CVS,Target and other fun things!

Hello, my bucket list friends! This is just a post about my adventures this weekend. I like to start these posts with Friday. Yes, I know that technically Friday is not part of the weekend but it feels like it so I like to include it. Anyways, on Friday during my lunch break I walked to CVS. They had some cute Valentines day items available so I got a few including some cute stamps and a cup with a attached straw. Friday night was pretty relaxing. On Saturday I went to Target. I got two new Barbies for my collection. One of them was on sale for under 10 dollars! The other one can switch from mermaid hair to unicorn hair! Another thing I got was these Barbie surprise containers. One of them had a Barbie hair tie inside. I was really excited when I saw it. I got Starbucks on Saturday too!Target plus Starbucks equals a good day! I also went on two walks Saturday! The weather was so sunny and beautiful it almost felt like summer! Oh I also went to Safeway where I got some dinosaur shaped pasta. On Sunday I got Starbucks and I got gummy candy at trader Joe’s. I look forward to many fun weekends in the future!

Rock On- Christina Epperly


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