Christmas ornament craft kit and a fun trip to Savers !

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I have two fun things to tell you about. The first one is a Christmas painting art kit that I recently finished. The other thing is my latest thrift shopping fun at Savers! Without any more delay, let’s get to it!

Painting ornaments – I got this fun craft kit at work. It comes with four ornaments to paint. I had a fun time painting the ornaments. My favorite ornament is the snowman. I love craft kits like this one, and I’m excited to do more Christmas themed craft kits this year.

Savers – I went to Savers this week. I got three Barbie dolls, some books including Barbie books, jewelry, two craft kits, and more. I was very excited about the two craft kits I got. I was also excited about the three Barbie dolls that I got because this location does not always have a good amount of dolls. There were not very many this time, but I’m happy with the three that I got. I’m also really excited about The books because they will help me reach my reading goal.

Thanks for reading this fun blog post ! – Christina Epperly

A great thrift shopping haul, a movie review, and more!

Hello, my bucket list friends! I’ve done some fun things over the past few days that I want to share with you. I went to my favorite local thrift store again. I also went to the movies for only the third time this year. I can’t wait to tell you more about it, so let’s get to it!

Thursday, November 9th – I worked the closing shift on this day, but I went into town early so I could go to my favorite local thrift store before work. My main reason for going to the thrift store was to get some short books to read so I can work on crossing off read 50 books from my bucket list. Since it had not been a long time since my last visit to this thrift shop, I did not think that I would get many items, but I was wrong. I got lots of great items. I found a good amount of short books to read, I also got a bag of erasers, a Build a bear plush, a TY beanie Boo, a TY beanie puzzle eraser, a squishy key chain, and a stamp. On the way to work, I stopped by the candy store when I saw that they had their Christmas items out. I got some stickers, candy canes, and a light up toy that has candy with it and plays music. At work, I got some more Christmas themed items, including a cute bird decoration and a art kit. It was a pretty great day.

Friday, November 10th – This day, I also worked the closing shift. Before work, I went to Whole Foods, and I got a very cute gingerbread cookie. At work, I got this Christmas painting craft kit that I had been wanting to get, but it had not been put out on the shelf yet. I was very happy when I saw it out on the shelf. Getting the art kit made the day better than I thought it would be.

Saturday, November 11th – I had this day off. I went to a much need massage appointment with someone I used to work with. It was so good to see him again, After my massage, I went to Starbucks and Safeway. At Safeway, I got some of my favorite fruit snacks that come with trading cards, Kinder eggs that come with animal toys, a Play-Doh kit, and a few other items. That evening, I went to the movies, and I saw the Journey to Bethlehem. I highly recommend this movie. Yes, there were creativity liberties that were taken, and with all Biblical movies, it is a good idea to look to the Bible for the most accurate information. The movie itself is a fun wholesome retelling of the birth of Christ, I love the soundtrack to this movie, and I have been listening to it a lot. It is a wonderful movie for Christmastime. Once again, I highly recommend going to see it. After the movie we went to dinner at the Habit. It was a really wonderful day.

Sunday, November 12th – On this day, I worked the closing shift. I started the day by getting coffee and going to church. After church, I went on a walk before going to Starbucks, and then it was time for work. At work, I got this fun sticker book on my break. I also got a fun pen that has a Christmas tree on it. I’m amazed at all the items that we have for Christmas. I enjoy seeing the items come out onto the sales floor.

Thank you for reading about some of my latest adventures! – Christina Epperly

My latest adventures thrift shopping, break time shopping, and more!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m excited to write this post because last week I got to go to my favorite local thrift store. It had been a while since I had last gone. I used to work close to it so I got to go there a lot. I can’t wait to tell you about the things that I got there so let’s get to it.

October 5 – On this day, I left early for work so that I would have time to go to the thrift store before my shift started. My fist exciting find of my thrift shopping trip was a Barbie book. I was very happy with that find and I continued my shopping. I bought some really fun things at the thrift store, including American girl items, beads, a Pez dispenser, more books, and a bath bomb that has a prize inside. There were American girl dolls, but they were more than I wanted to spend. However, I’m glad I went to the thrift store on this day.

October 6th – On this day, I was off of work. I went to Safeway, and I got some food, of course, but I also got Hot Wheels cars. Safeway is a good place to get Hot Wheels cars. I got four cars. I also got my favorite fruit snacks that come with trading cards and juice that comes with a toy.

October 7th – I worked on this day, but before work, I went to Starbucks and the park. During my break at work, I bought a stamp set and a glitter tattoo kit that was on sale.

