Things I love September 2022

Hello,my bucket list friends! I’m truly amazed at how fast this year has gone by. How are we in October right now ?? Anyways it’s time to look back at the adventures I had in September of 2022.

Spending Labor day weekend in Idaho – Early on in the month I went to Idaho for a family reunion. It was so much fun! (You can read about it HERE)

Winning an American Girl doll – I won an American Girl doll at a raffle this month! I’m so happy that I won her! ( You can read about it HERE)

Lots of thrift shopping – As I looked Through my pictures so I could actually remember what I did this month I was surprised to see all the thrift shopping I did. I mean I know I usually do a good amount of thrift shopping each month but it seems like I did more then I normally do. You can read about some of it HERE, HERE and HERE

Shopping at the Dollar Tree with my friend – I had not seen my friend since June it was so good to see her again and we got to go to the Dollar Tree together! ( You can read about it HERE. )

Having a weekend sleepover with my friend – I also had a whole weekend with my friend this month we needed to make up for not seeing each other for so long! ( You can read about it HERE)

Going to a new Target store – On the Friday of the weekend I spent with my friend. There was a special opening of a new Target location! I had so much fun exploring it! ( You can read about it HERE)

Writing articles for Vocal Media- I’m happy to say I wrote posts on Vocal Media this month! ( if you want to take a look just click HERE, HERE and HERE.)

Thanks for reading about this month’s highlights!

Rock On – Christina Epperly


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