Just some of my controversial opinions

Hello, my bucket list friends recently I wrote an article on Vocal Media about some of my controversial opinions. I want to be very clear though if you chose to click the link one of the topics in particular is a about a very sensitive topic. I like to keep the content on my blog light-hearted for the most part but I have some other more serious and sensitive topics that I want to talk about so I will be posting those on Vocal. Here is the link to my controversial opinions article. https://vocal.media/confessions/warning-controversy-ahead

Thanks for reading this short blog post! – Christina Epperly


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4 thoughts on “Just some of my controversial opinions

  1. A very insightful article. I agree with the points you made. As for weddings, tbh I didn’t want one because of the high costs. I would have been fine with a courthouse wedding. For weddings, it’s a lot of money to spend for 1 day of celebrations. We ended up cutting out a lot of things and only keeping the things we wanted which helped cut down on costs. Overall it was $22K CAD which is still a lot of money. $2K of that was my wedding dress. There was no open bar, no honeymoon (no time to go on one), no DJ, no dance, and no bachelorette.

      1. My mom said that my wedding was her favorite one 🙂 It was a day wedding because the guests lived out of town but they said it was nice because it was still light outside by the time they got home. Yes, it was a relatively low-stress wedding. To be fair I only had 4 months to plan my wedding. The food was amazing which is the main thing that I remember. We didn’t have a giant wedding cake – instead we had cupcakes that came from a local bakery. They were the best cupcakes I ever had!

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