Monterey and more

Hello, my bucket list, friends! On Saturday I went to Monterey. I walked on the beach and ate pasta on the Wharf. However, my favorite thing that I did was revisit the antique mall that I had been to once before. This place is full of fun things to look at, especially toys! There were so many hot wheels cars. I chose this fun yellow one, and I also saw lots of Barbie items. I ended up buying some Barbie gift tags, party invitations, and clothes. I also got two packs of Star Trek trading cards. It was a beautiful day there. Another fun thing I did was that I got a pressed penny on the Wharf. It was a fun day!

The other things I  feel like writing about ! I knew that I wanted to talk about Monterey in this post, but I also have a few other things on my mind, so I decided to add some random things to this post as well. Here we go!

I got some Kinder Joy Christmas eggs – I was so happy when I saw them while I was at Safeway. I wonder what toys I will get when I open them.

I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately . Sometimes, I get depression that sticks around for longer than just a day. I don’t like it when that happens, but it happens, and it’s been happening to me lately. I’ve also been more stressed than normal. The two probably have something to do with each other, but it’s hard to say which one came first. Also, I just found that I have three cavities in one tooth, so that is not helpful. However, I know that the best thing to do is to pray and keep moving forward, so that’s what I’m doing!

Thanks for reading this blog post ! – Christina Epperly


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