An art kit, thrift shopping, break time shopping, and more

Hello, my bucket list friends! I thought it would be fun to do a post about some of the things I’ve been up to lately. I don’t need to do a long introduction for this so, Let’s get to it!

My latest art kit fun – I got this simple painting art kit at work, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I painted a space man and a rocket. My favorite part was painting a smiley face on the spaceman.

Some of my break time shopping, including Christmas items!- I’ve done a lot of breaktime shopping lately. On Saturday, I got this really cool sensory bucket that has a bunch of fun toys and slime inside. I also got a Paw Patrol activity set. As for Christmas themed items on Friday, I got some really fun Christmas themed hair accessories, including bows!

My latest thrift shopping trip – Also, on Saturday, I went to my favorite local thrift store. I got there close to closing time, so I didn’t have a lot of time to shop, but I did get some fun items.  I got some short books to help me cross off a bucket list item I’m working on. I also got a mini brands game, stickers, a headband , two Pez dispensers, and more!

I have a new favorite Chinese restaurant – yesterday, after church, my parents and I went to a Chinese restaurant that we had not been to before and it was really good! It is now my local favorite Chinese food restaurant!

Christmas Starbucks drinks – It is that time of year, and I love peppermint mochas and the other fun drinks Starbucks has right now!

Thanks for reading this blog post ! – Christina Epperly


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