve gone to . I’ve made memories that will last a life time !  I have seen and done so many fun things . I smile when I think about all the adventures that I have had  and  just thinking about all those good times is a great way to relive stress .I have also built up some fun collections like my snow globe and my My Little Pony collection . I made the choice that I didn’t want to wait untill I was retired to start  traveling and living life to the fullest and I’m glad that I didn’t wait . Now don’t get me wrong all the bills are stressful but the stress I feel now is worth all the fun I had then . I’m still going to be doing some fun things including traveling but I am going to be slowing down a lot with the spending . I have already started building up my saving account and as soon as I pass the Mblex I will be able to work as a massage therapist. After that I will be paying more money towards my credit cards . I know that now is the time to slow down , because let’s face it  I’m getting toward the end of my 20’s and I’ve always wanted to own my own house 🙂


Rock on – Christina Epperly