#129 visit a cat cafe

Hello bucket list friends! I’m proud to announce that I have crossed off my first bucket list item of 2016! I’m also happy to say that there will be more list items crossed off soon but for now let me tell you about the latest item I have crossed off my bucket list!
#129 visit a cat café – crossed off January 2016
I love cats! I have two cats at home so when I heard about cat cafes I knew I had to put this on my list. The closest cat café is about an hour away from where I live so I was super excited and thankful when my cousin agreed to drive to the café. I made reservations on my phone because it is a pretty popular place and reservations are highly recommended. We were about an hour early for our reservation so we shopped at a nearby good will until it was time to go meet the cats! I was very excited when we got there and I was not at all disappointed. I had a great time petting the cats and drinking chai. It was a really enjoyable experience. All the cats there are available for adoption or they have already been adopted and are waiting to go to their forever home. There were some really great cats there and I wish I could have adopted one but I don’t think my cats at home would have been happy about that. Overall it was an amazing experience and I really hope that I get to go back some time and meet some more awesome cats! I highly recommend this more all cat lovers!

Rock on – Christina Epperly

Bucket List Survey!

Hello Bucket list friends! As you might be able to guess I’m not very happy that I have not crossed off any list items this year but I am happy to say that I do have a few list items in the works but until then I thought that it would be fun to give you a little more information about my list. I decided to write a survey and share my own answers. Feel free to use the survey on your own blog or social media pages.


Bucket List Survey!

1. Favorite List item that I have crossed off so far – I have many favorites but if I had to choose I would have to say #183 create a Disney bear at the down town Disney build a bear . It was just pure fun ! You can read about it here

2. Least favorite list item I have crossed off so far –#33 Make a rainbow cake. It was so stressful, time consuming and it was a big mess. You can read about it here

3. Most adrenaline pumping list item that I have crossed off  so far –#155 Shoot a hand gun read about it here

4. Item I’m looking forward to the most –#13 Go to Disney’s Animal kingdom. I love Disney and Animals. I can’t wait to experience this park.

5. List item I’m not looking forward to –#28 Get my driver’s license. I’ve had a phobia of driving for many years but I think I might just cross this one off this year .

6. Scariest list item that I have crossed off so far – #146 go on the roof and watch the sunset . I was so nervous on the roof I had to crawl and I was so terrified to stand but the sunset was so beautiful it was worth it . read about it here

7. List item I’m worried that I will never cross off – #8 Hug John Cena

9. Year I started my list – 2012

10. Total number of items on my list – 205

I Can’t wait to cross more things off my list .

Rock on – Christina Epperly




Looking back on the good times!

Hello bucket list friends! I started this blog in 2015 but I have had my bucket list since 2012. There were a lot of items that I crossed off before I started my blog. I have written about some of those items in previous posts but there are still some items that I have not written about yet. I thought that this would be a good time to take a look back at items I have not written about yet. Let’s get going!

#22 Go to a Nickelback concert Crossed off – 6/18/2012
I love going to concerts and I especially love seeing artists that I listen to frequently. Back in 2012 when I heard that Nickelback was going to be coming to a city near me I just had to go so I put it on my list to give me some motivation. I had a hard time working out all the details at first but I was able to get everything together in time. I was so excited to go to the concert. I had a really good time with my mom at the concert. I remember it being a really fun night with great music. I hope I get to see Nickelback in concert again!


#61 go to the 2012 Rock star energy drink mayhem festival crossed off – 7/1/2012
I’m a big fan of heavy metal music and I really wanted to go to the Mayhem festival in 2012. I had gone before but I really wanted to go this year . I put it on my list because just like the Nickelback concert I want to push myself to go even though I had a hard time working out the details. I was able to go and I had a really fun time! I really enjoyed the free Rockstar energy drinks and of course I enjoyed the heavy metal music it was a really good day and I’m glad I went.

#65 Jump in a pool fully clothed 10/26/13
This one was so much fun to cross off! I did this after going to a Halloween party with my friend. When we went back to her condo we grabbed some towels and headed outside first we crossed an item off her bucket list lay in the road at I know that is not the safest thing to do but we were on a road that was not busy and we had a look out . After that we went over to the pool. I remember being a little nervous because it is difficult to swim with street clothes on but I was super excited to cross this one off. I stood at the deep end of the pool and jumped off. It felt amazing jumping into the water .My flip flops made it a little hard to swim but the pool was not very long so I was able to stand up in no time . The pool was heated and the water felt awesome and I wish I could have stayed in longer . I don’t know if I’ll ever do this one again but it was pretty amazing!
*Note if you plan on doing this list item follow these safety tips to make sure you have a fun a safe swim
1. know your swimming ability if you don’t feel comfortable swimming make sure you take lessons before crossing this one off.
2. Make sure you have at least one person there with you
3. Choose clothes that are made of lighter fabric to make it easier to swim. 3453345434553458


