The long road to Idaho plus #69

Hello my bucket list friends ! I’m back from my great vacation but I have a lot to tell you about ! So let’s get to it !

The long road to Idaho

After a fun day In Reno it was time to continue on with out trip to Idaho . We woke up early and had breakfast before hitting the road . When we made it to Oregon we took pictures with the sign after that it was a whole lot of nothing and I mean nothing for a long time . East Oregon is not an exciting place but when we finally made it through we stopped and took pictures with the Idaho sign . Now the area around the Oregon sign was nice and clean but the area around the Idaho sign was a mess . There was trash all over . There was even an old pair or slippers ! After some more driving we made it to our destination ! After some rest we went out to dinner . Later that night I went with my mom and my grandma to Walmart I got some pretty cool stuff including a my little pony tooth brush and a beach towel .It was a good way to start off my summer Idaho trip .

#69 Go on a road trip with friends

Even though this was just a one way road trip since my mom and I flew back. It was still a pretty epic one . It had everything from waking up way earlier then anyone should to night time swims just before the pool closes . it was quite an adventure I mean I’m pretty sure we discovered one of the best rest stops ever . I loved sharing this road trip with three amazing people .

Rock on – Christina Epperly


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