painting lamas !

Hello, my bucket list, friends! I love art kits, so I wanted to write a quick post telling you about my latest art kit adventure. On Monday, I had the day off, so I had time to open one of the many art kits that I have. This kit was one of my favorite kinds of art kits. It is a simple painting art kit. This kit came with two lamas , two sets of paint, and two paint brushes. I had a fun time painting the lamas. I made them pretty colorful, and I love how both of them look.

Thanks for reading about my art kit fun – Christina Epperly

A decoupage art kit and a trip to Target

Hello, my bucket list, friends! While the summer months are pretty jammed packed with adventure, these next few months are pretty slow. However, I’m pretty good at finding things to blog about. Anyways, on Wednesday I had the day off, and I did two fun things. The first thing I want to talk about is the decoupage art kit that I got from The Goodwill in Connecticut. I have had this kit since June, and I have been wanting to use it for a while. I finally used it and I have to say I loved doing decoupage and I want to do it again. The cat that I made with the kit turned out super cute, and I want to do another kit like this one, but I have not seen many of them around. The second thing I did on Wednesday that I wanted to talk about was that I went to Target. One of the main reasons that I wanted to go to Target was to get a new Barbie color reveal doll. When I was at Target, I debated if I should get one or two color reveal dolls.  I decided to get one doll and a Barbie activity kit. Some other fun things I got were two pairs of socks, a pencil pouch, and a bath bomb with a prize inside. I also got two Kinder Joy eggs. The Kiner Joy eggs I got were a part of the National Parks series. I had not seen those kind in a while so I looked and I saw that they were expired. I still wanted the toys that were in them, so I asked for and got a discount on them. After my Target fun, I got coffee before going home. It was a pretty great day off.

Thanks for reading – Christina Epperly     

My summer 2023 drawing!

Hello, my bucket list friends! For a while now I have been drawing a yearly summer picture in celebration of my favorite season. Earlier this month I drew this year’s picture. Most of my pictures are colorful and fun and this year’s drawing is no different. I love that this picture is full of smiles and animals. Some of the things in the picture like the boat represent things that I did this summer. I wonder what next summer’s picture will look like.

Thanks for reading about this years summer picture! – Christina Epperly

Sun catcher art kit fun!!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Yesterday, I painted three of the four sun catchers that were in the art kit that I recently bought at Walgreens. I love the summer theme of this art kit. I had fun painting all three of them, but my favorite one to paint was the beach ball. I love doing simple art kits like this. I wonder what art kit I will do next.

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Rock On- Christina Epperly

Two fun art kits and more designs in my Red Bubble store!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Yesterday, I did two art kits that were both from Walmart. One of them I got on Sunday, the other one I had gotten a while ago. The first one I did was a simple color, your own magnet kit. The magnet in this kit was shaped like a rainbow that had a cloud at each end. The kit came with three markers, but I wanted to use all the colors of the rainbow was I also used some markers that I already had. I really love simple craft kits like this. They are relaxing and fun. After the rainbow, I opened up the second art kit. This kit was a paint your own sun catcher kit that was in the shape of an owl. I enjoyed doing this art kit as well, but I wish it would have come with some brighter colors of paint. I will probably buy more art kits from Walmart in the future. Now, for the second part of this blog post. I’m really excited to say that I have been adding more designs to my Red Bubble store lately. I have gotten into doing digital art, and I have been inspired by the store that I work in, so you can expect to see some houseplant inspired based designs. Click HERE to see my store!

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Rock On – Christina Epperly

Trying juicy pear water and making art with a wonderful craft kit

Hello, my bucket list! Today, I have another drink review, plus I also opened this vary large craft kit that has been sitting in my room for a while. I am excited to tell you about it, so let’s get to it!

Jelly Belly juicy pear sparkling water

I got this water at CVS last Saturday. I have had Jelly Belly’s waters before, but I had not tried the juicy pear flavor. I was excited to try a new flavor. I tried this drink yesterday and I really like it. It tastes like drinking a juicy pear jelly bean, but without the sugar. I would definitely buy this flavor again. I really enjoyed the taste.

