Some photos and highlights from this week!

It is no secret that I love taking pictures and writing about the fun little things in my everyday life. I thought it would be fun to share some pictures and things that I enjoyed this week. I’m also going to include Friday in this post since I will be including Monday in my next weekend post. Let’s get to it!

Monday – On this day, I worked the opening shift. I got to town early because sometimes it can be hard to get Uber to come to my house quickly. I went to the coffee shop like normal, but I decided that I did not want to wait there until my shift started. Even though I had not planned on it , I went to the thrift store. I was excited when I got to the thrift store, and I saw that there was a buy one get one free on stuffed animals. I got a Build a Bear and a TY Bennie Boo. They were priced at $5 each, so I got them both for only $5. I also got some books and a bag of erasers. After work, I went to Starbucks and went for a walk in the park. That evening, I went on a walk to go see my favorite ponies.

Tuesday – I worked the opening shift this day. Before work I went to the coffee shop and after work I went to the candy store. I was having a craving for chocolate. I got a bunch of chocolate from the bulk bins a, lollypop with a plastic mouth attached, and I also got a soda to do a review of. I have not tried the soda yet, but I plan to soon. I went to the park after work, and I took this really cute selfie on a swing. I ended up making it my profile picture for Facebook and Instagram.

Wednesday – I had this day off. I decided to focus on my writing. I published an article on Vocal Media ( You can read it HERE ). I also published my weekend blog post. ( You can read it HERE ) Other than that, I just stayed home and relaxed except for going on a walk to see my favorite ponies.

Thursday – On this day, I worked the closing shift. It was a normal day with coffee before work. Someone brought donuts to work, and that is all I have to say about Thursday.

Friday – On this day, I worked the opening shift my. My friend took me to work but before that we went to Starbucks. It was great to have coffee with a friend. It is always harder to see friends when everyone’s schedule is different. That was a wonderful way to start my day! My shift went well, and I went to the candy store afterward. I got a ring pop and another lollypop that has plastic lips attached. That evening, I went to Safeway, where I got two juices that have toys as part of the lid, and I also got cupcakes that come with rings. They only had the ones with rings in a large container, so I had some and took the rest to work.

Thank you for reading about my week ! – Christina Epperly


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  1. Really enjoyed reading your Vocal Media article! Your blog posts are always so bright and wholesome 🙂

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