My review of Starbuck’s chocolate java mint frappuccino

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m excited to be writing this post because I very much enjoy doing food and drink reviews! Yesterday, I saw a post from Starbucks about their latest frappuccino drink. It looked good, but I didn’t know that it was available yet. However, when I was ordering from the Starbucks app later in the day, I was very happy to see that it was available! It had been a while since I had last had a frappuccino, but I have to say that this one was definitely worth having. It is very chocolaty, but it has a great balance of mint and chocolate flavors! If you love chocolate and mint together, you will probably love this! Also, this frappuccino is very photogenic. I loved the way it looks on camera. It is safe to say that I recommend trying this frappuccino!

Thanks for reading this review! – Christina Epperly


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