Summer 2017 wrap up

Hello, my bucket list friends! I can’t believe that summer 2017 is already getting close to the end!  This summer was very different from the past few summers I’ve had. There Was a lot less traveling and free time due to school and working  part time but I was extremely blessed to have a much better summer than I thought I was going to have. I went to two amazing concerts, saw cars 3, went on my summer dollar tree / mall weekend  shopping trip, spent time with family and friends and I got the best surprise ever when I got to go to Disneyland ! This summer helped me to realize how blessed I am. I’m so thankful for the people around me that helped me by giving me rides and being there for me .  I truly enjoyed this summer more then I thought I would !  I hope you all had a wonderful summer ! Rock on – christina Epperly

Surprise Disneyland Trip

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m so happy to tell you about my trip to Disneyland last week . As you can probably tell by the title of this post I had no idea that I was going to Disneyland. I thought that my mom and I were driving down to Oxnard to go to the Dallas Cowboys training camp, go to the beach and play mini golf. I was excited to go on a trip and take a break from work and school but I really wanted to go to Disneyland but since I’m only working part time right now , I could not afford to go. Little did I know my parents were going to give me the best birthday /graduation gift ever! The day we were leaving I opened the suitcase to pack for the trip. As I started to open the suit case I saw that there was some things inside . There was a note on top of some other things the note was written on Minnie Mouse  paper. The note on top read Surprise!! You’re going to…  I moved the first piece of paper and the one underneath simply read Disneyland!!! I was very surprised and overwhelmed with joy, I also found out that we were flying and that we would be there and we would be in Disneyland that Evening! After a quick flight and dropping our things off at the right hotel after accidently going to the wrong one first. My mom and I walked to Disneyland, I was so happy I could not believe that I was actually in Disneyland. My mom had gotten the new max pass for all three days of our trip so we could make fast pass reservations from her phone. The first day We got to go on some awesome rides including the Jungle cruise, Space Mountain, and It’s a small world  . We also had a very tasty dinner and I did some shopping. The next day we started off in Disneyland , we enjoyed some more rides and of course I did some more shopping  .One of my favorite  things that I bought was the classic mouse ear hat with my name  on it .We had a very delicious lunch before going over to Disney California adventure  to enjoy some wonderful rides  and  get some pictures taken by Disney’s photographers. I just have to say I love the new guardians of the galaxy ride the music is amazing and the whole ride is one big adventure . I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m happy they changed the theme of the ride   On the last day, We started at Disney California adventure. I had a great time riding the king triton carousel carousel, hiking on the redwood creek challenge trail, trying to get the best score I could on Toy story ride and getting my picture taken with Groot. After some time, back at the hotel I went back to Disneyland and I enjoyed watching  the Main Street electoral parade. I really enjoyed My summer 2017 Disneyland trip (I got to rode it’s a small world twice! ) I’m so thankful that I went to Disneyland this year!



Pure Joy

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’m writing this special blog post to tell you about one of the best summer nights I’ve ever lived. On 7/7/17 ,I went to the boardwalk with my mom and my friend. Quite Riot was playing a free concert on the beach. We went to the early concert and it was amazing I had so much fun singing along to some of my favorite songs! I was also able to get a new snow globe to add to my collection .  After the concert we ate and rode two really fun rides . The night was already off to a wonderful start and it was going to get a whole lot better, I just didn’t know how amazing things were about to get . Before we left to go home  we decided to take a walk on the beach. We were having a fun time taking pictures and enjoying the beach . My friend kept saying that she wanted to go into the water. It was dark and the water is not exactly warm also my mom did not want us to make a mess in her car but I could tell my friend really wanted to go into the water . So I talked to my mom and she said it was ok to go in since I had blankets and sheets in the car. So my friend and I ran down by the water splashing each other . While Quite Riot played their 2nd show close to us . They were playing one of my favorite songs “Come on feel the noise “as my friend and I played in then water .It was the perfect soundtrack to a wonderful moment .  At that very moment I felt pure joy , I felt as if  life could not get any better . I kept parrying  and thanking God for this wonderful night. I’m so glad that I got to experience this fun night to escape some of the stress I have been feeling . I love summer so much and nights like are one of the reasons why . – Rock on Christina Epperly

My biggest regret and my Comfort zone buster update

Hello, my bucket list friends I hope you are all having a fun filled summer. First off, I would like to say that I’m going to be continuing my June comfort zone buster of writing more personal blogs post and making more personal vlogs into July and August! I hope you all enjoyed my OCD blog post and my post about success  but I have many more stories to tell so I’m going to make this comfort zone buster last into the summer . For this personal blog post I will be writing about my biggest regret in life as well as my view about regrets in general so buckle up hold on tight and here we go!


