My Memorial day weekend 2023

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m excited to write this post because summer is very close to being here! I know I’ve been saying that for a while. However, my summer bucket list game kicks off on June 1st, aka Thursday! However, before I can move on to that, I have to wrap up the month of May, and that includes writing about this weekend, so let’s get to it. Oh, and one more thing. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, I have included Monday in this post instead of Friday. You can find my post where I talk about what I did on Friday HERE.

Saturday – I worked the closing shift on this day. However, my day got off to an early start. I started my day by going with my parents to drop off my dad’s truck at the tire shop. After dropping off his truck, we went on some errands. The first errand was the hardware store. One thing that I love about the hardware store is that they have a toy section. I got two plastic sea animals in the toy section, and I also got a squishy toy that was up by the register. Our errands also included a stop at Starbucks and a stop at Whole Foods. At whole foods, I got two boxes of my favorite fruit snacks. ( The ones that come with trading cards) After finishing our errands, I went back home for a while before going into work for the closing shift. It was a good day at work. In case I have not said it lately, I love working at a plant store!

Sunday – I had this day off, so I started the day with coffee and church. Church was good as always. Later, we had to go pick up the truck, but before that, we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I got the same thing that I almost always get there, and that is veggie burrito. It was really good as always. After getting the truck, we went to my cousin’s house. I want to make a better effort to spend more time with people. Life gets busy, but I want to make seeing people a bigger priority. Anyways, at her house we went in the hot tub. It was good to be in the hot tub since it had been so long since I had been in a hot tub or pool. I had a good time with her and her family. Before going home, we made two stops, including Safeway. At Safeway, I got a Kinder Joy egg.

Monday – On this day, I worked the closing shift. It was Memorial Day, which is a very important day on our calendar. The morning was really foggy, so I just stayed home and relaxed until it was time for me to go to work. Before going to work, I went to Starbucks, and I got an iced coffee. At work, I took some cute selfies with some really nice plants as the background. Memorial Day is considered in the unofficial kickoff to summer

Thanks for reading about my weekend! – Christina Epperly

My review of Starbuck’s chocolate java mint frappuccino

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m excited to be writing this post because I very much enjoy doing food and drink reviews! Yesterday, I saw a post from Starbucks about their latest frappuccino drink. It looked good, but I didn’t know that it was available yet. However, when I was ordering from the Starbucks app later in the day, I was very happy to see that it was available! It had been a while since I had last had a frappuccino, but I have to say that this one was definitely worth having. It is very chocolaty, but it has a great balance of mint and chocolate flavors! If you love chocolate and mint together, you will probably love this! Also, this frappuccino is very photogenic. I loved the way it looks on camera. It is safe to say that I recommend trying this frappuccino!

Thanks for reading this review! – Christina Epperly

Hello, sunshine. My weekend in review

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I’m happy to say that there was finally some sun this weekend! I’m truly a California girl,I want sunshine in every season. I also went shopping at Walgreens, and I went to Candy store that I had never been to before. I’m excited to tell you more about it, so let’s get to it!

Friday – I worked the evening shift on this day. Before work, I went to Starbucks and the camdy store.After work, I went to Safeway to stock up on food. While I was there, I saw that there were some Barbie Valentine’s Day cards on sale, so I got those. I also got two kinder joy eggs. That were themed for Easter. I haven’t opened them yet, but I’m excited to see what toys I got.

Saturday  – I also worked the evening shift on this day. However, before work, I went on a few adventures. The first place I went was Walgreens. I bought a few fun things at Walgreens, including new earbuds, a container of Valentines Day toys, a Pez dispenser, and a surprise plush toy. After Walgreens, we went to Pet Co, then Starbucks. Coffee is always a highlight of my day. After all of that we went to the park for a walk. It was a really nice day. I also went down the slide at the playground . Then it was time to go to work. Work went well. I love being around all the beautiful plants. That night, I made pasta for dinner. I was a good Saturday.

