I spent the weekend dressed like Alice Cooper

Hello,my bucket list friends! This is one of thoes what I did this weekend blog posts but with a little twist as you can see from the title. For a long time I’ve been wanting to do a blog post where I dressed like Alice Cooper. I finally decided to do it. I put together two outfits based on Alice’s style. If you would like to you can check out the pintrest board that I used for inspiration HERE . The first outfit was basically leather themed well fake leather in my case. I got the leather look jeans and leather look jack from poshmark. I had the shirt and the boots already and the necklace also came from poshmark. I have a lot of photos on my Pintrest board of Alice in outfits very similar to this one. I also got black gloves for this outfit but I forgot to wear them on Saturday. I really liked the way I looked in this outfit. The tall boots and leather look gave me a big confidence boost! We had a few things planned for the day and I was excited. The frist stop of the day was Starbucks where someone complimented me on my boots. The next stop was a pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch was the kind that had activities as well as pumpkins. My mom and I chose to do the hayride and the corn maze. The hay ride didn’t actually have any hay on it but that was fine with me. The ride was relaxing and it was a good amount of time. Next we went to the corn maze. The maze was pretty large and it took a while to get through. During the corn maze I took of my jacket because it was getting really warm. When we made it out of the corn maze we went to get pumpkins. There were so many different pumpkins to choose from. I got a few different pumpkins but my favorite pumpkin I got was actually two pumpkins attached together. I also got a bag of taffy at the pumpkin patch because I was pretty hungry after walking through that corn maze. After out great pumpkin patch adventure we went to Michael’s to get some things to decorate our pumpkins with. I did get some jewel stickers for my pumpkin but I also got some other things to make different projects with including stamps, beads, and a craft kit. It had been a busy day but it was not over yet. We also went to the hardware store and Whole Foods. I kept my jacket off during this time because it was a pretty warm day. After doing all the things I mentioned above we went home for a little bit before going to a family member’s house for game night. When we took a break from our game to eat I went outside and did a self timer photo shoot. I love the way the photos turned out. I would use these photos as my album cover if I ever have an album!

On Sunday I dressed in another Alice Cooper inspired outfit but this one was very different from the day before. As I looked at pictures of Alice Cooper for this project I noticed there were a good amount of photos of him in these tall leppard print boots. From what I could tell he usually had on a white outfit with the boots. I also found some photos of him in a leppard print jacket and pants. I decided to combine the two outfits and this is how it looked.

As you can see it is a little more daring then the other outfit but I still liked this outfit. We had a lot of errands to run on Sunday so this outfit made its way around town. My favorite part of this outfit is the boots but they did keep sliding down. This whole outfit is very different then what I would normally have on to do Sunday errands but I wasn’t uncomfortable. I felt good in this outfit over all. While at Trader Joe’s I got a new flavor of popcorn that I can’t wait to review! It was a pretty good weekend and I want to do another blog post like this sometime!

Rock On- Christina Epperly

In love with my Tie-dye sweatshirt

Hello, my bucket list friends! Right now I’m wearing this Tie-dye sweatshirt that I got at a Goodwill in Utah back in June. Ever since I got it, it has become one of my favorite clothing items I own. I love it for a few reasons. Number one it is super colorful and happy looking. I love how bold and bright it is. The second thing about it that I love is that is so comfortable it’s like I’m wearing a cozy blanket. I looked through my photos to find pictures myself in this sweatshirt. I just have to say I love the way it looks in photos! I should keep an eye out for more Tie-dye items when I’m thrift shopping!