My biggest regret is Not taking a gap year after high school

High school is a funny thing, I mean think about it , you have spent at least 12 years of your life always being told what you can do and when you can do it. Something as basic as needing to use the bathroom or eating had to be done during a certain time or you had to ask permission. Your whole day was planned for you everything from when you were going to wake up to where you were going to go and what you were going to do while you were there. For the most part, you were not allowed to spend time doing the things that you enjoyed. Even if you enjoyed reading and writing you were usually told what to read and what to write about. You spent your whole childhood basically having very little choices. Then here you are at 18 years old and you’re expected to make a choice about what you want to do with the rest of your life .I think gap years are one of the most underrated things in a young person’s life. Taking time to explore the world and figure out what you are passionate about is very beneficial to yourself as a person and your life as a whole. I wish I would have taken at least a year to get to know myself better instead of jumping  into community college right away and going right back to the cycle of classes, homework and tests. If I would have taken a gap year I would have gained more life skills. I might even be better at budgeting my money now. Who knows what I could have done during that time.  I really regret not taking a year to discover more about the world and myself.



One things that I have noticed about regrets is that most people regret the things in life that they didn’t do. Everyone has dreams but often those dreams get lost and we forget to follow them. I believe that it is very important to chase your dreams and make the very best of your life . Rock on – christina Epperly 20170207_203624



Summer 2017 update

Hello, my bucket list friends and happy July. As always, the summer is flying by. I’m surprised at how fast its going since I’m not going on any big trips this year and I’m spending most of my time working or at school. Even with being in school I’m doing my best to enjoy this summer. Since my last summer blog post I’ve been able to do some fun things, I found some great things at the dollar tree , went on a mall shopping spree, saw cars 3 ,celebrated the fourth of July at a baseball game  and got a new cell phone !  I can’t deny that this summer is not as fun compared the last few I’ve had but I’m going to do my best to enjoy what it has to offer.  Rock On -Christina Epperly

Exploring success

Hello, my bucket list friends as part of this month’s comfort zone buster to write more personal blog posts, I’m going to be sharing one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my life.

For as long as I can remember success has largely been associated with two things, being rich and being in romantic relationship.   From what I have seen the majority of people in the public eye have at least one of these things. I’ll be the first one to say that I often found myself feeling like I was failure and overall an unsuccessful person. In reality, I was successful I just could not see it because the idea of success that I was buying into was all wrong. Being single and living pay check to pay check or struggling to find a job does not make you unsuccessful.  Looking back now, I see a trail of success behind me. I was successful at growing up with undiagnosed OCD and facing the challenges that came with it including my own faith (you can read about it HERE ) I succeed at discovering I had OCD , I’ve been successful in making some wonderful friends and building close connections with family, I’ve been successful in crossing many things off my bucket list , I was successful at discovering my love for drawing , writing , photography , working with children and massage . I was successful when I earned two certificates in early childhood education and I was able to go on have a positive impact on many children and show them God’s love. The list of things I’ve been successful at goes on and on. The thing is though some would say that I’m not a successful person because I’m in debt, I’ve never had a boyfriend, I don’t own my own house or car I don’t even drive. The big life lesson that I mentioned at the beginning of this post is success is a matter of opinion it is not a fact. Everyone looks at success in different way. I decided to ask my Facebook friends what they thought success was. Before for I tell you what my definition of success is let’s look at what some of my friends had to say.


Success is when you’re talents and gifts are recognized in a awesome manner that is valued to others and yourself. – Jenni

When on your death bed, being able to say that you’ve accomplished all you wanted to in life. – Sarah

Being able to maintain the perfect life/work balance by enjoying what you do, making enough money for a decent living and not working more than 40 hours a week or weird shifts – Breanna

Perseverance for starters. To keep moving and to fight for what you want and knowing you’ve accomplished your goals in life – Karen

  1. Living a God filled life
  2. Having a long, loving marriage.
  3. Having raised children who are happy & healthy and want to visit you after they have moved out.

4.Loving your vocation & doing it well.

5.Having a great group of friends.

  1. Being happy in your own skin & having that reflected back to you while out in the world.


Live life 2 the fullest all ure hard work will pay off enjoy what life gives u take a mental health day – Kate


As you can see my friends had some pretty awesome things to say about success and as promised here is my personal definition of success. To me success is finding what your love in life, taking the time to explore many opportunities and  doing your best to help others .

I hope you enjoyed this blog post

Rock on – Christina Epperly


Hello summertime 2017

Hello, my bucket list friends! I hope all of you are enjoying the summer time! Summer is my favorite time of year it is full of sunshine and adventure but I do have to say that this summer is a bit of a challenge for me. Since I’m going through a big career change, I’m in school three days a week and working part time and because of this I’m not doing any big vacations this year. I’m so sad that I’m not going to Disneyland this year or spending a week exploring a wonderful city. With money and time both tight this year this is going to be a very different summer then what I’m used to but even though things are hard right now I’ve still been enjoying my summer as best as I can. I went to an amazing concert, it was a Joan Jett and Boston concert. I also crossed number 55 off my list, went to my cousin’s beautiful wedding , did some shopping and I have also enjoyed some wonderful food . I have a few more fun things planed and I can’t wait to tell you about then when they happen .