My review of Coca-Cola Ultimate

Hello, my bucket list friends. I’m happy to be finally writing this post! At the end of last month, I bought a bottle of Coca-Cola Ultimate, and early this month, I tried it. I do not know what makes the soda taste the way it did. However ,the taste reminded me of a Coca- Cola Slurpee. I really don’t know how else to describe the taste. With all that being said, I did enjoy this flavor, and I do recommend giving it a try.

Thanks for reading my review! – Christina Epperly

More July adventures ( July 8th – 16th)

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I am here with another catch-up post. This summer has been full of my favorite things and I’ve been busy enjoying my favorite season. I have recently gotten back from a vacation, but before I tell you about that, I’m going to talk about the fun things that I did before my vacation started. Without any more delay, let’s  get to it.

July 8th – The day before, my friend picked me up from work and we had a sleepover. I did not have work today, so my friend and I had the whole day together. We went to Savers to do some thrift shopping. I got coffee before getting in line. The store was not open yet, and people were lining up. I found a few things on this thrift shopping trip, including  an American Girl book and a bag of hair accessories. After thrift shopping, we went to Olive Garden for lunch. Some other highlights of the day included going swimming, going on a walk, and marking ice-cream crafts with a craft kit that I had gotten at Target when I did my summer shopping spree in June. This was a really great summer day, and I’m very thankful that I got to go swimming again.

July 9th – On this day, I worked the morning shift. Before my friend dropped me off at work, we made a stop at Starbucks. Later that day after work I went on a walk and I saw my favorite ponies.

July 10th –  The highlights of this day were getting  an iced coffee and going to Safeway, where I got  my favorite fruit snacks that come with trading cards. I also got juice that comes with a toy.

July 11th – On this day, I went to the mall where I got a wonderful massage, and I also got a smoothie and a pretzel at Jamba. I really needed a massage, and I was very happy that I finally got one.

July 12th – Today, I got Starbucks, and I also took pictures of my cat Cooper enjoying the summertime.

July 13th – Today My friend and I spent the day together. We did a few things on this day, but the highlight for me was going to yogurt land! At yogurt land, they had special spoons for summer that had sunglasses at the top. We also went to a park and took some pictures, I got Starbucks twice, and I got a cute Paw Patrol treasure chest at CVS. It was a fun summer day

July 14th – On this day, I got Starbucks and went to the park, and that is pretty much all I have to say about this day.

July 15th – On this day, my major highlight was that I went shopping at my favorite local thrift store. I got lots of fun things, including art supplies and Barbie dolls.

July 16th – On this day, I went to the Candy store and got bubble gum cigarettes and a mineral water .

Thanks for reading about some of my summer highlights! – Christina Epperly     


My summer adventures during the first week of July 2023!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I am still trying to get caught up with my blog posts! I’ve had some fun days in July, including celebrating July 4th. I can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures during the first 7 days of July, so let’s get to it.

July 1st – On this day, I worked the opening shift. before my shift, my dad and I went on some errands, including going to Trader Joes, where I got some cucumber melon mints. After that, my dad dropped me off near my work. My plan was to go to my favorite local thrift store before my shift. However, it turned out that the thrift store was closed for the July 4th weekend, so I decided to go to the toy store instead. At the toy store, I got some fun items, including a craft kit and stickers. I also got this fun wooden toy that looks like an ice-cream sundae. After the toy store, I walked to the coffee shop, and then I went to work. After work, I went to Starbucks, the park, and Safeway. At Safeway, I got a Hot Wheels car and two juice drinks that come with toys. At home that day, I did some of a word search that was in the American Girl book that I got at a Goodwill in Connecticut, and that was my first day of July 2023.

July 2nd – This day, I worked the closing shift. I started my day off by getting coffee and going to church. After church, I went home for a while, and I tried a new coke flavor. ( I will do post reviewing it) I left early for work, and I went to Starbucks, the park, and the candy store before starting my shift. At the candy store, I got some bubblegum cigarettes they have become my favorite kind of bubble gum, and those were my highlights for the day.

    July 3rd – Today was another work day, but I worked the morning shift. My biggest highlight of the day was getting a Pez dispenser at Walgreens.  

July 4th – I had this day off, and I was very excited to celebrate Independence Day. I dressed up for the day, but I wanted to get some more things, including necklaces. I went to a local party supply store where I got some fun things such as necklaces and buttons. I also got a new TY Beanie Baby. There was also a trip to Starbucks and the park before going back home and then leaving again. We went to a local baseball stadium to celebrate the 4th. We got some good food and watched a movie before watching the fireworks show. My favorite food I got there was a pretzel. The fireworks were awesome!! Plus, we were sitting in a really good spot . It was a really good show and a really good 4th of July.

July 5th – Today’s highlight was getting Starbucks oh and I also joined Threads!

July 6th – I will make this simple. Today’s highlights were getting Panera Bread and eating it in the park and then going to the candy store to get more bubble gum cigarettes. 

July 7th – After work, my friend picked me up, and we went to Walmart. I got some bath bombs and Barbie blind bag toys. It was the start of another great sleepover! 

Thanks for reading about some of my July fun! – Christina Epperly

Things I love June 2023

Hello, my bucket list friends ! I’m still trying to catch up with my blog post since the summer has been pretty busy but in a good way. Anyways before I can get into the adventures I’ve been having in July, I’m going to do a post about the things I loved in June 2023.

