Coffee,crayons,WalgreensĀ  and more

Hello, my bucket list friends and welcome to another weekend blog post !!! This weekend was pretty average but it did have some fun moments. I can’t wait to tell you about it so let’s get to it.

Friday- Friday was a pretty normal day. However I did have a few highlights including getting a visit from my neighbor’s dogs. My favorite part of the day was getting Starbucks before work. I love the Christmas themed cups this year they are so fun. Work went well then I went home and that is how my Friday went.

Saturday- I had work but not until mid afternoon so I had time to do some things before work. The first  thing I did was to print out some Crayola coloring pages and activities. I started doing one of the coloring pages but I didn’t have time to finish it because I had some things to do in town before I went to work. The first thing we did was to go and get coffee at Starbucks of course. Then it was off to our favorite park to walk at. The park was busier than it has been but we still enjoyed our walk. The weather was really nice so I’m guessing that is why there were more people there. After the park we went to Whole foods. I shopped quickly because I needed to be at work soon. My favorite things that I got on my quick shopping trip were a box of one of my favorite fruit snacks that comes with collectible cards. I also got two large candy canes and one of them was strawberry flavored. After that I went to work and it went well. When work was over I went to Walgreens. I need to get conditioner because what I had at home was not working well for my hair. In addition getting conditioner I was excited to go look at the Christmas section again. I ended up getting a pop toy shaped like a mitten and two plush dogs that sing when a button is pressed. I also got some snacks and of course the conditioner. It wasn’t a super exciting day but it was a pretty good day.

Sunday- I had the day off on Sunday. I didn’t go anywhere except for on a walk. However I did have Starbucks delivered to the house. I was really craving it so I decided just to splurge and spend the money to have a delivered. I also got a snowman cookie along with my coffee. Yes, it was expensive to have it delivered but I’m happy I did it. Another thing I did on Sunday was to put up more padding in my studio. I’ve been very slow at getting my voice acting career rolling however I’m happy with the progress that I made yesterday. Another fun thing I did was to watch and play along with an interactive Barbie movie on Netflix. It Was fun to see what would happen with different choices. I kind of want to do it again to see how different I can make it. The first time I tried it I accidentally made a mistake and got sent back to the beginning. However when I tried again I really like the way things turned out. I know Netflix has a few interactive movies and maybe I should try another one.

Thanks for reading my post about this weekend! I hope you all have blessed weeks.

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Just another great weekend in California

Hello, my bucket list friends! In my last post I talked about what I did during my weekdays now it is time to talk about what I did during my weekend. Sometimes I include Friday in these posts but since I already covered Friday in the post I just mentioned ( You can read it HERE) I will only be talking about Saturday and Sunday in this post. Without anymore introduction it is time to get to it!

Saturday – Looking through my pictures of what I did this day I remember that I tried a candy that I got at Whole Foods the day before. I’m going to do a separate post reviewing this item but I will say that it was really good. I’m happy to say that on this day I went to Starbucks and then went for a walk in the park with my coffee, my mom and the neighbor’s dog. It was a very beautiful day and I was  happily surprised to see that the park was not busy. I climbed to the top of the playground and then went down the slide. I posted the video of me going down the slide on my Instagram my user name is summerrockstar if you want to see it. After the park I went to CVS. I love that CVS sells Claire’s products. I got a set of three Claire’s bracelets plus a bunch of other great items including a TY plush toy, a magazine about animals, hair bows, and peppermint candy. After my little shopping spree I waited in the car with the dog while my mom bought birdseed at another store in the shoppingcenter. While I was in the car I posted on BE Real. I took a picture of my new TY plush sitting on the dashboard. I was very happy with my Be Real post for the day. After that it was time to head back home. After relaxing at the house for a while, we went to go visit a family member. On the way there we stopped at a store where I got this super cute gingerbread cookie. It was a pretty great day!

Sunday – This day was pretty relaxed overall however I did do a cute mouse suncatcher craft kit and we also went into town to do some errands. I happy to say that yes these errands included Starbucks. When I went to pick up the drinks that I had ordered at Starbucks, I saw that they had accidently made one of the drinks  I had ordered iced instead of hot. Not only were they super cool about remaking it they let me keep the iced one too.  I’m actually drinking that iced one right now as I write this! Our other errands were Petco, Trader Joes and Safeway. At Trader Joes I got a snack that I had never seen before. I can’t wait to try it and do a review on it and at Safeway I got a cupcake that had three butterfly rings on top! It was a pretty easy going day but I enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading! I hope all of you had great weekends! 

