Bucket list #39 get a mohawk

Hello,my bucket list friends!! I’m super excited to announce that I crossed off my first list item in 2022! It’s been a while since I crossed an item off so I decided to go and do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I got a mohawk!!! I was so nervous yesterday when I went to get it done but I’m so glad I did because I love it! It’s so fun and cute and I can still wear my hair bows! My hair was getting long and hard to manage but now it’s super easy to take care of. Plus I think ot looks amazing! I got some good reactions when I posted the pictures on social media. I can’t stop touching it! This was a scary item to cross off but I’m so happy I did!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

An interesting soda flavor and some beautiful cakes!

Hello, my bucket list friends! In my last post I talked about how I was a happy collector. Well there is another part of me that is happy at the moment and that is my sweet tooth! On Saturday I got some dragon fruit flavored soda. I was not sure how it would taste but it actually ended up tasting pretty good! It’s also a beautiful color. The one I had was Fanta brand but there may be other brands out there. I would definitely buy this soda again. Also I’m known to buy slices of cake and cupcakes when I go to the grocery store. Lately I’ve been impressed with the way they have been decorated. So many beautiful colors! Plus this one cupcake I got had plastic balloons on top! It was so cute and happy looking. I wonder what kind of soda of cake I’ll try next!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

A Barbie Easter basket,Dollar Tree, and Savers!

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m a very happy collector at the moment. In the past few days I’ve managed to add some really great things to my collection. On Thursday I was at the grocery store and I just had to have this Barbie themed Easter basket. I love the puzzle that it comes with. On Friday I  went to the Dollar Tree after work. I got two packages of squishy toys, a container of play-doh that has two colors inside, model magic, canvas and bunny shaped containers. I loved seeing all the Easter items that they had this year. I’m also happy that they are still selling the Jelly Belly sparkling waters. I got one of each flavor. Yesterday, I went to Savers. We went earlier in the day so it was neat and organized. I’m not used to seeing it like that! I was very happy with the items I was able to add to my collection. Some of my favorite finds I got were a Barbie color reveal doll, a Barbie doll book, a TY Beanie Baby bear,two packages of Lisa Frank Easter bubbles, full house books, a Disney mug, and a package of Lisa Frank pencils! I also got this American Girl activity box that comes with lots of cards that have crafts, quizzes and more fun ideas printed on them. I was happy to see that they had more dolls this time. There was not a lot of dolls but there were more then there has been. I hope to find more great items the next time I visit Savers.

Rock On – Christina Epperly

I’m falling in love with squishy toys!

Hello, my bucket list friends! One of my favorite hobbies I have is collecting toys. The main toys I collect are Barbie dolls, My Little Pony toys, TY Beanie Babies and Build a Bear plush. However, I often find myself buying toys outside of thoes brands. Lately I’ve been buying squishy toys! This weekend I got three squishy toys. Two of them are these super cute animals that come with names and there are many of them you can collect. The next time I see this brand of squishy toys on display I may just get some more of them. The other squishy toy I got this weekend was from the seasonal section at the grocery store. It’s a big squishy that looks like a marshmallow Peep! I don’t like to eat the peeps candy but I do that their cute design and I have bought other Peeps products in the past like a snow globe. This squishy toy is is a made from a slow rise foam and it is so much fun to play with. Squishy toys are great for stress relief. It’s a good idea to keep one with you if you need a little bit of slef care on the go. LoL!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Thursday Goodwill, Friday Target!!

Hello,my bucket list friends! I’m back with another post about shopping! I’m one of thoes people that consider shopping to be a hobby especially thrift shopping! On Thursday I went to one of my favorite Goodwill locations. I was excited as always to see what I could find! I was happy that I found two build a bears. One of them was coved in hearts and the other one had an awesome cheerleader outfit on. The thing that I was most excited about finding on this thrift shopping trip was a Lion King puzzle that I’m pretty sure is from the 1990s. I also got a very cute Winnie-the-Pooh plate and two Barbie computer games. On Friday I went to one of my favorite stores that’s not a thrift store. I’m talking about Target of course! I actually did an order pick up at Target for the first time. I saw a Barbie online that I wanted. She was on sale but there was only two in stock at the location I wanted to go to. I decided to order her ahead of time. I picked her up before I did the rest of my shopping. I love that Target has a good selection on bath bombs. I got one bath bomb that has a prize inside and another bag of bath bombs that don’t have prizes in them but are lavender scented. When I got the the Barbie section I was happy to see that there were a lot of items on sale. I got one color reveal pet and a Baseball Barbie. I also got a new hair bow, some Kinder Joy eggs including two Barbie ones, and a craft kit. It was two very good days of shopping!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Thrift shopping, a book sale and a claw machine.