Rock on – Christina Epperly

Egg head


Hello my bucket list friends! I promised that If I was unsuccessful in completing my bucket list challenge of crossing off 20 things before the end of 2015 I would crack an egg on my head and post the video so here you go ! You can also find the video and other bucket list updates on my social networking pages. the links can be found on the about page. Also I have not crossed anything off my bucket list this year but don’t worry more list items are soon to come. Rock on – Christina Epperly




Challenge results

Hello all my bucket list friends and happy 2016 ! 2015 was a really fun year for me and I can’t wait for all the fun times that are to come in 2016. Back in October I made a challenge to cross off 20 more list items buy the end of the year . Now that the year is over my challenge is over .Let’s see how I did with my bucket list challenge !

#173 Buy a big teddy bear like one of those huge ones! Crossed off – December 2015
I’m a big kid at heart and I have a lot of stuffed animals but I didn’t have a huge teddy bear and I wanted to have one. This item wasn’t too hard to cross off I went into Walgreens and chose the bear that I wanted there was a bigger one than the one I chose but the price was too big for my budget so I got the one that was a size smaller. I was really happy to get my huge bear and cross another item off my list. Though I do have to say that the most memorable thing about crossing this item off my list was that I had to walk to a parking lot a little ways down the street to where the car was parked. It was so funny walking down the street carrying a huge teddy bear and because of that this is one list item that I won’t soon forget!

#155 Shoot a hand gun Crossed off -December 2015
I was both scarred and excited to cross off the list item. I had shot a BB gun when I was younger but I had never shot a hand gun before I knew that this would be a much different experience. I went to an outdoor shooting range to cross this one off my list. Even though I was nervous I felt safe because the range had important safety rules that were enforced. After shooting for a little while I felt more and more comfortable and confident I ended up having a really good time shooting even though I did not have good aim. Due to the cold and foggy weather we did not get to stay very long. I would love to go back to the range sometime to try and improve my aim.


#33 Bake a rainbow cake crossed off – December 2015

This was one of the most difficult list items I have ever crossed off! I know it might not sound very hard but I really struggled with this one. I decided to make this cake on Christmas eve and bring it to a family gathering that evening. Well it didn’t exactly go as planned. I stared that cake to late because I underestimated the time that it would take to make. I was unable to finish the cake in time for the family party and I had wait until I got home to finish it. When it came time to stack the layers of the cake some of the layers were falling apart and making it very hard for me to put all the layers together. It was a very frustrating process I chose to not put frosting in between the layers of the cake because I only had one container of frosting . I stacked the colored layers and then frosted the outside and top of the cake. It tasted pretty good but I did use a boxed cake mix. I’m glad I finished this list item but I probably will not do this again.

#146. Climb on the roof and watch the sun set Crossed off – December 2015
This one was really fun to cross off but it was also scary at the same time. I was pretty nervous to climb the ladder but my dad was holding the ladder for me so I felt safer. When I got up on the roof I was too nervous to stand up so I crawled over to a place I decide I wanted to sit. It was so peaceful sitting up on the roof watching the sun go down. I took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the view . It made me think about how beautiful God’s creation is. I really enjoyed doing this one even though it was scary being up on the roof.

#168. Recreate an Alice cooper picture Crossed off -December 2015
Alice cooper is not just my favorite celebrity but I also consider him to be my role model. He is a strong Christian who is very outspoken about his faith. He also has a wonderful wife and children whom he loves and cares for. He is also very creative and talented. Since I look up to him I thought it would be fun to take a picture where I look like him. I looked at a lot of pictures online until I found the picture that wanted to recreate it was a pretty simple picture a head shot with a red background. I had a fun time doing this mini photo shoot. It would be fun to recreate more Alice cooper pictures!   *note -I do not own the picture of Alice Cooper .

#117 get a hot stone massage Crossed off – December 2015
I love getting massages so I was very excited to cross this one off my list. I had never had a hot stone massage before and it sounded really interesting. I searched online and I found a local place that did hot stone massages. I made an appointment for a couple days later. The massage was very relaxing . I really liked the way that the hot stones felt. This was the perfect way to end the year. I would like to get a hot stone massage again sometime.


#51 Make Jello shots – Crossed of December 2015
Jello shots are fun but they are not vegetarian so I used pectin as a Jello substitute. For my Jello shots I used citrus flavored rum and lemonade. I was happy with the way they turned out even though I had some difficulty making them. I would love to make these again sometime.

Challenge total 16/20
Even though I was unsuccessful in completing my challenge I still had a great time doing it! I am a girl of my word so since I was not successful with my challenge I will crack an egg on my head and post the video !

Rock on – Christina Epperly