Another happy weekend blog post!

Hello, my bucket list, friends! It is time for another post about another weekend. I did work both days this weekend, but since I enjoy my work, it is fine with me. However, I am going to include Friday in this post, and I did have that day off. With that said, let’s get to it!

Friday – As I mentioned above, I did not have work on this day. I ended up staying home all day except for going on a walk to see my neighbor’s ponies. It turns out that they are both ponies! I thought the bigger one was a horse, but now I know for sure that they are both ponies! We gave them carrots and they were very happy about that. I also published a blog post about my job on Friday. ( You can read it HERE) It was a nice relaxing day off.

Saturday – I worked the opening shift on this day. I did have time before work for two of my favorite things, and those things are coffee and thrift shopping. I went to Starbucks, and I did a mobile order like I normally do. However, it was very busy in Starbucks that morning, and it took a little while to get my order, but that was fine. I still had time to go to a local thrift shop before work. At the thrift store, I started in the book section where I got three American Girl books. In the toy section, I got this really cool Crayola activity kit. The other things I got during this thrift shopping trip are a pair of coke a cola sunglasses, a sticker puzzle activity set, a craft punch shaped like a sea horse, and a pen holder.I was happy with my thrift finds for the day. After thrift shopping, I walked to work. I love being at work. I work at an indoor plant store and it is a relaxing place to be. During my break from work, I walked down to the candy store, and I got a small bag of bulk candy, Later on that evening, I went to the store and got some yummy food! It was a good day!

Sunday – On Sunday, I worked the closing shift. I started the day off by getting coffee and a donut and going to church. After church, I had some time before my work started, so I went back home for a while. During work, I went to the candy store again on my break. After work, I got some Kinder Joy eggs at Walgreens. It was a good way to end the weekend.

Thanks for reading about my weekend!

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