Thrift shopping again, Dollar Tree, and lots of coffee

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m here to tell you about my weekend! This weekend wasn’t super exciting, but I did go to the Dollar Tree for the first time in a while. I also went to my favorite local thrift store again, and I got some fun items, including a Ty beanie buddy plush! Now that I have properly introduced this blog post, let’s get to it!

Friday – On this day, I left early for work. I was working the opening shift, and I have had some difficulty getting rides with Uber lately, so I called for an Uber much earlier than usual. This was a good thing, though, because not only did I get a ride without stress, I  had time to get coffee and go to the thrift store before work. At the thrift store, they were having a sale on plush toys. I was very happy when I saw a Ty beanie buddy on the shelf. I didn’t see any other plush toys that I wanted to add to my collection, but I did find more items that I wanted to take home with me. I got some books including an activity book. I also got some fun stickers and a bookmark. After shopping I went to work and it went well. I was also able to go to the candy store. It was a good start to my weekend.

Saturday – I had the day off. My biggest highlight of the day was getting go shopping at the Dollar Tree. I had not been to the Dollar Tree for a while, and I was happy to go and see what fun items I could find. I was happy to see that there were  summer items available. I got a package of two summer themed cups in the seasonal section. I didn’t find anything that was super exciting, but I did get some fun items, including a new hair bow, stickers, and a Crayola brand toothbrush set. While I was out, I also got a squishy toy at the hardware store, an iced coffee at McDonald’s, and Kinder Joy eggs at Safeway. I miss the Easter Kinder Joy eggs, but the NBA ones are pretty cool. It was a pretty good day!

Sunday – On this day, I worked the closing shift at work. However, I started my day off the best way you can start a Sunday, in my opinion. With coffee and church! After church, my parents and I went into town, and we had lunch at Baja Fresh. I got the veggie bowl that I normally get there. It is really good. I recommend it. It was also the last day to buy girl scout cookies, so we bought some. Thin mints are my favorites! When I got dropped off for work, I still had some time before my shift started, so I got an iced coffee at the coffee shop by my work. My shift went well, and after work, I went on a walk at the park. It was a good way to end my weekend

Thank you for reading!

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