4th of July 2018

Hello , my bucket list friends ! We just had Summer’s major holiday , The 4th of July .

I had a fun time celebrating with my family and I can’t wait to share it with all of you !

Here we go .

4th of July 2018

One of my favorite things to do on the fourth of July is to go to our local minor league baseball game and that is what we did this year .I have gone to the 4th of July game many times over the years and I think my favorite part has always been the beautiful fireworks show that is put on after the game . This year they did a really amazing show but I’m getting ahead of myself . I went to the game this year with my parents and my sister . One of my other favorite things about the fourth of July game is that you get a little american flag for free on your way into the ball park . We started off our ballpark adventure by getting some dinner . I had veggie burger it was really good . This year was really awesome because when I was dancing I finally got to be on the big TV ! I’ve been trying to get on there for a while and this year it finally happened ! The fireworks show was really good this year ! I mean it always is but this year’s was even better than expected !

Rock on – Christina Epperly


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