I built a kaleidoscope with a vintage Lisa Frank art kit

Hello, my bucket list, friends! It’s time for a blog post about a really awesome art kit! I got this art kit as a gift, and I love it. My top three favorite things I love about this kit are 1. It’s Lisa Frank brand 2. It’s a kaleidoscope, and I have never had a kaleidoscope art kit before 3. As far as I can tell, this kit is from the 1990s,and since I was born in 1990, it’s a nostalgic time period for me. It took me two days to finish this kit. I didn’t realize that you need tape for this kit so the first time I worked on this kit I chose the items that I wanted to put it the small container that goes at the end of the kaleidoscope. The kit came with beads and a colorful string. However, I ended up just putting some of the beds into the container because the container would not close correctly with all the beads inside. I decided to leave out the string and some of the beads. I hope to my leftover items on another project. There was also a part of the kaleidoscope that had to be tapped together and put inside. Once I had tape, that was a pretty easy thing to do. When it came to the outside of the kaleidoscope, there were four pieces of paper that you could hose from to cover the outside with. They had different designs on them. The kaleidoscope was big enough to fit one paper of each size. I chose to do the horse and roses. I used the markers that came in the kit to color the pictures. I made the pictures very colorful because when I think of Lisa Frank, colorful is one of the first words that comes to mind. Since the makers had been in the kit for a long time, some of them were a little bit dried up, but all of them worked well enough. After I put all the parts of the kaleidoscope together and colored the pictures. The last thing I had to do was tape the pictures on the outside of the kaleidoscope. Once that was done, I had a beautiful Lis Frank kaleidoscope.

Thanks for read about this art kit adventure!

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