Just some of my controversial opinions

Hello, my bucket list friends recently I wrote an article on Vocal Media about some of my controversial opinions. I want to be very clear though if you chose to click the link one of the topics in particular is a about a very sensitive topic. I like to keep the content on my blog light-hearted for the most part but I have some other more serious and sensitive topics that I want to talk about so I will be posting those on Vocal. Here is the link to my controversial opinions article. https://vocal.media/confessions/warning-controversy-ahead

Thanks for reading this short blog post! – Christina Epperly

A rant about fall and my I don’t like fall playlist

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Here we are in my least favorite season. This is the first official day of fall, and culturally, summer ended on Labor Day weekend. It is not a big secret that summer is my favorite season. I get sad when it ends and fall starts. Although there have been some exceptions, overall summer is time of adventure ,fun, and relaxation. Fall, on the other hand, is typically slow and tedious. In addition to that, there are many other things I don’t like about fall time, such as the fact that it reminds me of back to school time. I was not a fan of school, so I don’t have good memories about having to say goodbye to summer vacation and go back to school. Another thing I don’t like about fall time is the strange obsession with all things pumpkin. I mean, I will admit pumpkin patches are fun. However, all the pumpkin flavored food is not fun. You can find pumpkin flavored cereal, crackers, coffee, and more. You may notice that it is almost always pumpkin spice flavored, though, because I guess no one actually wants things that are straight pumpkin flavored, so they have to cover it up with spices. Then we have Halloween. I have celebrated Halloween in the past, but the more I think about it and the more I read about it the more I want to stop celebrating it. Even on the surface, it is easy to see that Halloween has a focus on death, fear, and pain. However, my light bulb moment was when I could not explain what or why I was celebrating. Every other holiday I celebrate, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or the 4th of July, I could easily answer that question. As a Christian, Halloween has been a controversial subject for a long time, and I’ve gone back and forth, but now I feel strong about not celebrating it going forward. Honesty, I don’t believe that I will miss celebrating it. Oh, and I will end this rant, but saying it is no fun when it gets dark at 6 pm and also dead leaves are overrated.

My I don’t like fall playlist

Big boots – Alice Cooper

Elected – Alice Cooper

Monster – skillet

All over the world – Alice Cooper

What have you been doing lately- Reliant k

Welcome to the masquerade – thousand foot krutch

My hippocratic oath – Philmont

Poison – Alice Cooper

Pressing on Reliant K

The big goodbye – Alice Cooper

Let the little lady talk – Capitol lights

Caffeine – Alice Cooper

Legendary- skillet

Down – Thousand foot krutch

Friend like that ( acoustic) – Hawk Nelson

Sideshow – Alice Cooper

Glow in the dark – family force 5

Falls apart – Thousand foot krutch

Die for you – Alice Cooper

Work this body – WALK THE MOON

Hurricane years – Alice Cooper

Talk talk – Alice Cooper

Headlines – Alice Cooper

I won’t back down – Tom Petty

He still does ( miracles) – Hawk Nelson

Bring to life – we as human

There it is, my I don’t like fall playlist! Thanks for reading this rant / playlist! – Christina Epperly

My feelings and a bunch of other stuff

Hello, my bucket list friends! Happy Wednesday! There are times when I have a lot of random things I want to talk about. This is one of thoes times. This week the theme at the preschool where I teach is feelings and emotions. Due to that I thought would start out by talking about my feelings. This morning I’m feeling tired. Pretty much whenever I have to wake up to an alarm and I can’t wake up on my own, I’m tired. Most of the time in the mornings during the week I’m ready to go back to bed. As for my other feelings, I’m excited to watch the Amazing Race season premiere tonight. Fall TV season is here and I’m looking forward to seeing new episodes of some of my favorite shows. The Masked Singer also starts a new season tonight. Another thing I’m excited about is that I’ve written more posts for Vocal Media. I really love writing and I hope to be a published author one day. I write about a wide range of topics on Vocal Media including lists of blog post ideas. Here are links to my five favorite articles I’ve written for Vocal Media so far.

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5. Blogging ideas when you don’t know what to blog about

Now, back to my feelings. I’m feeling sad about the fact that tomorrow is the first official day of fall. I wish we could skip fall and go right to Christmas. However, if I had to choose only one feeling to describe myself right now it would have to be motivated. I’m really determined to be a writer and voice actor. It’s a slow process but I try to keep working at it a little each day. I added donation boxes onto my about page and my bucket list page. To hopefully get some extra money from my blog. However if I don’t make any extra money it won’t bother me. I really love writing this blog and it’s worth more than money to me. If my words bring a smile to someone’s face that is worth more in my eyes. I wish we could pay bills with smiles but unfortunately that is not reality. If you would like to donate to me you can do so by going to my about page or my bucket list page from the menu on homepage of my blog but I want to make it clear that there is no pressure or expectation for anyone to do so .As I finish this blog post it is the end of the work day and once again I’m tired but I have some good TV to look forward to!

Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


Hello, my bucket list friends ! This is just a quick post to say thank you for over 200 followers on this blog! I started this blog in 2015 and It helped me to discover my love for writing. Blogging has become one of my favorite hobbies.  Thank you so much for all of your support ! I look forward to posting more fun things for all of you to read !

Rock On – Christina Epperly


If Animals could talk ……

Hello, my bucket list friends I have what I like to call a busy brain. I’m pretty much always thinking ten miles a minute. Random ideas are always popping into my head. Well recently I’ve been thinking about what life would be like if animals could talk. Let me give you some background on this. I have a 21 year old cat named Blanca she is a very sweet and happy cat but she does have kidney disease and because of that we have to give her fluids using a needle and as you can probably guess she does not like this at all. I wish so much that I could tell her why we are doing this and how much it helps her. I wish she could understand that we are caring for her and helping her to be healthier. Then one night I noticed one of my other cats Sherry itching because of fleas so of course I put  flea medicine on her and right away she ran away from me it was like she was scared of me. Once again I wish she could understand that I was helping her.  I feel like some simple communication would solve a lot of the problems that we have when it comes to our animal friends. We could tell the dogs that the mail man is harmless, we could ask the birds not to poop on our cars and we could listen to their endless stories of everything they observe in a day. I think the point of all my random thoughts is this, communication is an important and valuable tool and while we may not be able to talk to the animals we encounter every day we can talk to other people.  Unfortunately we often forget that we have that ability, we sometimes think that by communicating our feelings we are being difficult or dramatic. I do wish animals could tell people how they are feeling and what they need but I also wish that we would use communication more often then we do. I wish people would be quicker to express themselves instead of hiding what they really feel. Now, I’m not saying that people should act out in fits of anger or tell their struggles to everyone they meet no matter how much it hurts. What I’m saying is this we need to take more advantage of this important tool that we have. Feeling left out in your group of friends ? Tell Them how you feel. Struggling with the amount of work or homework you have ? Talk to a coworker ,your boss , classmate or teacher. Some people may think that being open and honest with your feelings makes you week but the truth is it’s one of the smartest things a person can do. by speaking up you may discover that it can help you to solve problems , lead you to people who can assist you with things you may be struggling with, make good relationships better and end relationships that are not healthy and maybe it will make you feel more confident. So you may not be able to tell your dog that its  not necessary to  bark every time a car goes by or ask your fish what decorations they would like to have in their tank but you can tell your friends that your thankful for them, you can tell everyone that asks that you haven’t decided on a career choice yet and you can even ask others if they have anything bottled up inside that they would like to share.  Next time you have something you need to get of your chest remember be respectful , be honest and be a communicator! PS. I wish I could nicely ask my cat to move over on the couch so I can lay down!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Check out my poems !

Hello, my bucket list friends ! It’s obvious that I love to blog but I also enjoy writing pomes!  I had been posting my pomes on other sites but I thought it would be a good idea to bring my poetry to my blog .I added a new page to this blog . To see it go the home page there is a new tab at the top that says my poems just click on that tab to read my poems . I plan on adding more pomes soon ! I really love to write and I’m very excited to share my poems with all of you !

Rock on – Christina Epperly



The ever changing ride of life

The ever changing ride of life


Hello, my bucket list friends ! I consider myself to be a very honest person and the truth is my life has not been easy street lately . I was working less during the summer due to traveling and the preschool where I work being out for the summer after the summer camps ended and that made money really tight . Our fridge broke and of course there was that ER visit on my birthday. ( you can read about it here ) It’s been rough but that is just how life can be sometimes but we all know that doesn’t make it suck any less . I found myself wanting to sleep all the time but I’m happy to say  that things have been looking up a little bit lately .  I’m back working at the preschool so my money situation is slowly but surly getting back on track . I have also been interviewing for massage jobs and I have a good feeling  that I might be working as a massage therapist soon ! I was able to have some fun this weekend. I went shopping at a local party store where I loved going as a kid . I bought some fun stuff that I really didn’t need but it gave me a boost of much needed happiness and I got spend some time with my cousin on Sunday . Also the pain from my cyst has decreased to almost nothing ! Of course I’m still going to have to deal with the medical bills . Now, all that being said My life is not all sunshine and cupcakes but really who’s life is ? I wish I could spend all my time going around crossing things off my bucket list but that is not the reality I live in . My biggest take away from this struggle is if you need to sleep more do it ! It doesn’t mean you’re week you may just some more time to recharge and escape from the stress . Of course it is import to make sure that sleeping more than normal does not interfere with your daily life .  Not everything is back on track right now but it starting to get that way but I can’t be sure  what is going to happen next so I could use all the prayer I can get right now but I’m so thankful to God for all the blessings in my life and I can’t wait to see what I cross of my list next !

Rock on – Christina Epperly