October 8th – On this day, I had work later in the day. I started the morning by getting coffee, and then I went to church. It was so good to be back in church since It had been about two weeks since I was last there. I was tired after church, so I went home and took a nap before going to work. At work, I got a kinder Joy egg.

Thank you for reading about some of my everyday adventures. – Christina Epperly

Blogmas day 17 an unexpected thrift shopping adventure

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I didn’t get around to posting yesterday because things have been busy this weekend. However, I’m excited to share this post with you. On Friday, I ended up going thrift shopping. I hadn’t planned on it but I’m happy it happened. My dad and I went on some errands, and my dad ended up going to a store that is right next to my favorite local Goodwill! Of course, I had to go and see what I could find. I started off in one of the toys isles. This Goodwill has two toy isles. Maybe that is why I love it so much. Anyways, the first two things I added to my shopping basket were a small rainbow. Build a Bear plush and a Ty beanie baby bunny. The bunny didn’t have a TY tag on it, but I recognized it as a beanie baby. Seeing it on the self unlocked some old memory of me having that bunny before. I looked at the tag on the bottom of the toy, and I confirmed that it was, in fact, a Ty beanie baby named Carrots. I’m very happy to welcome Carrots the bunny into my collection. On the next toy isle, I saw some Barbie dolls. I ended up getting two Barbie dolls. One of them has this awesome pink dress on, and I think she is from the 90s or 2000s. Also, on that isle, I got a horse toy that came in a box with some other things. In addition to those items, I got a book from a series I enjoy and a play-doh advent calendar. I love how Goodwill gets things from Target. This advent calendar was from Target, and I’m very happy that it was available at a great price. I’m very happy with my thrift shopping haul!

Thanks for reading

Rock On- Christina Epperly

My little weekday Goodwill haul

Hello,my bucket list friends! On Wednesday after work I went to my favorite local Goodwill location. I didn’t get a lot of items on this trip but I’m pretty excited about one of the items that I got. One of the first items that I selected was TY plush dog I also got some TY toys that came in fast food meals. In the book section I found a horse and pony sticker book that still had some unused stickers. Now, for the item that I’m most excited about. I was so happy that they had an American Girl game at the Goodwill! It is a game about making wishes and as a professional day dreamer that is a perfect game for me. Thanks for reading this short post!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Barns and Noble, Goodwill and Walgreens

Hello,my bucket list friends! This week I went on some fun after work shopping trips that I thought I would share with you. The first one I went to was Barnes and Noble. My mom needed to get something there and I was more then happy to come along. I was excited the get an American Girl book about the latest historical character for American Girl. Her name is Claudie and I’m so happy that they had her book in stock. I also got some other awesome things at Barns and Noble including a Barbie book, a Barbie activity set that was on sale and a journal. I also got a short American Girl book as well about the historical character Melody. I wish I went to Barnes and Noble more often because it is full of some of favorite things including toys,craft kits and a sale section. On Thursday I went to the Goodwill. It was a quick trip while my dad shopped at another store but I’m happy with the items I got. My favorite item I got is a Build a Bear plush that was made in Downtown Disney. Other items I was happy to find included a My Little Pony puzzle set, A Barbie DVD set, a paint brush set and a craft kit. I also got two books. Yesterday, I went to Walgreens and I got a wall art craft kit, my favorite vegan candy, two Barbie surprise toys, and some headphones! Thanks for reading. I hope you all a had good week!

Rock On – Christina

My wonderful weekend including going to a new Target!

