Two fun art kits and more designs in my Red Bubble store!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! Yesterday, I did two art kits that were both from Walmart. One of them I got on Sunday, the other one I had gotten a while ago. The first one I did was a simple color, your own magnet kit. The magnet in this kit was shaped like a rainbow that had a cloud at each end. The kit came with three markers, but I wanted to use all the colors of the rainbow was I also used some markers that I already had. I really love simple craft kits like this. They are relaxing and fun. After the rainbow, I opened up the second art kit. This kit was a paint your own sun catcher kit that was in the shape of an owl. I enjoyed doing this art kit as well, but I wish it would have come with some brighter colors of paint. I will probably buy more art kits from Walmart in the future. Now, for the second part of this blog post. I’m really excited to say that I have been adding more designs to my Red Bubble store lately. I have gotten into doing digital art, and I have been inspired by the store that I work in, so you can expect to see some houseplant inspired based designs. Click HERE to see my store!

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