My fabulous Las Vegas vacation part 2

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m excited to tell you about the second part of my Las Vegas vacation. In this post, I will talk about another bucket list item I crossed off. Our last full day in Las Vegas was packed full of adventure, and I can’t wait to tell you about it, so let’s get to it!

July 19th – On this day, we also had a lot of things planned. We started off the day by going to get tickets for the America’s Got Talent show later that night. Due to some confusion, it took longer than we thought it would. However, we ended up getting our tickets and getting on a tour bus. The tour bus dropped us off at the Mob Museum. It is an very interesting place, and I even bought the picture they took of us doing a line up. After the Mob museum, our next activity was the Madame Tussauds wax museum but of course on the way to the museum I had to stop and do some more souvenir shopping. I had been to the wax museum in New York years ago, but this was my first time at this location. I did enjoy taking pictures here, but honestly, I liked the selfie museum more. However I  was happy that we went and checked it out. After that we went had lunch before doing our next activity. Our lunch was really good. The pasta I had was wonderful.  Our next adventure was a very popular Las Vegas attraction, the gondola rides. We did the indoor ride because it was very hot outside but outdoor rides are also offered. I did enjoy this ride it was an relaxing experience. After that, I had a mission to cross use a cake vending machine off my bucket list. However, we did make a stop at this cute bath store where I got a soap that had a unicorn toy in it. Then, after that, we went back to where I had seen one of the vending machines the day before. I was so happy to cross another item off of my bucket list! When we went back to the hotel, my mom and I road the roller coaster that went around the outside of our hotel. It was a crazy ride prefect for thrill seekers. Then we all got ready for one last night in Las Vegas! The big highlight of our night was going to see the America’s got Talent show. The show was a lot of fun. It had a wide variety of acts, and I highly recommend going to see it. After the show, we went to the sky pod at the Strat, which is an amazing observation tower. The views from here were the best of the whole trip! I also got some amazing pictures from here. After the Sky Pod, we went to a store where I got some stickers and other items before we went back to our hotel.

July 20th – On this day, we woke up early to fly home. I did not want to go home. I was hoping our flight would get delayed, so we would have another day in Las Vegas. That did not happen, but at the airport while I was waiting for my Starbucks order, I went to a store nearby and got some more souvenirs to help me remember this wonderful Las Vegas vacation.  

Thanks for reading about the second part of my Las Vegas Vacation! – Christina Epperly




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