My fabulous Las Vegas vacation part 1

Hello, my bucket list friends! I crossed number 15 off my bucket list in July  by going Las Vegas. It was a pretty short trip but it was jammed packed with fun so I decided that it would be best to write two different post about this adventure. In my second post about this adventure I will talk about another bucket list item I crossed off. Without anymore introduction needed let’s get to part one of my Las Vegas adventure.

July 17th – This was the day that our adventure began. On this trip, I went with my mom and my friend. Our flight was in the evening. The flight went well, and after we landed, we checked in to our hotel. We stayed at New York New York. I wanted to stay at a classic Las Vegas hotel, and this one seemed like the perfect fit. I love how the room was decorated to fit the New York theme of our hotel. We had one activity planned for our first day, and that was to take a tour at the neon museum. The neon museum is full of old neon signs that used to be displayed around Las Vegas. My favorite sign was duck that I took a picture with. After the tour we went to the gift shop where I got some souvenirs  from our first adventure of the trip!

    July 18th – This day was packed full of adventure! We started out by getting Starbucks at our hotel, and then we went to the ABC store. I loved shopping there. I got some great Las Vegas souvenirs, including a much needed water bottle because Las Vegas is very hot in the summertime. Our first big activity of the day was going on the flyover ride. This ride is one of those rides that makes it feel like you are flying over some amazing places. I enjoyed going on this ride. They had a few different ride options we did the American West ride. I would like to do some of the other rides if I go back to Las Vegas. After the ride, I bought some souvenirs from the gift shop. Our second activity of the day was the Dino safari walk through adventure. I had a lot of fun walking through this attraction and taking pictures. There was a dinosaur slide that I got to go on. I also enjoyed getting to color a dinosaur coloring page. Our next activity, after that, turned out to be one of my favorite things that we did during this trip. We took a ride on the high roller observation wheel. The views from the wheel are amazing, and when it was announced that we got to the top, it was very exciting. I highly recommend going on the high roller observation wheel if you are in Las Vegas. After all of that adventure, it was time to stop for lunch. We ate at a really good Mexican restaurant. After lunch, we went to see the real flamingos that live at the Flamingo hotel. I love flamingos, and it was cool to see them in Las Vegas! The next activity I did was going to the selfie museum with my friend. I had a lot of fun taking pictures here. I especially enjoyed taking photos in the ball pit and the bathtub. After the selfie museum, I road the zip line with my mom. It was a quick ride, but it was definitely an adventure! We had already done a lot on this day, but we had another thing to do before we went back to the hotel. We went to the Eiffel Tower observation desk at the Paris hotel. It was a great way to view Las Vegas. After that, we went back to the hotel for some rest before going out again. My friend and I went to Hershey’s Chocolate World, which was located in our hotel. There were some fun things in there to take pictures with. I also bought a magnet and a chocolate bar there. After that, we all walked around a bit and looked for a cake vending machine. we didn’t find one that night, but I was determined to find one the next day.

Thank you for reading part one of my Las Vegas adventure! – Christina Epperly


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