Hello,my bucket list friends! I had a super awesome weekend! This weekend made me feel like I was in my 20s again. My amazing weekend started on Friday when I was on the way to my friend’s house for a two day sleepover.  I decided to stop at a store to get some snacks for our sleepover fun.When my mom pulled in the the shopping center parking lot I saw that the new Target was open! The grand opening was happening on Sunday but they were having a special opening that night. I was so excited when I saw that the Target was open that I called my friend and asked her to come meet me at the Target so she could see how amazing it was. The store was decorated with balloons and I was just so excited to be there. The store was so perfectly organized. I  loved how they had the bath bombs in a very easy to find place. I was very excited to vist the toy section where I got two Barbie dolls including a Barbie color reveal doll. Of course I also had fun in the Dollar section. I got so many amazing items. On the way out we noticed that there was a table of food including a Target cake! The next day my friend and I went to an event at a thrift store that I had never been to before. This thrift store was interesting because it had a bunch of different buildings that had different categories of items. I ended up getting three different items at this event. A Starbucks travel mug, a pair of colorful vans shoes, and a book. After that we went to the Goodwill and I got so many things! Sometimes you find a lot when you go thrifting sometimes you find nothing.  I was very happy that this was one of the times I found a lot. Some of the items I got were a Orange Bird sipper from Disney World, a set of bath bombs, three TY brand toys, some clothes, a Barbie Extra toy, and a My Little Pony travel mug. After all that shopping we were ready for lunch. We went to Chili’s and it was just what we needed. The Chili’s that we went to was in a mall. We decided to walk around the mall for a bit after lunch. As we were walking we saw that a local library had set up it’s own book store. I got three books for only a dollar each! It was a great day for good deals! After the mall we went to Starbucks and the car wash. Going to a car wash is a lot of fun when you are with your friend! After that we went back to her house and we relaxed, ate pasta, and watched a lot of YouTube until it was time to go to bed. When Sunday came around I was surprised as always at how fast the time went by. Before we parted ways we went back to the Target to go to the Starbucks. The Target was so crowded good thing we had done our shopping on Friday night. It was hard to say goodbye to my friend after a wonderful weekend but I had a few things I needed to do before the week began. My parents and I went on our normal Sunday errands. The highlight of our errands was that I  got a bottle of ginger ale and I carried it to the car in my arms like it was my prized possession. Oh and that night The Rookie one of my favorite TV shows came back for another season! It was a really amazing weekend and I miss it so much! I wonder what I’ll do this weekend.

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Wednesday evening Goodwill trip

Hello, my bucket list friends! Yesterday after work I went on a quick trip to Goodwill because my dad needed to go to the store next door. I never know what I’m going to find when I go to Goodwill. I always wonder what I will add to my collection. This time I got a TY plush , two art kits, an American Girl building block set, and a Barbie doll. The Barbie doll and one of the art kits were from Target. I love how the Goodwill gets items from Target. There were a few Barbies to choose from. I’m really happy with the one I chose because she comes with a lot of accessories. As for the American Girl building set, it was a used item, that looked like it had been well played with. In the box were pieces from Lego sets, and not all the pieces were there but for the price I’m pretty happy with it. Overall I’m happy with my midweek thrift shopping haul.

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Wonderful lavender slime and a thrift shopping adventure

Hello, my bucket list friends! I have some fun things I want to tell you about. Let’s start with my visit to the slime kitchen last week. On Friday after work my mom and I went to get massages at the mall. We were both in need of some stress relief. In addition tp the massages I really wanted to check out a new place in the mall called the Slime Kitchen. Before this I hadn’t had a lot of experience with slime. I love playdough and I had played with things that were similar to slime a while ago but I have not used slime since it has become very popular in recent years. I heard about the Slime Kitchen on the mall’s Instagram page. It looked fun and interesting. After getting massages and going to Claire’s It was time to go to the slime kitchen. I wasn’t sure how it all worked but the staff was very helpful. I ended up choosing cloud slime and I made it lavender scented! I loved how you got to add two little toys into your slime I chose an ice cream cone and a lollipop! I did enjoy making slime. However, it was $25.00 so I probably won’t do it again but it was worth doing once. The next day I went to Savers to do some thrift shopping! It was more crowded then I expected it to be even for a Saturday. However, I was still able to get some pretty awesome items. Some of my favorite things I got that day are a Barbie collector book,a Barbie horse, some American Girl books, and a chalk book that comes with chalk. I also got another book that is summer themed maybe I can read it before summer ends.

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Two more thrift shopping adventures

Hello, my bucket list friends. Yesterday and the day before I went thrift shopping. I found some great items and I’m excited to tell you more about it so here we go. On Thursday I went to my favorite local Goodwill location. I was so happy when I saw this Barbie ornament from the 90s. It was still in the original box. Another item I found that got me excited was a color your own squishy toys art kit! I had a kit from this same brand before but this kit had different squishy toys in it. Other highlights include a mug from 1986, and a dog purse! Yesterday day after work I started off my weekend by going to Savers. When I got there I headed right to the toy section. I was happy to see that there were a good amount of dolls to chose from. I ended up getting three Barbie dolls. My favorite doll I got is pearl beach barbie. she still had her super cute earrings on and her blue bathing suit too! I also got a lot of Barbie movies. It looked like a whole collection of Barbie movies had been donated. I kept finding ones that I wanted to add to my collection. Some of the other things I got were two American Girl books, a bag of Disney Parks buttons ,a flip fllop pin, and new ear buds! Thank you for reading about my thrift shopping adventures!

Rock On- Christina Epperly