My Connecticut vacation June 2023 part 2

Hello, my bucket list friends! It is time for the 2nd part of my Connecticut vacation! In this part I go to the zoo ,ride some boats and more! I’m excited to tell you more about my adventures in Connecticut! Here we go!

Friday, June 16th – On this day, we went to Connecticut’s Beardsley zoo. I like going to the zoo when I travel, so I am excited to explore another zoo. I loved this zoo for a few reasons, but I was very happy that it was not crowded on the day we went. I had fun exploring the greenhouse that they had. it was filled with many different kinds of plants there were also koi fish. I saw lots of fun animals her including prairie dogs, buffalo, an owl, and a tiger. Another highlight was ridding the carousel. It was affordable and a lot of fun. I love riding carousels, and I was very happy that I got to ride one on this day. Of course, I also made a stop at the giftshop. I got a few things there, including a hat. Another highlight of my day at the zoo was taking pictures in a photo booth. After our zoo adventure, we went to get pizza! The pizza was really good. I loved this day of vacation

Saturday, June 17th – On this day, we did two activities that involved boats! The first one was a tour of the Thimble Islands. All but one of the islands are privately owned. We didn’t get to explore that island since the tour we were on didn’t make any stops. However, I really enjoyed the tour. It was so cool to see all these houses on little islands. It was definitely a unique area, and it was worth the visit. We had some time before our next boat adventure, so we stopped at a Starbucks. The Starbucks was located in a truck stop. While we were there, I bought this bear shaped keychain that said Connecticut on it. We also went into Tj Maxx to pass the time. I had not planned on getting anything there, but I found a pack of hair bows for a great price. Our 2nd boat adventure of the day was a going to sheffield Island. We took a boat to the island. The island has a light house on it, and a tour was offered. We had some time before the tour began, so we explored the island. The island is beautiful and I liked being there. When it was time for the tour, we met at the door to the lighthouse. We had not been on the tour for very long when we were told that there was a storm coming and that we had to leave now. We quickly went back to the boat. On the way back, it began raining. We made it back safely, and I still enjoyed this adventure even though we had to end the tour early.

Sunday, June 18th – On this day, we went on another boat tour, but before the boat, we went on a steam train. We had some time at the train station before it was time to get on the train so we went to the giftshop. At the giftshop, I got a wooden bookmark, and my mom got a Christmas ornament. On the train, we were seated on the first class train car. The seats in there were very comfortable, and they spun around so you could face however you wanted to. On the train ride to the boat, I got a ginger ale. When we got to the boat, my mom found seats on the third floor after staying there a while we went up to the top deck. It was windy up there, but I got some great pictures. After our boat ride, we went back on the train and headed back to the station. After our first adventure of the day, we went to get some lunch. Later one we went to Mystic. Mystic in an area that is popular with tourists. We didn’t really have any plans there, but we ended up getting some really good softserve ice cream. We went on a walk, and there were some interesting things to see around the Mystic seaport museum. We didn’t go to the museum, but I did enjoy seeing the outside displays. I also got a pressed penny at a machine outside of a gift shop. That night we went swimming at our hotel it was a great way to end our busy day.

Thank you for reading about vacation fun! – Christina Epperly


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