The long road to Idaho plus #69

Hello my bucket list friends ! I’m back from my great vacation but I have a lot to tell you about ! So let’s get to it !

The long road to Idaho

After a fun day In Reno it was time to continue on with out trip to Idaho . We woke up early and had breakfast before hitting the road . When we made it to Oregon we took pictures with the sign after that it was a whole lot of nothing and I mean nothing for a long time . East Oregon is not an exciting place but when we finally made it through we stopped and took pictures with the Idaho sign . Now the area around the Oregon sign was nice and clean but the area around the Idaho sign was a mess . There was trash all over . There was even an old pair or slippers ! After some more driving we made it to our destination ! After some rest we went out to dinner . Later that night I went with my mom and my grandma to Walmart I got some pretty cool stuff including a my little pony tooth brush and a beach towel .It was a good way to start off my summer Idaho trip .

#69 Go on a road trip with friends

Even though this was just a one way road trip since my mom and I flew back. It was still a pretty epic one . It had everything from waking up way earlier then anyone should to night time swims just before the pool closes . it was quite an adventure I mean I’m pretty sure we discovered one of the best rest stops ever . I loved sharing this road trip with three amazing people .

Rock on – Christina Epperly

Road trip day one – The Reno adventure

Hello , my bucket list friends ! I’m currently on a great vacation ! I have a lot to write about so I’m going to be doing a few blog posts about this trip and here is the first one .

Road trip day one – the Reno adventure !

This past Friday my mom , my cousin and a friend started off on a road trip to Idaho . We started our trip off very early at about 4:30 am .Our plan was to spend the day in Reno and then go on to Idaho the next day . Before we got to Reno we came across the best rest stop that I have ever been to . There was a beautiful half mile hiking trail around it . It was fun to go hikeing at the rest stop .The good thing about leaving so early was we got to Reno without fighting traffic and we got there in time for breakfast . My mom found a really good breakfast place but unfortunately I couldn’t eat much of it before my stomach was hurting. After breakfast we had to walk to Walgreens to get somethings but the GPS gave us odd directions and we ended up walking down this Street in a bad part of town . It was pretty scary but pretty soon we were at Walgreens . Walgreens had a little souvenir section and I bought a snow globe ,a magnet and a shirt . After Walgreens we went to Circus circus I watched a little bit of the circus show then I went and played in the arcade . I played the same game that I played the last time I was there in 2014 . It’s the classic game where you try to throw balls in to floating bowls . My mom got one of the balls in for me and I got a cute lady bug stuffed animal . After that we all explored circus circus some more and went to one of the gift shops there then we started our hike back to the car . After we made it back to the car we drove to the hotel for some much-needed rest . After everyone had rested up we headed to Virginia City . We got there later in the day so a lot of stuff was closed but we went to the candy store , the popcorn/shaved ice place , and a cute store with a really nice owner and a really cute dog ! After our Virginia City adventure we had dinner at Olive garden and we went back to the hotel for some swimming in the indoor pool before calling it a night .

Rock on- Christina Epperly

Redding Road trip


Hello, my bucket list friends , This weekend I went on a little road trip a few hours north to Redding but it was more than just a road trip. The bay area has become very expensive and the traffic is awful  . So my parents and I are planing to move in a year or too . We decided to take a look at the Redding area to see if would be a good place to move to. I’m excited to tell you all about it so let’s get going !


Redding Road trip 2018

We left for Redding on saturday but before we could get on our way we had to drop off the cats at their hotel for the weekend . After that it was time to hit the road . After a nice long drive and stop or two along the way ,We made it to Redding . Once we were there we drove around for a while looking at the area that my parents are interested in . While looking around it really hit me that we were really going to be moving and I got upset thinking about leaving all my friends ,family and the amazing jobs that I have . I knew that as an adult I could stay if I wanted to but the cost would be too much to handle . After looking at houses for a while we went to Turtle bay exploration park . I was still in an emotional state but the park and the sundial bridge are beautiful and it helped to take my mind off things  . After being there for a while I felt better and I got some cool  souvenirs . After the park we went to the hotel to drop off our stuff before meeting some of my dad’s friends for dinner . We had an amazing dinner then we went back to the sundial bridge to see it at night ,The bridge was beautiful all lit up in blue but man was it cold outside . After a long day it was time to get some sleep . The next morning we started out by enjoying a great breakfast at the hotel . Then we checked out of the hotel and drove up to the beautiful Shasta Dam . We took a free tour of the dam and I just have to say the views from the dam are breath taking. After the tour it was time to get back on the road to go home . After visiting the Redding area I have to say that I really like it up there it is just going to be hard to leave everything that I know but I have a while until that happens . Overall I had a good time exploring Redding and it was nice to have a weekend away .

Rock on- Christina Epperly