Paint kit

Last year I won this huge paint kit at a raffle. I had not gotten around to opening it up, so I decided that yesterday was the day! This kit came with so much paint! It also came with a lot of different ceramics that you could choose to paint. I painted the cupcake and then the rainbow. I had a lot of fun painting both of them. I’m really glad that I decided to open this art kit yesterday. I love my colorful rainbow and cupcake!

Thanks for reading about my latest adventures!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

I painted a cute bunny !

Hello,my bucket list, friends! I’m writing this quick blog post to tell you about the fun craft kit I did on Tuesday. I had the day off, and I got in a creative mood. I looked through my craft kits, and I decided to do craft a kit from the Dollar Tree. This craft kit was one where you paint a ceramic sculpture. In this case, the sculpture was shaped like a bunny. This kit came with three paint colors and a small paint brush. I started by using the yellow paint, but I ended up mixing the blue and yellow paint to make green. Green is my favorite color, so I decided to make my bunny mostly green, but I did keep some yellow, and I used red on the ears. I like the way my bunny looks.

Thanks for reading about this fun project!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

I built a kaleidoscope with a vintage Lisa Frank art kit

Hello, my bucket list, friends! It’s time for a blog post about a really awesome art kit! I got this art kit as a gift, and I love it. My top three favorite things I love about this kit are 1. It’s Lisa Frank brand 2. It’s a kaleidoscope, and I have never had a kaleidoscope art kit before 3. As far as I can tell, this kit is from the 1990s,and since I was born in 1990, it’s a nostalgic time period for me. It took me two days to finish this kit. I didn’t realize that you need tape for this kit so the first time I worked on this kit I chose the items that I wanted to put it the small container that goes at the end of the kaleidoscope. The kit came with beads and a colorful string. However, I ended up just putting some of the beds into the container because the container would not close correctly with all the beads inside. I decided to leave out the string and some of the beads. I hope to my leftover items on another project. There was also a part of the kaleidoscope that had to be tapped together and put inside. Once I had tape, that was a pretty easy thing to do. When it came to the outside of the kaleidoscope, there were four pieces of paper that you could hose from to cover the outside with. They had different designs on them. The kaleidoscope was big enough to fit one paper of each size. I chose to do the horse and roses. I used the markers that came in the kit to color the pictures. I made the pictures very colorful because when I think of Lisa Frank, colorful is one of the first words that comes to mind. Since the makers had been in the kit for a long time, some of them were a little bit dried up, but all of them worked well enough. After I put all the parts of the kaleidoscope together and colored the pictures. The last thing I had to do was tape the pictures on the outside of the kaleidoscope. Once that was done, I had a beautiful Lis Frank kaleidoscope.

Thanks for read about this art kit adventure!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

Blogmas day 14 Painting snowflakes

Hello, my bucket list, friends! It is time for another blogmas post about an art project. I have only done one post about an art project for blogmas so far, so I decided to do another. I had a cute craft kit that I had got from Target that had three wooden snowflakes that you can paint. One thing that I really liked about this kit was that it came with two paint brushes and a good amount of paint colors. When it came time to paint the snowflakes, I didn’t have much of an idea of how I was going to paint the snowflakes. The first snowflakes I painted the first snowflake really simply. I only used two colors, and I did not do any fancy designs. With the other two snowflakes, I did dots on both. I love painting dots when I do art projects. I love the way all three snowflakes turned out. I wonder what art project I will do next.

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Rock On – Christina Epperly

Painting a colorful birdhouse

Hello, my bucket list friends! I hope your week has gotten off to a great start. Yesterday, I had the day off so I decided to do one of my favorite things. I did an art kit. I have quite a few art kits that I have not completed yet so yesterday I chose a simple birdhouse painting kit. There where three paint colors included in this kit but I decided to also used some other paint that I had. In addition to that I decided to use a set of paint brushes that I had instead of using the small on that came with the kit. I wanted to make my house very colorful I also wanted to include dots on my birdhouse because there is something that is both fun and relaxing about painting dots. I really liked the size of this bird house. It wasn’t huge but it was large enough that I could spread out the colors. I made a video of me painting the bird house . You can find the video on my Instagram page my username is summerrockstar. Doing this art kit remined me that I need to do more of the art kits that I have in my room. I not only have fun doing them they are good for my mentle health as well. I’m really happy with how this project turned out!

Thanks for reading about this art project!

Rock On- Christina Epperly