My Mother’s day weekend

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Once again, another weekend has gone by. Time seems to be getting faster and faster with every passing day. June is on the way and I’m so excited because I’m very ready for summer! I’m not upset that time is going by this fast because I’ve got some very fun plans coming up in June and July. Even though I don’t have any major plans this month, I did enjoy celebrating my mom on Sunday. Without any more delay, let’s get to the post about my weekend!

Friday – On this day, I worked the closing shift. I got dropped off early because I wanted to get my mom some gifts for Mother’s Day. I went to the candy store, and I got my mom a bar of dark chocolate, and I got myself a package that had both toys and candy inside. At a gift shop, I got some other gifts for my mom. I also got myself a craft kit where you color a pair of socks. When I was done shopping I went to the coffee shop. Then it was time for work, and as usual, I enjoyed being at work surrounded by beautiful house plants. After work, I went to Safeway, where I got some great times like my favorite fruit snacks, but my favorite things that I got were two Lion King Pez dispensers. I was so excited when I saw them and it was only three dollars for both of them! It was a pretty great day.

Saturday – On this day, I worked the opening shift. I went to town early, and I stayed at the coffee shop for a while as I waited for my favorite local thrift shop to open. I got to the thrift a little bit before it opened, and people were waiting outside for it to open. At the thrift store, I got a gift bag and a card for my Mother’s Day present. I also got some things for myself including a Build a Bear brand plush dog, a Hot Wheels truck still in the package, a cup shaped like a panda that comes with a attached straw, and a set of headbands that you can decorate. After thrift shopping, I went to work and opened the store. It was a good day for sales, and that made me happy. After work, I went to the toy store, and I got a craft kit and some stickers. After that, I got something to eat before going home. I enjoyed my Saturday.

Sunday – Today was Mother’s Day, and it was also a day off for me! I started the day with coffee and church. At church, they handed out beautiful red roses for Mother’s Day. After church, we went home for a while before going to our late lunch reservation. We ate at a place that I had never been to before. It turned out to be a really good place and we all enjoyed it. The cinnamon rolls were amazing! After that we walked to a park and saw some friends from church. It was good to talk with them. My mother also really liked her Mother’s Day gifts. It was another great day.

Thanks for reading ! – Christina Epperly


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