Sunday – I had the day off today. I started the day off by going to get coffee and a doughnut before going to church. It had been I few weeks since I went to church, so it felt good to be back in church. After church we went to get more coffee before going to meet my sister for lunch. For lunch, we went to this pizza place that I had never been to before. I had pasta and veggies . I really enjoyed it. I also got a toy from a vending machine at the restaurant. After lunch, we walked around, and we found a cute spot to take a family picture. As we were walking around town, I saw a candy store, and I had to check it out. I got candy and two rings. I also got a really good picture of me on this huge chair that they had in the candy store. It was a good way to end the weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Rock on – Christina Epperly      

Blogmas day 12, an after church event, a new hair bow, and Trader Joe’s

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Yesterday, I attended a fun event at my church after Sunday service. The event was called Christmas around the world. There was food and activities inspired by different countries. I was helping out with the poinsettia pinwheel craft. I made one, and I also decorated an ornament with stickers! In the afternoon, I went into town to do a few things. There were some highlights from my errands in town. At Walgreens, I got this super cute Christmas themed hair bow along is a bunch of skittles in a plastic candy cane. I also got to go to Trader Joe’s. It had been a while since I had been there. I had seen pictures of some of their seasonal treats, and I really wanted to see what seasonal items were at my local store. I ended up getting two seasonal treats from Trader Joe’s. One was a candy cane, and the other was a container of candy cane chocolate covered almonds. The almonds were so good that I would definitely get them again. I haven’t had the candy cane yet, but I have a feeling it will be good. After all that, I got Starbucks! It was a pretty good day.

Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Blogmas day 11 a craft faire and a coffee shop

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Yesterday I went to a local craft faire. I haven’t been to this event in a long time, so I was very excited that I got the chance to go yesterday morning. I was glad that the craft faire was inside because it was a rainy day. There were a lot of different vendors at the craft faire. I was excited when I saw a bunch of cute ornaments. I was even more excited when I found out that you could choose one and have it personalized. I chose a cat and had my name and the year put on it. Another thing that really caught my eye was a bunch of beautiful soaps. I was happy that there was soap that had toys inside. I got one soap that had a cat shaped toy inside and another that had a whale inside. I walked around a little more at the craft faire, and t I got one more item before it was time to leave. I this this very cute owl plush ornament. I have it sitting on the dresser next to my bed, and I love it so much. After the craft faire, we went home for a little bit before I had to go into town for work. I had some time before my shift started, so I spent some time at a nearby coffee shop. It was raining most of the day, so the coffee shop was the perfect place to hang out before work. I got a coffee and a reindeer shaped cookie at the coffee shop. After the coffee shop, I walked to work. Work went well, and after my shift, I went back home and had a nice night in.

Thanks for reading about my Saturday fun!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Blogmas day 10 Two trips to Starbucks and fun at the toy store.

Hello,my bucket list, friends! Welcome to the 10th day of blogmas! Yesterday, I went to Starbucks twice, and I also got two fun items at the toy store. I can’t wait to tell you more about it, so let’s get to it. My first trip to Starbucks was before I went to work. I got a sugar cookie almond milk latte. That drink has become one of my go-to Starbucks drinks lately. After that I still had time before work so I decided to go to the toy store. I was planning on getting another play foam pals toy. I didn’t see any at first, but then I saw that they had a few left. I got an orange colored one. I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m excited to see what toy is inside the foam. At the toy store, they were having a sale on advent calendars. They were 40% off. I decided to get this one that had 12 ornaments in it that you color. After the toy store, I went to work. My work day went well, and then I went home. However, when I was close to being home, I realized that I had left my toy store bag at work. I went back to work, and I was happy that I didn’t leave it outside. I had left it on a table inside. After I got my bag. I went to Starbucks again. I want to get my my something to say thank you to my mom for taking me back to work. I also got myself a peppermint mocha and a snowman cookie. It was a good way to end the day.

