Fun with food and drink

Everyone loves food so chances are that if you have a bucket list you probably have some food related items on your list so here are some of the  food and drink items that I have crossed off my bucket list so far. Note – Some of the following list items contain the consumption of alcohol. I’m of legal drinking age and I do not in any way promote or condone underage drinking or irresponsible drinking. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse you can go to for help and information .

Number 91. make jolly ranchers suckers crossed off 11/18/12
When I was looking through Pinterest I saw some pictures showing how to make Jolly Rancher suckers and I knew I had to add it to my list! I love hard candy and lollypops so I knew that I would love making these suckers. They were really easy to make and they tasted amazing!

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Number 35. Play beer pong. Crossed off 1/14/2014
This is a classic college game some might even say that it is a rite of passage! Since I did not go to a four year college, I never really had a chance to play it. This is one list item that I did not plan ahead of time. My friend knew that this was on my bucket list and while we were at the store before going to my house she asked if I wanted to cross it off the night of course I said yes because I love crossing things off my bucket list . We played the game that night I was not very good at it but it was a lot of fun! It was worth playing.

143 150 152 (2) 030 040 113 125

#43 become a vegetarian . Crossed off 9/1/12
I had tried to be a vegetarian before but it did not last very long because I was not prepared and I had not done research about how to eat right. When I decided to cross off this list item I did lots of research and I set a date when I was going to go Vegetarian. I was successful this time and I have been a vegetarian for almost three years now! I love being a vegetarian I have gotten to try all kinds of food that I probably would have not tried before.


#9 try bud light platinum Crossed off 5/30/12
Bud light is my favorite beer and when I saw that bud light platinum was coming out I was very excited to try it , so I added it to my list . When I got to drink it I really enjoyed the taste. I still like the original better but I’m glad I put this one on my list it was definitely worth trying .


#74 make up a recipe Crossed off March 2015
This one kind of just happened I ended up making a very simple and kind of weird sandwich but I love it and it felt good to cross one more thing off my list .
Awesome gooey surprise sandwich

Recipe by Christina Epperly
1. Two pieces of any kind of sliced bread
2. Two slices of pepper jack cheese
3. Mustard

1. Take both slices of bread and lay them out on a microwavable plate
2. Put one slice of pepper jack cheese on each slice of bread ,Then put the slices together
3. Put bread and cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds
4. Take sandwich out of microwave and pull pieces of bread apart (be careful cheese will be hot )
5. Put a dot of mustard in the middle of the cheese on each slice of bread
6. Put the slices together and eat !


#84 eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting . Crossed off 11/26/12
Now this one was pretty easy but also crazy to cross off , I bought a bottle of whipped cream and then when I got home I sat down in the living room and I started to empty the can it was fun because I have a major sweet tooth but I started to feel a little sick after a while so I drank some water. I was happy when I was finally finished. I’m glad I did this one but I don’t want to do it again. 004 006 066

#90 try deep fried Twinkies crossed off 6/23/12
Trying new food can be lots of fun so I decided to put this on my list because I knew that it would be very interesting to try. One summer day at the boardwalk I decided to cross this list item off. The deep fried Twinkies were pretty good, it was not amazing but it is worth trying at least once.


Happy bucket listing – Christina Epperly


Summer Vacation

Hey everyone last week I went on an amazing vacation to Disneyland and Hollywood! While I was on Vacation I crossed five things off my bucket list! My vacation was so much fun and crossing things off my bucket list made it even more fun! Before we take a look at the items I crossed off here are some fun pictures from my vacation .

#110 get a Disney balloon .Crossed off June 2015
As most of you probably know I love going to Disneyland and I also really love going shopping. I might have gotten a Disney balloon when I was a little kid but I don’t remember it So I put this on my list so I could get this famous Disney souvenir . This one was pretty easy to cross off I just walked up and bought a balloon. Even though it was easy it was really fun carrying it back to the hotel. As I write this my balloon is floating in my room and I love looking at it.

