Highlighting the two items I crossed off my bucket list this month

Hello, my bucket list friend in my last POST I talked about the two items I crossed off my list this month however I wanted to do a post specifically highlighting them. Here we go!

272 . Eat at the Amy’s drive-through restaurant – I had not planned on crossing this item off my list. It just so happened to be by the gate at the airport on the way to Connecticut. I was very excited when I saw this restaurant because I knew it meant I would be crossing the first item off my bucket list for 2023! I had a breakfast burrito, and it was enjoyable. I also got coffee. There was an Amy’s sticker that came with my order, and I put it in my notebook. This was a tasty item to cross off.

265. Visit the PEZ factory – When we were planning our trip to Connecticut, I knew I had to choose this to be one of my activities. When we got to the Pez visitor’s center, I was very happy to be there. With your admission fee, you get a lanyard and a discount at the store. There is a lot to see here. There are cases and cases full of Pez dispensers. You can also see the Pez factory threw a window. There were activities you could do, including a bingo /scavenger hunt game that you can play. I started playing this game, but I decided not to finish it. One activity that I did complete was taking a Pez quiz on a computer and printing out my certificate. They had a lot of fun items for sale, including Pez dispersers, that you could decorate. I bought the one that looked like a truck, but I have not decorated it yet. I also got some other Pez dispensers, including a bee and an elephant. In addition to the Pez dispensers, I got a Pez visitor’s center magnet and postcards. On the way out, I made a pressed penny in the pressed penny machine. I was a quarter short, but this really nice person gave me one. I had a great time crossing this item off my list.

Thank you for reading about my bucket list adventures! – Christina Epperly


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