My summer shopping spree June 2023

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m working on getting caught up with my blog posts. This adventure takes place the weekend after I came back from Connecticut. every summer I do a little shopping spree where I go to the Dollar Tree on Friday and then I go to the mall the next day. I had a lot of fun doing my shopping spree this year and I can’t wait to tell you about it so let’s get to it!

Friday, June 23 – On this day, I worked the closing shift. Before work, I took an Uber to my favorite local Dollar Tree location. I love this location because it is always nice and organized. As usual, I had no problem finding items to put in my basket. Some of my favorite items I got included blind bags that have a squishy toys inside, a Barbie paper doll set, a pop toy shaped like a flower, two playdoh sets, two Crayola craft kits, stickers, and three Barbie tooth brushes. I also got two summer themed decorations. I was very happy with my Dollar Tree haul. This was the perfect way to start my summer shopping spree. I’m glad I went to my favorite Dollar Tree location.  After the Dollar Tree, I went to Starbucks because I had time before work. I also had time to stop by the candy store before going to work. After work I went to Pizza My Heart. It was a really good day.   

Saturday, June 24 – I had the day off today. I made sure to get my Uber early to avoid traffic. However, because of my early ride, I had a little bit of time before the mall opened, so I stared my shopping off by going to the Target store that is attached to the mall. I entered the store by the dollar section. I got a bag of erasers and some glow bracelets in that area. Some of the other things I got at Target included a foam craft kit where you make art the looks like ice cream cones and a Barbie doll. After Target, I went into the mall. I went to Forever 21, where I got a few things, including a pair of pink Barbie brand shoes. One of my favorite stores at the mall is Claire’s. At Claire’s, I got some hair bows, including some 4th of July themed hair bows. I also went shopping at Daiso. There are always so many cute things at that store. Another one of my favorite mall stores is Old Navy. I got two pairs of flip flips and a shirt. This mall also has set up some places to take photos, so of course I had fun doing that. One of my big highlights of the day was going to Build a Bear Workshop. I made a plush frog, and I named her California Summer. I always have fun at Build a Bear Workshop, and this time was no different. I also made a stop the food count for lunch where I got a veggie burger and fries. Another one of my favorite things to do at the mall is to go to the photo booth. In the photo booth, I chose a fun summer background. I really liked the way my photos turned out. I made a stop at Starbucks before getting an Uber home. It was a really fun day!

Thank you for reading about my summer shopping fun! – Christina Epperly   



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4 thoughts on “My summer shopping spree June 2023

  1. I went to Dollar Tree last weekend while we were in the U.S. We have Dollar Tree in Canada but I don’t live close to one.

    Btw, I did find those Kinder Joy eggs at Target last weekend while in the U.S. but they were $2.19 (I think) and I couldn’t justify spending so much on one egg. So I didn’t get one this time. Hoping to still try one one day.

      1. It’s probably better to get them in a pack of 3-4. Kinder eggs/surprises are cheaper that way. I didn’t see bundles though. Just the individual ones. 😅

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