Rock On – Christina Epperly

bucket list #227 Get a reversible sequin shirt

Hello, my bucket list friends ! As you can tell by the the title of this post I crossed off my first bucket list item of 2020 ! It was pretty easy to cross off but I’m still very excited to tell you all about it. Here we go !


bucket list #227 Get a reversible sequin shirt

I love the reversible sequin trend ! I have seen this trend on pillows ,back packs and clothes . I really wanted to join in but most of the clothes that followed this trend were made for kids. I put it on my bucket list because I figured there just had to be a reversible sequin shirt in adult sizes somewhere. I turned to Amazon I figured it would be the best place to find what I was looking for. I found a few different styles to chose from. I ended up going with a pink shirt that had two cats on it. The cats are covered in sequins. ans they change colors when you move the sequins . I really like this shirt and I’m happy that I got it!  Rock on – Christina Epperly

pillows ,back packs and clothes . I really wanted to join in but most of the clothes that followed this trend were made for kids. I put it on my bucket list because I figured there just had to be a reversible sequin shirt in adult sizes somewhere. I turned to Amazon I figured it would be the best place to find what I was looking for. I found a few different styles to chose from. I ended up going with a pink shirt that had two cats on it. The cats are covered in sequins. ans they change colors when you move the sequins . I really like this shirt and I’m happy that I got it!

Disney’s 12 days of socks

Hello, my bucket list friends ! When I was in Disneyland this month ( you can read about it HERE and HERE) I got a 12 days of socks advent calendar! I thought it would be fun to share all the cute socks the advent calendar contained so let’s get to it ! 


Disney’s 12 days of socks

 Day 1 – Day one’s socks were printed with sugar cookies ! Including Mickey shaped cookies of course ! I had a hard time opening the windows to get the socks out so most of the time I just reached my hand in through the top of the box to get the socks out. Anyways day one’s socks were super cute and I loved wearing them ! 


    Day 2- All the socks in the calendar follow a food/ treat themes I was excited to see what sweet treat would be on day two’s socks. The next treat I got to wear on my feet was Mickey shaped cake pops and candy canes ! I love candy canes and Mickey Mouse. Day two’s socks were pretty awesome since they featured a double treat combo. 



Day 3 –  Day three’s socks were clear that this is the most yummiest time of the year! 



    Day 4 – Day four’s socks had one big sweet treat printed on them, a big Minnie Mouse ginger bread cookie ! I got a cookie similar to this when I was in Disneyland. When I look at this pair of socks I remember just how good that ginger bread cookie tasted ! 


               Day 5-  Day five’s socks were a fun combo of Mickey Mouse shaped peppermints and gumdrops. Two things that would be awesome to decorate a gingerbread house with. I really liked this pattern. I think it just might be one of my favorites ! 



Day 6- Day six’s socks had a big Minnie Mouse caramel apple on them. I’ve never really thought of a caramel apple as a Christmastime treat but the way that they look on this pair of socks make me think that caramel apples might just be a perfect treat for Christmastime.



Day 7-  Over half way through the 12 days of socks ! Day seven’s socks featured a traditional Christmas treat, hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream! Of course it was in a fun Mickey Mouse mug.  



Day 8 – Day eight’s socks looked like a baking sheet full of delicious Christmas Cookies !   



Day 9 –  Day nine brought a whole line up of sweet treats with hot chocolate , peppermints and cake pops ! 



Day 10 – I don’t remember at what point I started doing this but I was just pulling socks out of the box without trying to match them to the number . Day ten’s socks were some very cute Mickey Mouse ginger bread cookies ! 


Day 11- Now, day eleven’s socks were really full of fun ! Stripes,snowflakes and other cool things were featured on the socks .



Day 12 – The last socks I got from this fun advent calendar were very cute ! There was one big Mickey Mouse marshmallow pop on each sock ! This was the perfect pair of socks to end this really great advent calendar with ! 

Rock On – Christina Epperly 


Things I love Nov. 2019

Hello,my bucket list friends ! It’s time for another things I love post ! I have some fun things to write about for this post so let’s get to it !

Things I love Nov. 2019

Idaho state museum – On the first day of Nov. I got to explore a really cool museum. I loved the interactive exhibits! ( you can read more about it HERE)

Ridding a horse for the first time in years – I love horseback ridding but it had been a very long time since I last rode. When I was in Idaho I got the chance to get back on a horse again and it was amazing! ( you can read more about it HERE )

The American Girl store – I got to visit the American Girl store this month. They had a beautiful Christmas tree up in the store. I got new shoes for my doll Clover and a book for me !