Hello, my bucket list friends! It’s time for a another post about another weekend! I wish we had more then two days off work. I wish three was normal. I feel like we could do a lot more in three days then we can in two. Plus it would make the work week more even with the weekend. Anyways,let me get my mind back on track…. OK and I’m back! My weekend started when I got off of work on Friday. I went to Walgreens to get shampoo but of course I had to look at the Easter items that they had available. I got a yellow bunny shaped light. It’s super cute! I also got this Barbie art kit that was on sale! Oh and I got candy. After I got home we went to the neighbor’s house for a dog birthday party! There were so many dogs there it was awesome. On Saturday, I started my day off by going to a local thrift store. I got there right when they opened but there were already people there. Since this store is ran my volunteers it’s hours are limited so it’s popular on Saturday. I got some great Ty Beanie Babies to add to my collection. The penguin is just so cute! I also got two Barbie dolls, and two books. One is a Barbie book the other one is a American Girl craft book. After the thrift store, I took an Uber to a book sale at a library. I had never been to this library before but I heard on the radio that they were going to be having a book sale on Saturday. I decided to check it out. I got some books that look really interesting I started reading on of them. This library also had a really cool art piece outside that I took pictures with. After that I took another Uber home. That night I went to dinner with my parents at on of my favorite local restaurants. I love that this restaurant has an arcade in it. I’m happy to say that I won three large squishy toys from the claw machine. Those machines can be had to win sometimes. On Sunday it was a beautiful day. I went for a walk and I got a frappuccino at Starbucks. I also got Kinder Joy eggs at the store on Sunday. Before the weekend was over I had time to take a nice relaxing bath. It was a pretty awesome weekend!!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Thrifting on a Tuesday

Hello,my bucket list friends! It’s no secret that I love to go thrift shopping. I usually go on the weekends because I don’t work however, that’s when most people like to go as well. I decided to go thrift shopping on a week day. Last Tuesday my mom and I went to Savers. Tuesday is senior discount day so it was still crowded but my mom qualified for the discount so that was good. I got a good amount of items like I almost always do when I go to Savers. The items I got on this trip include, a bunch of Discovery Girls magazines, a Barbie book, a My Little Pony play-doh set, a Lion King Keychain, and a Barbie doll. There was not a large selection of dolls I hope there are more the next time I go to Savers. I also got a robot bank art kit. I’m excited to paint  it. Oh I also got a Keychain from Disney’s paradise pier hotel. I stayed in that hotel a long time ago and I was so excited when I saw the Keychain. Thanks for reading about my thrift shopping fun.

Rock On- Christina Epperly

My fun weekend adventures plus space flavored Coca-Cola

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’ve been wanting to get this post up all week but I finally got around to it. This weekend was pretty amazing and I’m excited to tell you about it. Let’s start with Friday. On Friday during my lunch break I walked to CVS. I was excited to see what Easter items they had available. I ended up getting a craft kit and a plush frog that was in a plastic egg. That evening after work, I had a voice acting class where I practiced my scripts for my demo reel. I’m really excited to get my demo put together! On Saturday I spent most of the day with my good friend Teresa. We got pizza and then we went to see the movie Dog it was pretty good. It was a very emotional movie but it had a good ending and some laughter mixed in along the way. It’s worth checking out if you are wanting to go to the theater. After the movie we went to the Goodwill. I found some fun items there. Some of my favorite items I got there were three Barbie dolls, a large Lisa Frank pencil, a bath bomb, and a bath bomb bar! It was a pretty good thrift trip. Teresa has a beautiful orange tree in her yard and she gave me some oranges. She also gave me some bath bombs from a brand I had never tried before. We ended our amazing day with a trip to the candy store and dinner. It was a truly fun day. On Sunday I took a bath using one of the bath bombs Teresa gave me and I used part of the bath bomb bar I got at the Goodwill. I like how the bath bomb bar can be broken up and used multiple times. The bath bomb she gave me had a ring inside. I  love it when bath bombs have prizes inside. Later that day my mom and I went on a walk and on the way back we ended up going to a neighbor’s house for pizza! There were also a lot of dogs there it made me smile. I also went to Safeway on Sunday. I found something interesting while I was there. Space flavored Coca-Cola Yup you read that right. I had seen a pictures of this new product but this was my first time actually seeing it in stores. The taste was very interesting. It had a very sweet cake like flavor. I did enjoy the taste and I would recommend trying it. This weekend was really busy but also really fun.

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Rainy day,painting and coffee

Hello, my bucket list friends! Yesterday, I took a mental health day. This is a perfect time to say that mental health days are very important and it is important to take them. Anyways,I had a chance to paint yesterday. I decided to paint a firework inspired painting. I loved all the colors I used. I’m happy with this painting. My other highlights included taking bath with two bath bombs and going to Starbucks for coffee. I got a vanilla latte it was amazing! I love coffee so much! I hope you are all taking care of your mental health. Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Things I love February 2022

Hello, my bucket list friends! It’s time to look back on the 2nd month of 2022! Even though this was a short month I didn’t really notice it. However I’m super happy that spring is on the way because that means summer will be here before we know it. I’m excited to see the fun things I do this year but for now let’s take a look at February 2022.

Disney on ice –  I’m so gald I got to see this show this month! I loved watching Minnie, Mickey, and other Disney characters skate to Disney music. ( You can read about it HERE)

Muir woods-  This is a turly beautiful place that is worth a visit. I’m so happy I went here this month. ( You can read about it HERE)

Barbie color reveal mermaid- I got two new Barbie color reveal mermaids this month. They are both amazing works of art! I wish I could collect all of them. ( You can read about it HERE)

Painting- I enjoyed getting creative this month. I’m excited to see what I paint next. ( You Can read about it HERE,HERE and HERE)

Skateboarding – I started Skateboarding this month I hope I keep it up. ( You can read about it HERE)

Going to the mall- I got to go to the mall and go shopping at Claire’s this month. ( You can read about it HERE)

Thrift shopping- I did one of my favorite hobbies this month! I found some pretty cool items. ( You can read about it HERE and HERE

Thanks for reading!

Rock On – Christina Epperly