435 438

#183 Create a Disney bear at a build a bear in downtown Disney
This one was just pure fun to cross off! When I was younger I was a huge build a bear fan and as I got older I never stopped liking build a bear. Since I love Disney and build a bear I knew that this one would be fun to cross off. When I walked into the downtown Disney build a bear I saw that they had a special Disneyland bear! I was so excited! I knew that was the one I was going to make! I named my bear Princess Gumdrop and I bought her a special Disneyland outfit complete with mouse ears! 954 959

#192 Go to Hollywood. Crossed off June 2015
Hollywood is a very famous city and since I love TV and Music I just had to put it on my list. Hollywood is a very busy and somewhat overwhelming place but it is overall a pretty amazing city. I enjoyed walking on Hollywood boulevard and I had a good time shopping and taking pictures .I really hope I get to go back some day.

1095 1098 1099

#169 Go to the Hard rock café. Crossed off June 2015
I love listening to music especially rock. The hard rock café looked like a really cool place so I put it on my list and I’m really glad I did. This place was just so cool and the decorations were amazing! There was also a stage and I got to go on it and take a picture! The food was also really good! I highly recommend this place!

1379 1381 1113

#21 Visit the walk of fame . Crossed off June 2015
As you can tell from my last blog post I’m a huge Alice Cooper fan so I really wanted to see his star on the walk of fame. I was so excited When I finally found it! I Love the picture that I have of me and the star! It was also a lot of fun just to walk along the walk of fame and see all the stars . – Christina
1072 1074 1075

starting off the summer with number 141 !

In my last blog post I said I had plans to cross somethings off my list  this summer and things are off to a good start because I just crossed off number 141 get an Alice Cooper tattoo! I’m a huge Alice cooper fan and not only do I love his music I consider him to be my role model. I decided to get the School’s out logo tattooed on me because I love summer time and Alice cooper so it was a perfect fit for me! This was my forth tattoo so I kind of knew what to expect but I was still nervous, but all the nervousness was pointless because I love my new tattoo so much! It looks so perfect! This was the perfect list item to start the summer with ! – Christina 125 111

Hello Summer !

Hello summertime! Summer is either coming up for you or it is already here; either way summer is a great time to cross things off your bucket list. I have plans to cross off quite a few things from my list this summer. I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you five of my favorite bucket list items that I crossed off during the summer time.

#114 Try a Dole Whip. Crossed off July 2014.
I’m a big Disney fan and I love going to Disneyland and it might be surprising to some that I had never had a dole whip before! On my 2014 Disneyland trip I knew I would have to try one. I was not disappointed it was so amazing! This amazing tropical treat lives up to the hype as a matter of fact I had two dole whips during that trip and they both rocked !

532 534

#17 Go to the Jelly belly factory. Crossed off 6/15/2012
I crossed this one off during my first year of having a bucket list! I remember how excited I was to cross it off. I had wanted to go to the jelly belly factory for a long time and I finally had a chance! On the way to my sister’s graduation we stopped here for a little while. Even though we did not get to go on the tour it was still so amazing I loved the gift shop and a got some cute things that I still have today! The outside of the building was also really cute and there were cars decorated with a jelly bean pattern. I hope I can go back some day and take the tour!




#50 goes to the San Francisco zoo. Crossed off 8/26/2012
For my birthday in 2012 I decided to cross off number 50 go to the San Francisco zoo. That day was just so amazing! I went with a bunch of amazing people and I had one of the best days ever! I had so much fun seeing all the animals. It was one of my best birthdays ever!

077 090 128 130 148 163 670

#97 go to cars land . Crossed off 7/21/13
I was so excited when cars land opened up in California adventure and when I finally got to go it was amazing! Every detail was just so prefect. It was everything I thought it would be and more!

3741 3753 3868

#108 Run /walk a 5k. Crossed off June 2014.
This one was so much fun! I chose the bubble run as my first 5k! It was amazing and I was lots of fun running through very deep bubbles! After I finished the bubble run I knew I had to do more races! I have done one more 5k since then but I’m signed up for three more! Number 108 opened up an amazing door and now love running!

169 170 173 179 183

– Christina 🙂