Cat ear sweat shirt – I bought this for a blog post ( you can read it HERE) but it ended up being so cute and comfortable that it became one of my favorite things this month !

Cinnamon coke – When I first heard about this drink I really wanted to try it ! ( you can read my review HERE )

Rock On – Christina Epperly


Breaking Cosmopolitan’s rules

Hello, my bucket list friends! A few years ago I came across an article on cosmopolitan’s website listing items that adults should not wear. To sum up the article ( published on February 11th 2015 ) the author ( Charles Manning) stated that some things about dressing as an adult were pretty much universal .  The article goes on to say that there were certain items of clothes that gave the message that the adult who was wearing them would be seen as Silly, Juvenile , fussy and cheap among other things. You can check out the article for yourself HERE . As you may be able to tell I don’t agree with the article. I decided to choose five out of the ten items listed wear them myself and tell all of you what it was like to wear them. Before we dive in to my experiences with wearing these items,  I want to make something clear. I have nothing against the author of this article and would like to give him a shout out as a talented writer ! He has some great articles that he has written for Cosmopolitan Including this one and this one. I just don’t agree with this specific article and I decided to challenge it. Now with all that said here we go !


Breaking Cosmopolitan’s rules

Cat ear sweat shirt – The first item from the list that I decided to wear was the cat ear sweat shirt . Cat ear sweat shirts are normal sweat shirts with cat ears attached to the hood. Yes, these are popular with children but there is no reason why they can’t be popular with adults as well. I bought my cat ear sweat shirt from amazon. It was very easy to find this style of sweat shirt in adult sizes. I had a few different styles to chose from. I ended up choosing a pink sweat shirt that no only had the ears but also had a cat face printed on the front of it. The sweat shirt was very comfy and cute. After wearing it at my house I wore it on a walk with my mom. I did have to take it off during the walk because I got warm. After our walk I met a friend we went to the movies and the candy store. My friend complemented me on the sweat shirt and I did not experience any negative feed back that I’m aware of. I really like this sweat shirt and I plan to wear it many more times !


Bows – The next item I chose to wear was a pair of shoes with bows on them.  I found a cute pair of leopard print flats with little bows on the front. I got this item at the Good Will there were a few other pairs of shoes with bows on them but I chose this one partly because I love leopard print and I want to add more of it my closet. Now, the shoes were a little small for me so they were on the uncomfortable side but other then that I loved them. I didn’t feel weird or awkward wearing them at all. I thought that these shoes were a nice touch to my outfit.


Rebel shirt – This next item I wore with the the bow shoes so I was breaking two rules in one outfit. That’s pretty rebellious if you ask me ! Now, I love graphic tees so I had no reservations about breaking this rule. After searching on Amazon I found this stylish lace top that said rebel since forever in big gold letters.  I knew that it would be the perfect shirt to break this rule with.  It was a cropped shirt so I put a camisole on under it. I liked the way the outfit turned out.


tutu socks – Even though I do remember having tutu socks as kid I think they are just fine for adults to wear. I got one pair of tutu socks from Amazon. They were the classic white tutu socks but they do come in other colors. I wore the tutu socks two days in a row but they really couldn’t be seen by others because my pants covered them.  They were very comfortable and I forgot that I was wearing a different kind of sock. I will totally wear these socks again.


Butterfly print – The last rule I decided to break was wearing butterfly print. I found a very cute butterfly print dress on amazon. My family had their Thanksgiving celebration a little earlier this year so more people could make it. I also had a work meeting later that evening. I knew that this dress would be perfect for both events. I really love the way the dress looked on me. It fit really well and it was very comfortable besides being a little on the long side. I loved the overall look and feel of this dress. I felt that the buttery print was artsy and not kid like at all. I will more than likely wear this dress again.


In conclusion have fun with your clothes and butterflies are awesome ! Rock On – Christina Epperly