My summer adventures during the first week of July 2023!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I am still trying to get caught up with my blog posts! I’ve had some fun days in July, including celebrating July 4th. I can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures during the first 7 days of July, so let’s get to it.

July 1st – On this day, I worked the opening shift. before my shift, my dad and I went on some errands, including going to Trader Joes, where I got some cucumber melon mints. After that, my dad dropped me off near my work. My plan was to go to my favorite local thrift store before my shift. However, it turned out that the thrift store was closed for the July 4th weekend, so I decided to go to the toy store instead. At the toy store, I got some fun items, including a craft kit and stickers. I also got this fun wooden toy that looks like an ice-cream sundae. After the toy store, I walked to the coffee shop, and then I went to work. After work, I went to Starbucks, the park, and Safeway. At Safeway, I got a Hot Wheels car and two juice drinks that come with toys. At home that day, I did some of a word search that was in the American Girl book that I got at a Goodwill in Connecticut, and that was my first day of July 2023.

July 2nd – This day, I worked the closing shift. I started my day off by getting coffee and going to church. After church, I went home for a while, and I tried a new coke flavor. ( I will do post reviewing it) I left early for work, and I went to Starbucks, the park, and the candy store before starting my shift. At the candy store, I got some bubblegum cigarettes they have become my favorite kind of bubble gum, and those were my highlights for the day.

    July 3rd – Today was another work day, but I worked the morning shift. My biggest highlight of the day was getting a Pez dispenser at Walgreens.  

July 4th – I had this day off, and I was very excited to celebrate Independence Day. I dressed up for the day, but I wanted to get some more things, including necklaces. I went to a local party supply store where I got some fun things such as necklaces and buttons. I also got a new TY Beanie Baby. There was also a trip to Starbucks and the park before going back home and then leaving again. We went to a local baseball stadium to celebrate the 4th. We got some good food and watched a movie before watching the fireworks show. My favorite food I got there was a pretzel. The fireworks were awesome!! Plus, we were sitting in a really good spot . It was a really good show and a really good 4th of July.

July 5th – Today’s highlight was getting Starbucks oh and I also joined Threads!

July 6th – I will make this simple. Today’s highlights were getting Panera Bread and eating it in the park and then going to the candy store to get more bubble gum cigarettes. 

July 7th – After work, my friend picked me up, and we went to Walmart. I got some bath bombs and Barbie blind bag toys. It was the start of another great sleepover! 

Thanks for reading about some of my July fun! – Christina Epperly

One four day weekend and one regular weekend!

Hello, my bucket list friends! It looks like I’ve fallen behind on my weekend blog posts,so the best thing to do in a time like this is to combine the posts! That’s right my friends in this post I will be covering what I did this weekend plus what I did over the long 4th of July weekend. I have a lot to cover in this post so let’s get to it!

Fourth of July weekend

Friday – After work on Friday, I went thrift shopping at Savers. I had a coupon and I was excited to use it. When I went to the store I was disappointed to see that there were not many dolls there. However, I still manged to find some fun things that I was excited to welcome to my collection. My favorite item I got was this American Girl puzzle set that comes with a frame to put the puzzle in. Some of my other favorites from this thrift ship adventure include a pair of Old Navy shorts, a squishy plush owl from TY, a Disney mug from the Allstar Sports resort, and a unicorn from Build a Bear Workshop that had a cute outfit on. It was a good way to start off this long weekend. On Saturday I went to Starbucks and the Dollar Tree. At the Dollar Tree I got a set of 4th of July magnets and a pop bracelet that I’m actually wearing right now. On Saturday evening I went with my parents to see Point of Grace in concert. The concert was in a beautiful venue that was in the middle of a bunch of redwood trees. The concert was great! I’m so glad we got to go and see it. Sunday was the day before the 4th of July. I went to Starbucks of course. I also went to Safeway. At Safeway I got one of my favorite things. Candy that comes with a toy inside. On July 4th I started my celebration by doing a July 4th craft kit. My mom and I went to a local park that was having a 4th of July celebration. We road the train that they have there. We also listened to an orchestra that was performing at the park. My work was also was closed on the 5th so I had an extra day to sleep in and take it easy. I took a bath with two bath bombs and I went to vist my horse friend Dominic. It was a pretty awesome long weekend.

Normal two day weekend. – Last weekend was a pretty normal and a pretty relaxed weekend. On Friday after work I went to Target. My main goal at Target was to get bath bombs. I got four bath bombs that had prizes inside. I also got another Barbie doll for my collection. When Saturday came I didn’t have any solid plans but I did end up going to Starbucks, Yogurtland, and a local park. It had been a while since I went to Yogurtland. I was happy to go again. When we got to the park I was surprised to see that it was not very crowded. I walked with my mom and Axle ( a super cute dog) then I went to the playground to go down the slide. On Sunday I decided to use two of the bath bombs I got from Target. I also drew my summer picture that day. It was a simple but an overall enjoyable weekend.

Rock On- Christina Epperly

4th of July 2018

Hello , my bucket list friends ! We just had Summer’s major holiday , The 4th of July .

I had a fun time celebrating with my family and I can’t wait to share it with all of you !

Here we go .

4th of July 2018

One of my favorite things to do on the fourth of July is to go to our local minor league baseball game and that is what we did this year .I have gone to the 4th of July game many times over the years and I think my favorite part has always been the beautiful fireworks show that is put on after the game . This year they did a really amazing show but I’m getting ahead of myself . I went to the game this year with my parents and my sister . One of my other favorite things about the fourth of July game is that you get a little american flag for free on your way into the ball park . We started off our ballpark adventure by getting some dinner . I had veggie burger it was really good . This year was really awesome because when I was dancing I finally got to be on the big TV ! I’ve been trying to get on there for a while and this year it finally happened ! The fireworks show was really good this year ! I mean it always is but this year’s was even better than expected !

Rock on – Christina Epperly