I spent the weekend dressed like Alice Cooper

Hello,my bucket list friends! This is one of thoes what I did this weekend blog posts but with a little twist as you can see from the title. For a long time I’ve been wanting to do a blog post where I dressed like Alice Cooper. I finally decided to do it. I put together two outfits based on Alice’s style. If you would like to you can check out the pintrest board that I used for inspiration HERE . The first outfit was basically leather themed well fake leather in my case. I got the leather look jeans and leather look jack from poshmark. I had the shirt and the boots already and the necklace also came from poshmark. I have a lot of photos on my Pintrest board of Alice in outfits very similar to this one. I also got black gloves for this outfit but I forgot to wear them on Saturday. I really liked the way I looked in this outfit. The tall boots and leather look gave me a big confidence boost! We had a few things planned for the day and I was excited. The frist stop of the day was Starbucks where someone complimented me on my boots. The next stop was a pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch was the kind that had activities as well as pumpkins. My mom and I chose to do the hayride and the corn maze. The hay ride didn’t actually have any hay on it but that was fine with me. The ride was relaxing and it was a good amount of time. Next we went to the corn maze. The maze was pretty large and it took a while to get through. During the corn maze I took of my jacket because it was getting really warm. When we made it out of the corn maze we went to get pumpkins. There were so many different pumpkins to choose from. I got a few different pumpkins but my favorite pumpkin I got was actually two pumpkins attached together. I also got a bag of taffy at the pumpkin patch because I was pretty hungry after walking through that corn maze. After out great pumpkin patch adventure we went to Michael’s to get some things to decorate our pumpkins with. I did get some jewel stickers for my pumpkin but I also got some other things to make different projects with including stamps, beads, and a craft kit. It had been a busy day but it was not over yet. We also went to the hardware store and Whole Foods. I kept my jacket off during this time because it was a pretty warm day. After doing all the things I mentioned above we went home for a little bit before going to a family member’s house for game night. When we took a break from our game to eat I went outside and did a self timer photo shoot. I love the way the photos turned out. I would use these photos as my album cover if I ever have an album!

On Sunday I dressed in another Alice Cooper inspired outfit but this one was very different from the day before. As I looked at pictures of Alice Cooper for this project I noticed there were a good amount of photos of him in these tall leppard print boots. From what I could tell he usually had on a white outfit with the boots. I also found some photos of him in a leppard print jacket and pants. I decided to combine the two outfits and this is how it looked.

As you can see it is a little more daring then the other outfit but I still liked this outfit. We had a lot of errands to run on Sunday so this outfit made its way around town. My favorite part of this outfit is the boots but they did keep sliding down. This whole outfit is very different then what I would normally have on to do Sunday errands but I wasn’t uncomfortable. I felt good in this outfit over all. While at Trader Joe’s I got a new flavor of popcorn that I can’t wait to review! It was a pretty good weekend and I want to do another blog post like this sometime!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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