Friend sleepover / swimming – I had a fun sleepover with my friend that included shopping at Walmart and going swimming . ( You can read about it HERE)

Connecticut vacation – I had a wonderful vacation in Connecticut! I did many fun things, including going to the zoo and seeing a waterfall. ( You can read about it HERE,HERE, and HERE)

Crossing two items off my bucket list.- I’m very happy to say that I crossed two items off my bucket list in June! ( You can read about them HERE )

Going on a shopping spree – I had a great time shopping at the Dollar Tree, and the mall the weekend after I got back from Connecticut. ( You can read about it HERE )

Shopping at my favorite local thrift shop and toy store- I did some other fun shopping this month. (You can read about some of it HERE )

winning an American Girl Doll – Towards the beginning of June, I won an American Girl doll in a raffle. ( You can read about it HERE)

making my summer playlist – I made the perfect playlist for my summer. (You can read about it HERE )

Alice Cooper’s new song and album release date – I did add one more song to my summer 2023 playlist. While I was on vacation, Alice Cooper released a new song! He also announced that his new album would be released on August 25th! I love his new song, and I’m very excited for his album to come out later this summer!

Thanks so much for reading about the things I loved in June! – Christina Epperly

My summer shopping spree June 2023

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m working on getting caught up with my blog posts. This adventure takes place the weekend after I came back from Connecticut. every summer I do a little shopping spree where I go to the Dollar Tree on Friday and then I go to the mall the next day. I had a lot of fun doing my shopping spree this year and I can’t wait to tell you about it so let’s get to it!

Friday, June 23 – On this day, I worked the closing shift. Before work, I took an Uber to my favorite local Dollar Tree location. I love this location because it is always nice and organized. As usual, I had no problem finding items to put in my basket. Some of my favorite items I got included blind bags that have a squishy toys inside, a Barbie paper doll set, a pop toy shaped like a flower, two playdoh sets, two Crayola craft kits, stickers, and three Barbie tooth brushes. I also got two summer themed decorations. I was very happy with my Dollar Tree haul. This was the perfect way to start my summer shopping spree. I’m glad I went to my favorite Dollar Tree location.  After the Dollar Tree, I went to Starbucks because I had time before work. I also had time to stop by the candy store before going to work. After work I went to Pizza My Heart. It was a really good day.   

Saturday, June 24 – I had the day off today. I made sure to get my Uber early to avoid traffic. However, because of my early ride, I had a little bit of time before the mall opened, so I stared my shopping off by going to the Target store that is attached to the mall. I entered the store by the dollar section. I got a bag of erasers and some glow bracelets in that area. Some of the other things I got at Target included a foam craft kit where you make art the looks like ice cream cones and a Barbie doll. After Target, I went into the mall. I went to Forever 21, where I got a few things, including a pair of pink Barbie brand shoes. One of my favorite stores at the mall is Claire’s. At Claire’s, I got some hair bows, including some 4th of July themed hair bows. I also went shopping at Daiso. There are always so many cute things at that store. Another one of my favorite mall stores is Old Navy. I got two pairs of flip flips and a shirt. This mall also has set up some places to take photos, so of course I had fun doing that. One of my big highlights of the day was going to Build a Bear Workshop. I made a plush frog, and I named her California Summer. I always have fun at Build a Bear Workshop, and this time was no different. I also made a stop the food count for lunch where I got a veggie burger and fries. Another one of my favorite things to do at the mall is to go to the photo booth. In the photo booth, I chose a fun summer background. I really liked the way my photos turned out. I made a stop at Starbucks before getting an Uber home. It was a really fun day!

Thank you for reading about my summer shopping fun! – Christina Epperly   


Connecticut vacation June 2023 part 3

Hello, my bucket list friends. This is the last part of my Connecticut vacation posts. However, I’m sure I will mention it again. I’m excited to tell you about the last part of this adventure. With that being said, let’s get to it. 

June 19th, 2023 – This was our last full day of vacation before going back home. Our main adventure of the day was going to the submarine force museum and exploring the USS Nautilus. The museum is free to go to and it is very interesting. There is also a gift shop inside the museum. Of course I enjoyed going shopping there. The main highlight was getting to go onto the submarine. My mom took a really good picture of me in the submarine. I liked being on the submarine, but I was happy to be back in the fresh air when we were done exploring. After our adventure, we went to Best Buy because I needed some new headphones. While I was there, I saw a Barbie doll that was on sale for a really good price, so I got her along with my new headphones. After that we went on a hike. It ended up being a pretty long hike, but it was beautiful. I got some truly amazing photos.  I especially love the ones I took where you can see the reflection of the clouds in the water.  It was a good last full day of vacation

June 20th – This was the day we went back home. Our flight was not early so we had some time before it was time to go to the airport. Before going to the airport we got coffee and we went to explore a park. The park had a cute playground and a bridge that had a little path. we did not go on the path, but we did stand on the bridge. Then we went to the airport and dropped off our rental car. We got on our first flight of the day that took us to Charlotte North Carolina. That flight went well, but our 2nd flight got delayed. This airport was probably the most crowded one that I have ever been in it was difficult to walk through, and to make matters worse, our flight got delayed. Also, our gate changed more than once. We went all over the place, trying to get to the right gate. It was very stressful, but we ended up getting on the plane and going home with no problems, and that is how my vacation ended.