A rant about fall and my I don’t like fall playlist

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Here we are in my least favorite season. This is the first official day of fall, and culturally, summer ended on Labor Day weekend. It is not a big secret that summer is my favorite season. I get sad when it ends and fall starts. Although there have been some exceptions, overall summer is time of adventure ,fun, and relaxation. Fall, on the other hand, is typically slow and tedious. In addition to that, there are many other things I don’t like about fall time, such as the fact that it reminds me of back to school time. I was not a fan of school, so I don’t have good memories about having to say goodbye to summer vacation and go back to school. Another thing I don’t like about fall time is the strange obsession with all things pumpkin. I mean, I will admit pumpkin patches are fun. However, all the pumpkin flavored food is not fun. You can find pumpkin flavored cereal, crackers, coffee, and more. You may notice that it is almost always pumpkin spice flavored, though, because I guess no one actually wants things that are straight pumpkin flavored, so they have to cover it up with spices. Then we have Halloween. I have celebrated Halloween in the past, but the more I think about it and the more I read about it the more I want to stop celebrating it. Even on the surface, it is easy to see that Halloween has a focus on death, fear, and pain. However, my light bulb moment was when I could not explain what or why I was celebrating. Every other holiday I celebrate, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or the 4th of July, I could easily answer that question. As a Christian, Halloween has been a controversial subject for a long time, and I’ve gone back and forth, but now I feel strong about not celebrating it going forward. Honesty, I don’t believe that I will miss celebrating it. Oh, and I will end this rant, but saying it is no fun when it gets dark at 6 pm and also dead leaves are overrated.

My I don’t like fall playlist

Big boots – Alice Cooper

Elected – Alice Cooper

Monster – skillet

All over the world – Alice Cooper

What have you been doing lately- Reliant k

Welcome to the masquerade – thousand foot krutch

My hippocratic oath – Philmont

Poison – Alice Cooper

Pressing on Reliant K

The big goodbye – Alice Cooper

Let the little lady talk – Capitol lights

Caffeine – Alice Cooper

Legendary- skillet

Down – Thousand foot krutch

Friend like that ( acoustic) – Hawk Nelson

Sideshow – Alice Cooper

Glow in the dark – family force 5

Falls apart – Thousand foot krutch

Die for you – Alice Cooper

Work this body – WALK THE MOON

Hurricane years – Alice Cooper

Talk talk – Alice Cooper

Headlines – Alice Cooper

I won’t back down – Tom Petty

He still does ( miracles) – Hawk Nelson

Bring to life – we as human

There it is, my I don’t like fall playlist! Thanks for reading this rant / playlist! – Christina Epperly


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2 thoughts on “A rant about fall and my I don’t like fall playlist

  1. My husband hates Halloween. He doesn’t celebrate it and doesn’t like anything about it. He’s Catholic. I occasionally buy a pumpkin and carve it but there’s several years where I don’t bother. I much rather not carve the pumpkin and bake the pumpkin seeds.

    As much as pumpkin spice everything is nice, I’m not really into the autumnal season either. I don’t like that we are approaching winter, and I dislike winter so much. Autumn isn’t so bad but I really dislike the cold. It gets really cold where I live and I am already feeling it. At least California doesn’t get cold like it does here. You are lucky.

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