Being social and shopping my week in review

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Last week had some really great moments. I decided to make a blog post highlighting those moments. Without any more introduction, let’s get to it!

Monday – This day was a really amazing one. My friend and I both were off on this day, and this is a rare occurrence. I was very excited for us to spend they day together. We did some of our favorite things. We went to Starbucks and went on a walk. went shopping at Five Below, and we ended the day by going to Yogurtland. My friend had never been to Five Below before, and I was excited to show it to her. I got many fun items, including Barbie sunglasses, a Barbie puzzle, a My Little Pony toy, a Barbie tea set, a painting art kit, and new earbuds, I also got a Squishmallow. I’m not going to start collecting them because I collect so many things already, but I was excited about the price, plus they are very cute. It was also a lot of fun going to Yogurtland. I love being creative and making my own frozen yogurt creation. However, the best thing about the day was getting to spend time with my friend.

Tuesday – On this day, I worked the morning shift. Before work, I got coffee at the place I normally do. Work went well, and after work, I got some Kinder Joy eggs at Safeway. It was a simple but good day.

Wednesday – On this day, I also worked the morning shift. I started the day with coffee just like the day before. I also had a good day at work just like I had the day before. However, this day was different because I went to my favorite local thrift store after work. It had not been long since I was there last so there were not a lot of new items but I did get some good items. including an American Girl book and a sheet of Easter stickers. I enjoyed going thrift shopping, of course, but my favorite part of the day was going out to eat with family members that I had not seen in a while. I got to eat pizza and have good conversations. it was a really great day.

Thursday – I was off on this day, and I got to see my friend again. It was a last-minute thing, but I was so excited to see her again. We went to Walgreens and Starbucks. At Walgreens, I got a new Pez dispenser. We only hung out for a little while because I wanted to get back home, but it was truly amazing to see my friend twice in one week.

Thanks for reading about my week! I hope you are all enjoying the month of April!

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