My latest shopping fun 1/22

Hello, my bucket list friends! Shopping has been one of my favorite hobbies for years now! The past two days I’ve gotten to do some fun shopping and I wanted to share it with you. On Friday I went to a local toy store. I was happy to see that the store had some items on sale that were displayed towards the front of the store. From that display, I got a jar of bath bombs that have prizes inside. I’m excited to see what prizes are in the bath bombs. I love getting Breyer horses at this toy store. This time I got three small blind bag horses and a horse you can paint. I also got a sea animal art kit. I’ll let you know when I paint the horse! Yesterday, I went to the Goodwill. There were a lot of items to look at. I  was able to find some items that I was excited to  take home with me. Some of my favorite items that I got yesterday were a My Little Pony Monopoly board game, a Barbie doll that was wearing a very pretty dress,a Build a Bear brand bunny plush, a twisty pet that was still in the package, a Lisa Frank coloring book, an American Girl activity book, a Barbie story book with stickers, and a lamp for my desk. It was a successful thrift shopping trip. I need to start working on my reading goal for this year maybe I will start with some of the books I got yesterday.

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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