Thursday Goodwill, Friday Target!!

Hello,my bucket list friends! I’m back with another post about shopping! I’m one of thoes people that consider shopping to be a hobby especially thrift shopping! On Thursday I went to one of my favorite Goodwill locations. I was excited as always to see what I could find! I was happy that I found two build a bears. One of them was coved in hearts and the other one had an awesome cheerleader outfit on. The thing that I was most excited about finding on this thrift shopping trip was a Lion King puzzle that I’m pretty sure is from the 1990s. I also got a very cute Winnie-the-Pooh plate and two Barbie computer games. On Friday I went to one of my favorite stores that’s not a thrift store. I’m talking about Target of course! I actually did an order pick up at Target for the first time. I saw a Barbie online that I wanted. She was on sale but there was only two in stock at the location I wanted to go to. I decided to order her ahead of time. I picked her up before I did the rest of my shopping. I love that Target has a good selection on bath bombs. I got one bath bomb that has a prize inside and another bag of bath bombs that don’t have prizes in them but are lavender scented. When I got the the Barbie section I was happy to see that there were a lot of items on sale. I got one color reveal pet and a Baseball Barbie. I also got a new hair bow, some Kinder Joy eggs including two Barbie ones, and a craft kit. It was two very good days of shopping!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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