A great thrift shopping haul, a movie review, and more!

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’ve done some fun things over the past few days that I want to share with you. I went to my favorite local thrift store again. I also went to the movies for only the third time this year. I can’t wait to tell you more about it, so let’s get to it!

Thursday, November 9th – I worked the closing shift on this day, but I went into town early so I could go to my favorite local thrift store before work. My main reason for going to the thrift store was to get some short books to read so I can work on crossing off read 50 books from my bucket list. Since it had not been a long time since my last visit to this thrift shop, I did not think that I would get many items, but I was wrong. I got lots of great items. I found a good amount of short books to read, I also got a bag of erasers, a Build a bear plush, a TY beanie Boo, a TY beanie puzzle eraser, a squishy key chain, and a stamp. On the way to work, I stopped by the candy store when I saw that they had their Christmas items out. I got some stickers, candy canes, and a light up toy that has candy with it and plays music. At work, I got some more Christmas themed items, including a cute bird decoration and a art kit. It was a pretty great day.

Friday, November 10th – This day, I also worked the closing shift. Before work, I went to Whole Foods, and I got a very cute gingerbread cookie. At work, I got this Christmas painting craft kit that I had been wanting to get, but it had not been put out on the shelf yet. I was very happy when I saw it out on the shelf. Getting the art kit made the day better than I thought it would be.

Saturday, November 11th – I had this day off. I went to a much need massage appointment with someone I used to work with. It was so good to see him again, After my massage, I went to Starbucks and Safeway. At Safeway, I got some of my favorite fruit snacks that come with trading cards, Kinder eggs that come with animal toys, a Play-Doh kit, and a few other items. That evening, I went to the movies, and I saw the Journey to Bethlehem. I highly recommend this movie. Yes, there were creativity liberties that were taken, and with all Biblical movies, it is a good idea to look to the Bible for the most accurate information. The movie itself is a fun wholesome retelling of the birth of Christ, I love the soundtrack to this movie, and I have been listening to it a lot. It is a wonderful movie for Christmastime. Once again, I highly recommend going to see it. After the movie we went to dinner at the Habit. It was a really wonderful day.

Sunday, November 12th – On this day, I worked the closing shift. I started the day by getting coffee and going to church. After church, I went on a walk before going to Starbucks, and then it was time for work. At work, I got this fun sticker book on my break. I also got a fun pen that has a Christmas tree on it. I’m amazed at all the items that we have for Christmas. I enjoy seeing the items come out onto the sales floor.

Thank you for reading about some of my latest adventures! – Christina Epperly


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