Thanks for reading!!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Just another great weekend in California

Hello, my bucket list friends! In my last post I talked about what I did during my weekdays now it is time to talk about what I did during my weekend. Sometimes I include Friday in these posts but since I already covered Friday in the post I just mentioned ( You can read it HERE) I will only be talking about Saturday and Sunday in this post. Without anymore introduction it is time to get to it!

Saturday – Looking through my pictures of what I did this day I remember that I tried a candy that I got at Whole Foods the day before. I’m going to do a separate post reviewing this item but I will say that it was really good. I’m happy to say that on this day I went to Starbucks and then went for a walk in the park with my coffee, my mom and the neighbor’s dog. It was a very beautiful day and I was  happily surprised to see that the park was not busy. I climbed to the top of the playground and then went down the slide. I posted the video of me going down the slide on my Instagram my user name is summerrockstar if you want to see it. After the park I went to CVS. I love that CVS sells Claire’s products. I got a set of three Claire’s bracelets plus a bunch of other great items including a TY plush toy, a magazine about animals, hair bows, and peppermint candy. After my little shopping spree I waited in the car with the dog while my mom bought birdseed at another store in the shoppingcenter. While I was in the car I posted on BE Real. I took a picture of my new TY plush sitting on the dashboard. I was very happy with my Be Real post for the day. After that it was time to head back home. After relaxing at the house for a while, we went to go visit a family member. On the way there we stopped at a store where I got this super cute gingerbread cookie. It was a pretty great day!

Sunday – This day was pretty relaxed overall however I did do a cute mouse suncatcher craft kit and we also went into town to do some errands. I happy to say that yes these errands included Starbucks. When I went to pick up the drinks that I had ordered at Starbucks, I saw that they had accidently made one of the drinks  I had ordered iced instead of hot. Not only were they super cool about remaking it they let me keep the iced one too.  I’m actually drinking that iced one right now as I write this! Our other errands were Petco, Trader Joes and Safeway. At Trader Joes I got a snack that I had never seen before. I can’t wait to try it and do a review on it and at Safeway I got a cupcake that had three butterfly rings on top! It was a pretty easy going day but I enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading! I hope all of you had great weekends! 

Rock On- Christina Epperly          


Review of Trader Joe’s coffee lovers espresso beans

Hello, my bucket list friends! It’s time for another fun food review. Trader Joe’s is good at providing fun things for me to review. I got this item on Sunday I saw it up at the register and since I’m a coffee lover I knew I had to try this. I liked that beans were different flavors and that they didn’t all look the same. I loved this sweet snack it was the perfect mix of coffee and chocolate. It took me about two days to finish the small bag but it could take longer if you spread it out a bit more than I did. I highly recommend trying this if you are a coffee lover!

Thanks for reading this food review

Rock On – Christina Epperly

My latest Goodwill haul and a trip to Starbucks!

Hello, my bucket list friends! Yesterday I was able to go thrift shopping at one of my favorite goodwill locations. Although I did not get a big haul I got a few things that I’m rather excited about. My most favorite thing is a Barbie puzzle from 2009. I put it together yesterday and it has all the pieces yay!! I also got this TY beanie boo backpack that is super cute and I’m so happy I found it ! Another one of my highlights from this trip were two My Little ponies that were reproductions Of generation one of the My Little Pony toys. I also got a book that looks like it’s gonna be a super fun read. Oh I also found this really cool My Little Pony water bottle! As almoat always after a thrift shopping trip I’m very happy and excited to have some new things in my collection. After my thrift shopping trip I went to Starbucks Where I got caramel macchiato and a bagel. It was nice to relax in Starbucks for a little while before I went to run some other errands! Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

Rainy day,painting and coffee

Hello, my bucket list friends! Yesterday, I took a mental health day. This is a perfect time to say that mental health days are very important and it is important to take them. Anyways,I had a chance to paint yesterday. I decided to paint a firework inspired painting. I loved all the colors I used. I’m happy with this painting. My other highlights included taking bath with two bath bombs and going to Starbucks for coffee. I got a vanilla latte it was amazing! I love coffee so much! I hope you are all taking care of your mental health. Thanks for reading!

Rock On- Christina Epperly