Kinder Joy eggs Barbie edition

Hello, my bucket list friends! Welcome to a fun light hearted blog post! I believe that I will forever be young at heart! With that being said two of my favorite things are candy and toys and Kinder Joy eggs have both! A while ago I was so happy to see that Kinder had done a collaboration with Barbie. I got two eggs when I first saw them and recently I got three more of them while I was at Safeway. The prizes in the eggs have been awesome! I love the figures and other prizes. I took pictures of four of my prizes below! I highly recommend trying this candy if you never have!

Rock On – Christina Epperly


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7 thoughts on “Kinder Joy eggs Barbie edition

  1. In Canada we have Kinder surprises. I thought they were banned in the US. I haven’t seen Kinder Joy here so I’m guessing this is the equivalent of a kinder surprise?

    Kinder is the German word for children. Kindergarten = garden of children.

      1. If you ever get a chance to visit Canada, definitely try the kinder surprises. I would mail you kinder surprise but they’re banned in the US and they would probably confiscate it if I tried that. Better not chance it 😂 I’ll keep an eye out for Kinder Joys next time I’m in the US. I haven’t been to the states since February 2019 because of the covid restrictions.

        That’s a tough question! I don’t think I have a favorite but I really like Starbursts and Skittles if I had to choose. Both are bursting with fruity goodness. I used to make starburst bracelets with the wrappers in my Grade 10 history class. I hated history class and would occupy my time eating and making these cute starburst bracelets!

      2. There’s YouTube video tutorials on how to make the starburst bracelets. I know these bracelets look complicated, but they’re surprisingly easy to make. You’d be amazed what you can find on YouTube! 🙂

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