Muir woods adventure 2/2022

Hello,my bucket list friends! On Wednesday, I went to Muir Woods,with my mom. It was both of our first times going there. It’s a very popular place and reservations are required. It was on the colder side on the day for our visit but it was still a beautiful day. Muir woods is definitely worth seeing it is a truly beautiful area. There are so many beautiful redwoods there. We went on a hike that was not very difficult but it was amazing! There are different trails that you can chose from. If I ever go back to Muir Woods I wonder what trail I will go on. There is so much to see here, beautyis all around you. There were a lot of plaques that told you about different things in the park such as the animals there and historical facts. Before we went on our hike we went to the cafe for coffee and the gift shop for souvenirs. I have so many great pictures from this day. Some of my favorite pictures I got were of the sun shining through the tress. On the way back to the car, I stopped and took pictures whith this wooden sculpture that depicted the wingspan of different birds. This a place that is definitely worth visiting especially for nature lovers! Another fun thing about this day was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. We also explored the Suto Baths in San Francisco. This is also a very interesting place that is worth checking out. It was a great day of exploring and I can’t wait for another day like this.

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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