Last weekend of April 2023 !

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Last weekend, we wrapped up another month of 2023! This year is truly going by very fast! I’m actually happy about that because I’m excited for summer! Anyways, it’s time to talk about what I did last weekend. Here we go!

Friday – Just like last weekend, I worked the early shift on Friday. I also went to my my favorite local thrift store after I got my coffee just like I did the Friday before. I know thrift stores are always getting new things, so I was curious to see what I could find this week. With my coffee in hand, I walked into the thrift store and began to look for treasures! Some of my favorite things that I found were two Pez dispensers (including a very cute ladybug)  a package of Crayola markers , a Garfield ruler, and an American Girl doll sewing pattern. After thrift shopping, I worked the opening shift at the plant store. My shift went well, and after my shift, I went to Safeway. At Safeway, I got three Kinder Joy eggs and a lollipop that comes with a curly straw. I also got normal food items that I needed. After going to Safeway, my mom and I went on a walk at a park. I got to go on the playground and take some pictures. It was a pretty good day.

Saturday- I also worked the opening shift at work on this day. Before work, we went to the same park that we went to the day before. After that, I picked up my order at Starbucks. Then it was time to go to work. After work , I went to Target. I was excited to go there because there were these new bath bombs that I wanted to get. They are from one of my favorite bath bomb brands. I love this brand because their bath bombs have prizes inside.  In addition to the bath bombs, I got two craft kits and a Skipper Target doll. One of the craft kits that I got is summer themed. It has a few different projects that you can make. I’m excited to make some fun summer crafts. At home that night, I used one of the bath bombs. It had a cute prize inside that looked like sunglasses. I also did a craft kit that I got at Five Below that night. It was a simple painting kit, but I really enjoyed doing it. It was a kit where you get to paint your own magnet. This one was shaped like cherries. Doing this craft kit was a great way to end the day.

Sunday – On this day, I worked the closing shift at work. I started off the morning by going to get coffee and then going to church. After church but before work, we went to the hardware store. I got one of those water games. It had the word summer on it, so of course I wanted it! After the hardware store, we went to lunch. I had a really good veggie burrito. When I got dropped off for work, I had sometime before my shift started. I went to the candy store and the coffee shop before work. At  the candy store I got some candy but I also got a Pez dispenser. After getting candy and coffee, I walked to work to begin my shift. My shift went well and after work my mom and I went on a walk it was a good way to end the weekend.

Thanks for reading ! – Christina Epperly


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