Rock On- Christina Epperly          


My amazing life this week

Hello, my bucket list friends I’m going to be honest. I’m really loving my life right now. There is something so beautiful about not having to wake up to an alarm clock and rush out the door. This week is so normal and so special at the same time. I already wrote about my Monday ( You can read about it HERE) I thought it would be fun to write a little something about each of my days this week. I do this a lot for weekends. However, this week is different then how my weeks have been so I decided the weekdays needed a blog post this week.

Tuesday- I went into my new job at Urban Remedy! I have really grown to be a huge fan of selfcare and this company is all about self care and health. I’m so happy to be working here!

Wednesday- This day was so amazing that it also got its own blog post! ( You can read about it HERE) The highlights of this day were seeing my wonderful friend, going to a local thrift store and getting my nails done. I also published a post on Vocal Media.

Thursday- I shared my vocal media post on my social media and it got a pretty good response. You can read it HERE) That night I went to Starbucks and Walgreens. At Walgreens I got a few things including popcorn, a drink and lip balm from Burts Bees.

Friday- I went into my job at Urban Remedy to do some training. It went really well. I’m really happy that I got a job here. After work I went to Whole Foods. I got some yummy stuff there including a box of my favorite fruit snacks that come with these cool trading cards.

Thanks for reading about my week!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

My weekend! A massage, Target and more!

Hello,my bucket list friends! It is time for another weekend blog post. The weekend was pretty normal but I still enjoyed it. On Friday after work I did something that I really needed to do. I got a massage! I had a lot of tight muscles due to stress and my poor muscles needed some help. The massage place I go to is in the mall. After my massage was finished I went to Claire’s where they were having a 12 items for 12 dollars sale. It was a great deal. After Claire’s I got a pretzel before going home and taking a bath! On Saturday my parents and I left the house earlier then we normally would because we had a voucher for a free dump run. I know it’s so exciting right ? After the dump we went to Target which is truly exciting for me. I found some great things at Target like I normally do. Some of the things I got were stickers, play-doh, a package of beads and some cute socks. However the thing I was most excited about was this self care themed Barbie doll. I’m all about self care so I thought that was really cool. I’m very happy to have this doll in my collection. After going to Target we went to have lunch at El Pollo Loco. It had been a while since I had been there so I was excited to go. After lunch we went back home and I had a pretty low key day relaxing. I did take a bath with bath bombs of course. On Sunday I had my first in person job interview since I put in my two weeks notice at my current job. After my job interview I went to Starbucks I was in need of an iced coffee. I was also in need of a walk because it was such a beautiful day. So my mom and I went on walk on my favorite local trail. After coming home for a while I went back out to run some errands. My favorite place we went during our errands was Trader Joe’s. I got some chocolate peanut butter candy and chocolate covered expresso beans! Later that night I did some work on the area I’m going to being using for my home recording studio! I’m excited to actually get my voice acting career started. Overall it was a decent weekend thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

I’m excited and terrified at the same time.

Hello,my bucket list friends! I know the title of this post is a little odd but I consider myself to be an open person and I have a lot of emotions that I want to sort through right now so here goes nothing. I’m just gonna come right out and say it. I’ve decided to move on from my career in preschool and childcare. I have worked on and off in the childcare industry since I was in high school. I have worked in summer camps, done babysitting, I worked at an indoor playground,an after school program, and preschools. The stress of this industry has been negativity impacting me for a while now. I have walked away from this industry before only to come crawling back to the steady hours it offerd. It is easy to find jobs in the childcare industry when you are qualified because there is a high turnover rate. I have put in my two weeks notice at my current job. I also signed a contract to myself saying I would never return to childcare industry. I’m going to be blunt it is a high stress and low paying industry. Most of the employees in this industry are under stress and pressure. It’s not a very healthy environment when you have a bunch of stressed out people working together. I’m excited to move on from this career that is honestly harmful to my health. However, I’m terrified because I’m not sure what’s next. I know I want to have a career in voice acting and writing but I’m not going to be able to start making money in that right away. I’ve been applying to a lot of jobs and I will see which one I end up with with. I know that having a lower stress job will give me the energy I nees to focus on my dreams. I know God has a plan for me it’s just hard because I don’t know what that plan is but I also know that he will show me in his perfect timing. I’m so proud of myself for taking this important step in my life. I should have left this industry a long time ago but I let fear hold me back. Well not anymore. Things are uncertain right now but I’m looking forward to new adventures.

Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Things I love September 2022

Hello,my bucket list friends! I’m truly amazed at how fast this year has gone by. How are we in October right now ?? Anyways it’s time to look back at the adventures I had in September of 2022.

Spending Labor day weekend in Idaho – Early on in the month I went to Idaho for a family reunion. It was so much fun! (You can read about it HERE)

Winning an American Girl doll – I won an American Girl doll at a raffle this month! I’m so happy that I won her! ( You can read about it HERE)

Lots of thrift shopping – As I looked Through my pictures so I could actually remember what I did this month I was surprised to see all the thrift shopping I did. I mean I know I usually do a good amount of thrift shopping each month but it seems like I did more then I normally do. You can read about some of it HERE, HERE and HERE

Shopping at the Dollar Tree with my friend – I had not seen my friend since June it was so good to see her again and we got to go to the Dollar Tree together! ( You can read about it HERE. )

Having a weekend sleepover with my friend – I also had a whole weekend with my friend this month we needed to make up for not seeing each other for so long! ( You can read about it HERE)

Going to a new Target store – On the Friday of the weekend I spent with my friend. There was a special opening of a new Target location! I had so much fun exploring it! ( You can read about it HERE)

Writing articles for Vocal Media- I’m happy to say I wrote posts on Vocal Media this month! ( if you want to take a look just click HERE, HERE and HERE.)

Thanks for reading about this month’s highlights!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

I spent the weekend dressed like Alice Cooper

Hello,my bucket list friends! This is one of thoes what I did this weekend blog posts but with a little twist as you can see from the title. For a long time I’ve been wanting to do a blog post where I dressed like Alice Cooper. I finally decided to do it. I put together two outfits based on Alice’s style. If you would like to you can check out the pintrest board that I used for inspiration HERE . The first outfit was basically leather themed well fake leather in my case. I got the leather look jeans and leather look jack from poshmark. I had the shirt and the boots already and the necklace also came from poshmark. I have a lot of photos on my Pintrest board of Alice in outfits very similar to this one. I also got black gloves for this outfit but I forgot to wear them on Saturday. I really liked the way I looked in this outfit. The tall boots and leather look gave me a big confidence boost! We had a few things planned for the day and I was excited. The frist stop of the day was Starbucks where someone complimented me on my boots. The next stop was a pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch was the kind that had activities as well as pumpkins. My mom and I chose to do the hayride and the corn maze. The hay ride didn’t actually have any hay on it but that was fine with me. The ride was relaxing and it was a good amount of time. Next we went to the corn maze. The maze was pretty large and it took a while to get through. During the corn maze I took of my jacket because it was getting really warm. When we made it out of the corn maze we went to get pumpkins. There were so many different pumpkins to choose from. I got a few different pumpkins but my favorite pumpkin I got was actually two pumpkins attached together. I also got a bag of taffy at the pumpkin patch because I was pretty hungry after walking through that corn maze. After out great pumpkin patch adventure we went to Michael’s to get some things to decorate our pumpkins with. I did get some jewel stickers for my pumpkin but I also got some other things to make different projects with including stamps, beads, and a craft kit. It had been a busy day but it was not over yet. We also went to the hardware store and Whole Foods. I kept my jacket off during this time because it was a pretty warm day. After doing all the things I mentioned above we went home for a little bit before going to a family member’s house for game night. When we took a break from our game to eat I went outside and did a self timer photo shoot. I love the way the photos turned out. I would use these photos as my album cover if I ever have an album!

On Sunday I dressed in another Alice Cooper inspired outfit but this one was very different from the day before. As I looked at pictures of Alice Cooper for this project I noticed there were a good amount of photos of him in these tall leppard print boots. From what I could tell he usually had on a white outfit with the boots. I also found some photos of him in a leppard print jacket and pants. I decided to combine the two outfits and this is how it looked.

As you can see it is a little more daring then the other outfit but I still liked this outfit. We had a lot of errands to run on Sunday so this outfit made its way around town. My favorite part of this outfit is the boots but they did keep sliding down. This whole outfit is very different then what I would normally have on to do Sunday errands but I wasn’t uncomfortable. I felt good in this outfit over all. While at Trader Joe’s I got a new flavor of popcorn that I can’t wait to review! It was a pretty good weekend and I want to do another blog post like this sometime!

Rock On- Christina Epperly