My review of the Barbie color reveal sweet fruit series

Hello, my bucket list, friends! On Sunday, I got a new Barbie color reveal doll at Walmart. I love the Barbie color reveal dolls, so I get excited when a new series is released. At Walmart, I only saw one of the sweet fruit dolls. However, I was happy that there was one left for me. On Tuesday, I opened up my new color reveal doll. The first thing I noticed when I opened the doll was the way the doll was painted. Instead of just a solid color or a basic pattern, the dolls in this series are painted with pictures of fruit on top of a solid color. In these newer series of color reveal dolls, I have noticed that they have been making one of the dolls rare and sometimes giving that doll extra accessories. I did not get that doll, but I am happy with the doll I did get. I love that the doll I got has pink highlights in her hair. I also really like her watermelon printed outfit and her green necklace. I would definitely consider getting another doll in this series.

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