Christmas coloring craft! Blogmas day 8

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Today, I did a Christmas themed craft kit that I got at the Dollar Tree. It was a simple coloring craft kit. The kit came with a cute tote bag and some markers. I loved the cute gingerbread people on the bag. I had a fun time doing this project. I find coloring to be a very relaxing activity. I highly recommend getting simple craft kits, especially for Christmastime!

Thanks for reading about my craft kit fun! – Christina Epperly

Barbie sticker book ,advent calendar, and pets! blogmas day 7

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I love collecting many different things, but Barbie is one of my favorite things to collect! Wednesday, I got two Barbie items at work, and on Thursday, I opened them along with the Barbie advent calendar that I got on Saturday. The first thing that I opened was the collectible Barbie sticker book. This sticker book came with five packages of stickers. I was very excited when I saw this sticker book on Wednesday because I had not seen it before. I had fun putting the stickers in the book, but I did get more doubles than I thought I would get. I hope to get more stickers for this book soon. I was excited to open the Barbie Advent calendar, and it did not disappoint! I love that the doll has three different colors in her hair. I also love the clothes and little animals that came in this set. I highly recommend this advent calendar for any Barbie fan. The last item I opened was the Barbie pet set. This is a very cute set and I’m glad that I bought it. It came some some vert cute pets and other items. This would also be a great gift for any Barbie fan.

Thanks for reading about my Barbie collecting fun! – Christina Epperly

My new Squishmallow and more fun Christmas items Blogmas day 6

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Yesterday, at work, I bought a new Squishmallow at work. It is a super cute seal that is wearing earmuffs! I love the pictures I took of myself holding my new Squishmallow! There are a lot of Squishmallows on sale at my work right now, and I love buying sale items! I also got a plush snowman and a Rudolph pop-up lollipop holder! Another thing I got was some juice that has fun toys on the top! I love that we sell the juice with toys on top I get excited to see which ones will by on the shelves next. I also got a head massager in our gift section. It was a good day of at work shopping. Oh and I got Starbucks too!

Thanks for reading about some more of my Christmastime fun – Christina Epperly

A snowman craft kit and peppermint bliss blogmas day 5

Hello, my bucket list, friends ! Somehow, it is already December 5th ! Yesterday, I had the day off, and during my quick trip into town, I got a peppermint mocha at Starbucks and a candy cane at Safeway. I have loved peppermint for a very long time, and I get excited when I see peppermint flavored treats in stores. I was truly in peppermint bliss yesterday with both of the treats that I got. I also decided to make a snowman wreath with a craft kit that I had gotten at a thrift store. I did not see any directions, so I did my own thing. I’m happy with the way that it turned out even though it is different than the picture on the front of the package. It was a fun and cute craft kit, and I’m glad I put it together yesterday.

Thanks for reading about my latest Christmas time fun ! – Christina Epperly

A classic Christmastime treat blogmas day 4

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Yesterday, I got two plastic candy candy canes filled with chocolate. These fun plastic candy canes are one of my favorite Christmastime treats. I think it would be fun to fill the candy canes with colored sand or beads to make them into decorations. I love how these treats are only a few dollars, and you get a fun plastic cane that you can keep. I don’t think that I have ever seen art done with these before, so it will be interesting to see what I can come up with.

Thanks for reading this fun blog post ! – Christina Epperly

Fun at the Christmas craft fair and a Barbie advent calendar blogmas day 3

Hello, my bucket list, friends! There are a lot of Christmas events happening right now, and on Saturday, I got to go to one of my favorites. There is a craft fair that happens every year, and I really like going to it. Last year, I got some soap that had toys in it. I was happy to see that this year, that seller was back at the fair. I got three soaps that had toys in them and one that comes with a toy on top of it. I also got a free gift bag at that booth. My other craft fair finds were a quail sticker and a painting. I had a fun time walking around the craft fair and seeing all the fun things that people were selling. After the craft fair, I went to a Safeway that is different from the one I usually go to . I was very happy when I saw a Barbie Advent calendar there. I was very excited to bring it home with me ! I have not opened it yet, but I will be sure to write about it when I do!

