Rainy days with spots of sun

Hello, my bucket list, friends! As some of you may know, I’m a lifelong resident of the state of California. A state that is known for its beautiful sunny weather. Well, lately, it was not living up to that reputation. It has been a very rainy 2023 for California. Don’t get me wrong, we need the rain. California has had a problem with not getting enough rain, so rain is a good thing. However, the amount of rain we have been getting lately has been causing some serious problems all over the state. These problems include mudslides, power outages, flooding, and road closures. It has been a little scary, but so far, the worst things I’ve experienced with this storm are some pot holes and a power outage. Even with all the rain, there have been some bright moments this year, and I thought it would be fun to write a blog post about them, so let’s get to it.

My Spots of sunshine during the rain

Animal friends – I have gotten to spend time with some of my favorite animal friends lately. Including dogs and ponies! I’ll post some very cute  posts of my animal friends in this blog post. Enjoy the cuteness! 

Fun shopping finds – I’ve gotten some fun things on my trips to the grocery stores. My favorite things that I have gotten lately are a basketball kinder egg, a very cute Valentine’s Day bear Pez dispenser, and a tin of mints from Trader Joes.  

Lisa Frank art kit – I had a great time making a kaleidoscope with a vintage Lisa Frank art kit ( You can read about it HERE )  

New pen and notebook – On a quick trip to Office Depot, I got a new pen and notebook. They are both blue, and I’m excited to use them both this year.

Lots of coffee – I’ve gotten to go to Starbucks a lot so far this year. It is my favorite place to get coffee, and it is the perfect thing to bring my comfort on a rainy day.

Going on walks during the rain breaks – I’m happy to say that there have been plenty of breaks in the rainfall. During those breaks, one of the best things you can do is it go for a walk. I’ve gotten to go on a good amount of walks lately, and I’ve enjoyed them except for getting some water in my shoes!

Thank you for reading about the bright spots during the rainy days!

Rock on – Christina Epperly



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  1. Here’s to many animal friends Christina. Love it. I also love rainy walks sometimes for the sheer peace and quiet of the experience. May be a little messy but you encounter few if any humans on these soggy sojourns.

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