The great Idaho adventure of October 2017

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a little while now, but I have either been too busy or too tired to get it done. Now, that I found the time here is the post all about my latest adventure but before I actually get in to the details, there is a little bit of a back story to all of this. Back in February my grandparents moved to Idaho but because I was in school I was not able to go see them until after I graduated on October 9th. They had lived close to us my whole life so having to get on a plane to see them was a first for me. Now without further delay here is the main post about my adventure.


My adventure started when I got off the airplane and saw my grandparents for the first time in eight months. it’s the longest time that I have ever gone without seeing them, it was great to see them again but as excited as I was there was someone who was much more excited than any of us and that was my grandparents dog Jewels. She was so excited to have my mom and I there and that made me even happier to be there. The next day was lots of fun my mom and I spent the day at Zoo Boise. I loved seeing all the animals and feeding the big Billy goat.  Over the next few days the adventures continued with trips to the Aquarium, the Goodwill, and a really awesome popcorn shop and as with most vacations there was some really good food involved. I really enjoyed my trip. One of my favorite things was getting to pet the bay rays at the aquarium. There was one ray that kept swimming up to us to get pets! It was so cute and made for a great memory and I just have to say the Goodwill we went to was stocked with plenty of treasures I got a great haul.  I’ll be going back up there again soon, and I know that Jewels can’t wait to see us again!     Rock on – Christina Epperly

Life after massage school

Hello, my bucket list friends! It’s been one week since I finished school and I have to say it’s always a little strange when something that you have been doing for a while ends. For the past year of my life I’ve been going to school three days a week and working hard to keep up with the out of class work and then last week it was all over. The day after graduation felt strange I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I scheduled a date to take my certification exam. and started applying to 2nd jobs in the meantime.  It feels so weird that I don’t have to go to school anymore and I miss my classmates and teachers but the free time is great. I had my first free Saturday in a long time and I used it to check out a pumpkin farm with my mom and I’m so happy I did, not only did I pick out the perfect pumpkin I got to go on a train ride and a hay ride. We also got to walk through a corn maze. It was a truly wonderful day. Even though transitions can be hard for me, I can’t wait to see the things the post-graduation life has to offer. I also can’t wait until I officially start working as a massage therapist. Rock on – Christina Epperly

Graduation OCT. 2017

Hello, Bucket list friends! Last night I graduated From NHI after finishing a one-year program. I’m always surprised at how fast things go by. Last night I could not believe that it was happening. My one-year journey at, massage school was coming to an end. It was a truly wonderful journey that was full of growth. Graduation day was filled with emotion. I felt a wide range of emotions happiness, sadness, pride, thankfulness and excitement. The graduation ceremony was simply beautiful the decorations that were brought by the other members of our group were off the chart! I was so proud of myself during the ceremony I had truly come a long way. I was Also so thankful for everyone who had helped me get to that point.  Last night was wonderful. After the graduation I went out to eat with some of the people I love most.  I’m so glad that I chose massage therapy and NHI . I’m excited and prepared to begin a wonderful career as a massage therapist as soon as I pass the Mblex (certificate exam ) that is . The thing that I learned the most from all this was never be afraid to try new things and to never underestimate yourself. I’m so blessed and thankful to God, my family ,friends and group 37 for helping me in being able to  complete this awesome but challenging program. Rock on – christina Epperly

Surviving the bad days

Hello, bucket list friends! I have found that I really enjoy writing personal blog posts, So I thought I would share with you how I make it through the days when my OCD and anxiety is at a very high level. As with most medical conditions, when you struggle with mental health issues, you have good days and bad days. There are many things that can cause me to have a bad mental health day. Stress is a big culprit it could be anything from a test, to a lack of money, or just having too much to do. Any of those things can cause me to have a bad mental health day. Sometimes I’m just that way for no particular reason. There are days when my brain chemicals just aren’t right and I don’t feel good. There will also be days when my OCD drives me crazy with it’s racing thoughts and even though my medication helps with this problem. There is no way to cure the metal health problems that I have but over time I have learned to manage the bad mental health days. Being aware of what’s going on with me makes all the difference. Just being aware of what happing to me can help me to relax and overcome the negative feelings. Sometimes unfortunately I get caught up in the strong emotions that I’m feeling and I have a very hard time getting myself back to a normal mood. Sometimes It gets frustrating because I’m not sure why it’s all happening. I mean I know I have OCD, anxiety and depression but sometimes I can’t always pinpoint why I’m feeling the way I am. Is it because of mental health or is it because of a lack of sleep or am I truly upset about something? There are different tools I use to help me cope with bad mental health days depending on the situation such as praying, reading, watching TV and making art. Sometimes when I distract myself with the things I love most I can get myself out of a bad mood. Also a self-pep -talk can go a long way. One other thing I do is look back on all the good days I’ve had and look forward to the ones yet to come ! What are some tools you use when you are having a bad mental health day? Let me know in the comments below . Rock on – Christina Epperly

Breaking routine (September 2017 comfort zone buster)

Hello, my bucket list friends. I wanted to give a quick wrap up on my comfort zone buster for September 2017. This month’s comfort zone buster was to break routine in order to get out of the boring routine of life . I have been very busy this month because I graduate massage school soon so I have not had the time to make any big changes to my routine. However, I was able to mix things up a little bit. I tried a restaurant that I had never been to before, I got lunch from a place that I had not been to in years, spent more time outside in the fresh air (that one was my favorite) and I got my hair cut. I really enjoyed breaking routine even with it was as simple as getting a different kind of bread than usual on my sandwich. Breaking routine gives you a sense of freedom and control. It feels very freeing to do something different even if it’s something simple.  I think this is a comfort zone buster that would be good for anyone to try .  Rock On – Christina Epperly

September 2017 comfort zone buster

Hello, my bucket list friends! I hope you enjoyed the personal blog posts and vlogs that I have put up in the past few months. I will be moving on to a new comfort zone buster this month but I will still be writing personal blog posts every now and then.  I’m very excited to tell you about this month’s comfort zone buster so here we go!

So, this month’s comfort zone buster is to break routine. It seems like most people live on a treadmill going through the everyday motions. As I analyze what I do every day I see a lot of predictable patterns such as going to the same places for lunch, doing the same things on class breaks, watching the same shows on TV and the list goes on. This month I going to break up the same old routine. This month I will make it a goal to mix things up. It can be hard to shake things up when you are so used to doing the same thing all the time but I really want to live each day to the fullest and break the cycle of routine. I look forward to sharing all my exciting adventures with you guys! stay tuned for all my routine breaking fun !

Rock on – Christina Epperly

Oh, look I’m 27!

Hello, my bucket list friends! I recently celebrated my 27th birthday on August 26th.

The day went by very fast but it was so much fun!  I had a half day of school on my birthday so that gave me a chance to celebrate with all of my class. I had My Little Pony Party in the break room complete with a cake and favors! I had a wonderful morning celebrating my birthday with my class. My cake tasted and looked wonderful! Most people would not want to be at school on their birthday but it was the perfect way to start my birthday celebration.  After school, I went to the good will and I was able to find some amazing things Including a pair of mouse ears and a My Little Pony toy new in the box! In the evening, I went to dinner at the cheese cake factory with family and friends! I had an amazing time at dinner I felt so loved. More and More I realize just how blessed I am. My 27th birthday was truly great day. I’m so thankful to everyone that helped me celebrate. I’m looking forward to crossing more bucket list items off in my 27th year of life. Rock on Christina Epeerly