Thanks for reading about some of my Christmastime fun – Christina Epperly

Christmas themed items from work and a sale on Tic Tacs blogmas day two

Hello, my bucket list friends, and happy 2nd day of December! For this post, I’m going to tell you about some Christmas themed items I got at work yesterday. The first one that comes to mind is a Christmas themed puzzle cube toy that I got. I’m not very good at doing these, but I do like the Christmas themed pictures on it. I also went to this stand of seasonal items in the beauty department. I got a few items from there, including hair ties. One set of hair ties I got comes in a little ornament, and the other is on a display shaped like a lollipop. Another item I got from there was lotion. I also got a Christmas themed word search book! That was the thing that I was most excited about. Other things I got yesterday were a compact hair brush and socks with snowman faces on them. On top of all that I got some Tic Tacs on sale for a very good price. It was a good shopping day.

Thank you for reading about my at work shopping fun – Christina Epperly

Happy December blogmas day 1

Hello, my bucket list friends and happy first day of December/ blogmas ! I was excited to open up the first door on my advent calendar today. I got this cute snowman advent calendar from work. It is just a simple chocolate one, but I really like the picture on the front. I am excited to share all my Christmas fun with you ! If you have any suggestions for blogmas posts, please let me know in the comments! Happy December ❤️

Thanks for reading day one of blogmas 2023 – Christina Epperly

Things I love November 2023

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Somehow, it is the end of another month. Honestly, this month seems kind of blurry. It’s a good thing I took lots of pictures to remind me. However, I do remember doing lots and lots of shopping. With all that being said, let’s jump into the things I loved in November 2023!

Shopping at work – I got so many amazing things at work this month. Especially Christmas themed items! ( You can read about it HERE , HERE, and HERE )

Savers – I got to go to Savers this month. I got some fun items, including books and Barbie dolls . ( You can read about it HERE )

My favorite local thrift store – This store has been a big help with a bucket list item that I’m currently working on because they have a lot of low-cost books. I also got other items during my thrift shopping adventures . ( You can read about it HERE and HERE and HERE )

Marshmallow hot cocoa popcorn – I did a fun food review this month ! ( You can read it HERE )

Going to the movies – I went to the movies and I saw the Journey to Bethlehem it was an amazing movie! ( You can read about it HERE )

Fit Bit – I didn’t write a blog post about this, but I started wearing a fit bit watch, and I love it! If you have a fit bit, let’s be friends on the app !

Art kit fun – I did two painting art kits this month. (You can read about it HERE and HERE )

Dollar Tree shopping – I got to go shopping at the Dollar Tree this month. ( You can read about it HERE )

A visit to a local bookstore – I got three books at a local bookstore this month. (You can read about it HERE )

Thank you for reading about the things I loved in November 2023 – Christina Epperly

Dollar Tree shopping fun, book store adventure, and more break time shopping

Hello, my bucket list friends it’s no secret that I love shopping, and lately, I’ve gotten to do a bunch of it! I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping and it feels really good to say that! Anyway I want to tell you about some of my latest shopping adventures including a trip to one of my favorite book stores so let’s get to it!

Local book store – On Friday, I got the chance to visit this interesting book store that sells both used and new books. I’m still working on my goal of reading 50 books this year, and I hope to accomplish it by reading short children’s books. At the book store, I got two Barbie books and one My Little Pony book. I was happy that I was able to get a few books about things that I enjoy.

Dollar Tree – I had been wanting to go to Dollar Tree to check out their Christmas items, and on Saturday, I did just that. I wasn’t able to go to my favorite location that has a really large selection. However, I was overall happy with the items I got at the smaller store. Right away, I saw the Christmas sweater activity pad that came with stickers. After I got that, I got other items in the Christmas section. those items were a cute snowman décor piece, two Christmas craft kits, two small Christmas teddy bears , and some window stickers that I saw at the last minute when I was about to pay. I also got some items that were not in the Christmas section. I was very excited when I saw these little blind bag animals and I was also excited when I found this large Barbie coloring book. I also got a Barbie toothbrush that comes with a toothbrush protector. It was a good trip to the Dollar Tree ! Oh, and I also got soap!

Breaktime shopping – I’ve done so much of this lately that I might just give myself a headache if I tried to say what I bought on what day. Instead, I will just tell you about some of the fun things that I have recently bought. One of my very favorite things that I got is a Squishmallows blanket. It is so soft and cozy! Some of my other favorite recent finds are press on nails that are Christmas themed , a light up snowman spinner toy, a small shopping cart with candy, a TY Beanie Boo, and some Christmas nail files. My work has so many great Christmas items, and I’ve had a lot of fun buying some of them!

Thanks for reading about some of my shopping fun ! – Christina Epperly